Healthy with coffee how antioxidants and co increase well-being

Healthy with coffee? How antioxidants and co. increase well-being

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Not without my coffee! Are you also one of those people who would sign this statement? Does your day only start after consuming the wonderful smelling hot beverage? Then you probably also know the many opinions and studies about coffee. Sometimes it is considered particularly healthy because of its many antioxidants, sometimes it is the enemy that leads to sleep and concentration problems. But what is really true about the many rumors about coffee?? We will show you various aspects, both positive and negative, about the bean drink and also tell you how you can better take advantage of the benefits of coffee.

Moderate consumption of coffee leads to increased antioxidant intake

Coffee is an extremely popular hot drink. In the morning at the breakfast table or in the office, coffee is always present in many people's lives. It has many positive properties: it makes you awake, helps against headaches and is considered a valuable source of antioxidants. This is probably the most positive aspect of coffee of all!

What actually are antioxidants? Sure, you've heard many times that they are supposed to be sooo healthy, but what do they actually do? They have a really important function. Antioxidants reliably ensure the protection of healthy cells in your body. They prevent cell damage, which is mostly caused by so-called free radicals. These are oxygenated but incomplete molecules that want to "snatch" the missing electron from healthy cells. The result can be diseases such as high blood prere, dementia, impaired vision or even cancer. Antioxidants protect healthy cells in organs from these free radical attacks. A recent study also confirmed that moderate coffee consumption of up to 3 cups daily has a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases 1 2 .

As the need for antioxidants was hardly met with ordinary food consumption, coffee came into focus.

Antioxidants are hidden in various foods, but we often consume them too little and too seldom. As the need for antioxidants was barely met with ordinary food consumption, coffee came into focus. More and more people are unfortunate enough to eat an unhealthy diet. Nuts, vegetables and fruits are gradually eliminated from the menu. And that's where the important antioxidants are hidden! Coffee at least provides a balance. Recent studies indicate that the consumption of 0.5 to 3 cups a day is beneficial for heart health.

Increased consumption of caffeine: stress is possible

But besides delivering antioxidants, coffee is sometimes demonized by studies. After all, its acidic ingredients irritate the stomach. Due to its high caffeine content it can be addictive. Furthermore, an increased intake of caffeine leads to the fact that the body (with daily coffee consumption quasi permanently) a stress situation is simulated. The pulse races, the adrenal glands are stimulated to produce adrenaline – and yet there is no stressful situation at all. On the contrary, you might just be sitting comfortably at your computer. As a result, when the adrenaline rush caused by coffee wears off, you will feel all the more tired and exhausted. This makes you reach for a cup of coffee again; a vicious circle is created.

Some people have such an extreme reaction to caffeine that even a morning cup can still have an effect in the evening. Coffee can have a negative effect on your health if you are excessively active. Too late consumption can lead to sleep disturbances. Some people react so extremely to caffeine that even a cup in the morning still has its effect in the evening. This may prevent you from falling asleep right away. So what should you do if you are one of the real coffee junkies, don't want to do without the delicious hot drink, but put health first?

Cold brewed coffee? But clear!

Not only the type of coffee, but also the way it is made can influence the positive and negative effects of the hot drink. For example, fresh, natural and untreated organic coffee "straight from the coffee tree" is considered particularly healthy. So far, this coffee may not have found its way into your kitchen. In your favorite cafe – you probably wouldn't even recognize it as such! Completely natural coffee, which is not further treated, would taste more like chocolate with honey.

If you prefer to experience the ordinary taste, the cold brew variety may be for you. I beg your pardon, cold coffee?? Yes! Don't worry, of course it is served hot and steaming as usual. Only the method of preparation varies: You have to mix the coffee powder with cold water, let it stand overnight and then pour it through a sieve and a coffee filter. The finished concentrate can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. If necessary, pour hot water over it. You can enjoy it as fresh coffee. How about giving this a try?? The advantage is that the coffee aroma is preserved. It is also positive that you reduce the risk of chemical reactions. As a result, you get a mild coffee with low acidity. This protects the stomach. Increases your sense of well-being. If you don't have enough time for this process yourself, simply buy coffee from long-term roasting.

Special tip: By the way, a simple and quick way to consume your coffee as healthy as possible is to avoid milk and sugar. Many antioxidants that are hidden in coffee are destroyed by milk. With black coffee this risk is eliminated. The antioxidants do their job. By avoiding sugar, you save your teeth. Naturally the blood sugar level. If you can't do without the sweetness, simply use a sweetener such as stevia or xylitol. So you increase the healthy aspects of the popular drink enormously.

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