Healthy weight loss with these tips and products can succeed business insider

Losing weight healthily means reducing weight sustainably.

Because if you lose a few kilos quickly, you usually lose them again quickly.

We have picked out some tips and products that can help you lose weight.

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It is well known that obesity can cause diseases such as type II diabetes and high blood prere. In addition, the joints are burdened by the extra kilos. If healthwise possible, it is therefore advisable to act – not to fulfill social ideals, but to stay fit and healthy as long as possible. The important thing is to lose weight in a healthy way! Because if you demand too much from your body too quickly, you risk losing muscle mass, getting sick, having flabby skin and metabolic problems. In addition, the yo-yo effect can occur – after your diet, you may even add a few pounds to your starting weight. It therefore makes sense to make a long-term commitment to a change in diet and sufficient exercise, instead of attempting a feat of strength with a soup diet and juice cure.

Healthy weight loss with these tips and products can succeed business insider

How you can lose weight healthily

The most important thing is the right mindset: because your motivation will bring you to the desired weight. You have a piece of clothing that you want to fit again soon? Perfect – then your goal is already set, and you can work towards it. Or maybe you want to lower blood prere or fight type II diabetes through better nutrition? These are also excellent goals. You can also measure your progress during your weight loss journey.

Without a change in diet it is often not possible – because you should feed your body less than it needs on a daily basis. Only in this way can weight loss success be achieved in the long term. You can do this, for example, with a balanced diet with fiber, carbohydrates from whole grain products, fruit, vegetables and fresh, unprocessed meat or fish. Dairy products or vegan alternatives can also provide the necessary proteins.

Note: If you are overweight due to illness or taking medication, it is best to talk to your doctor about what to do.

4 products that can help you lose weight healthily

Healthy weight loss with these tips and products can succeed business insider

You can also change the way you think about drinking: avoid soft drinks and choose water instead, which you can spice up with mint or berries. With a practical water bottle* you have your drink ready to hand at all times. This will help you lose weight, because drinking helps against hunger and boosts the metabolism.

If you don't have much time to cook healthily during the week and therefore end up with a pizza or two on your plate, it can make sense to cook in advance*. One day a week you simply fill up your stock of delicious dishes for the week – freezing and quick defrosting in the microwave is also possible.

Actually, you can stick to your diet – if it weren't for the little cravings in between … In such cases, simply reach for a natural treat like fruit paper*!

lose weight healthily with these tips and products you can succeed business insider

A punching bag* is the perfect workout, as it really gets you out of shape in the shortest possible time. This will also prevent you from losing muscle mass and reduce stress and frustration – because psychological stress often causes us to forget our good intentions and the body to switch to survival mode.

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