Hellp syndrome recognize the severe pregnancy disease

HELLP syndrome: Symptoms and treatment of the pregnancy diseaseIn pregnancy your body is in a state of emergency. Unfortunately, it is during this time that particular complications can occur that can be dangerous for you and your baby. The HELLP syndrome includes. We explain to you what symptoms indicate the severe pregnancy condition and what you should do then.

HELLP syndrome: What is it??

The name of the syndrome, which was first discovered in 1982 by Dr. Louis Weinstein was described is composed of his symptoms:

H stands for "hemolysis", in German "Blutzerfall". EL is abbreviated "Elevated Liver Enzymes". Translated, these are increased liver values that occur with the disease. LP is the abbreviation for "Low Platelet Count", i.e. a decrease in blood clotting.

HELLP syndrome is one of the most serious forms of pregnancy poisoning. Statistically, however, this complication occurs very rarely: The condition is detected in about 0.2% to 0.85% of all pregnancies.

How do I know if I have it??

The symptoms of the HELLP syndrome hardly differ from those of a stomach flu. Therefore it is also difficult to detect. This can only be detected by an Blood test happen. If one is afflicted with it, one often shows these symptoms:

Hellp syndrome the severe pregnancy disease recognize

Hellp syndrome recognizing the serious pregnancy condition

Hellp syndrome recognizing the severe pregnancy disease

hellp syndrome recognizing the severe pregnancy disease

– severe pain in the upper abdomen (often on the right side) – nausea and/or vomiting – diarrhea – severe water retention – nosebleeds – visual disturbances – elevated blood prere – persistent, often severe headache

If you show these symptoms during pregnancy, you should consult a doctor to be on the safe side, especially if the symptoms appear quite suddenly. Also important to know: In about 20% of those with the disease, symptoms do not appear until after birth. So if you show After childbirth If you have any of these symptoms, you should also consult a doctor.

Recognize pregnancy poisoning: Video with midwife Anna-Maria

In this video, midwife Anna-Maria explains everything you need to know about preeclampsia:

Risk factors

What causes HELLP syndrome has not yet been adequately researched. But there are Risk factors, which can promote an illness:

– If you had HELLP syndrome in a previous pregnancy, the risk is increased in a subsequent pregnancy. – There is also an increased risk in multiple pregnancies. – Under 25, the risk of developing the disease is particularly low; above that, HELLP syndrome is more likely to occur. Diabetes as well as immune disorders. Autoimmune diseases can promote the complications. can also increase the risk. The reason for this is that it interferes with the hormonal balance.

Dangers of the disease

Not only for you such a pregnancy poisoning can be life-threatening. Especially for your unborn baby, the HELLP syndrome represents a Potential danger to life see. It is therefore all the more important that the disease is recognized and treated as quickly as possible.

How HELLP syndrome is treated?

The therapy depends on how far the pregnancy has progressed. Before 32. In most cases, the delivery is delayed until the second week of pregnancy. Medication is then administered, including antihypertensive and anticonvulsant drugs. Often, however, only an emergency cesarean section can save the life of the pregnant woman and the unborn child. Since this does not combat the symptom, comprehensive follow-up care is indispensable.

Can I prevent pregnancy poisoning??

Since it is not exactly proven what causes HELLP syndrome, it is also not possible to specifically prevent it. But you can do the following Reduce risk factors and to make sure that the syndrome is recognized as soon as possible if you suffer from it:

Make sure you keep your checkups. This is the only way to recognize as quickly as possible if something is wrong. And: At the slightest suspicion of pregnancy poisoning, you should see a doctor. Rather once too much than too little. If you have already had the disease and are pregnant again, regular monitoring during pregnancy is advisable. A healthy diet is important either way in pregnancy. It can compensate for nutrient deficiencies and strengthen your immune system. Avoid stress! Since stress also affects hormone levels, it is especially important during pregnancy that you avoid it and take breaks and rest. Reducing high blood prere: before or in the early stages of pregnancy, hypertension can be lowered by antihypertensive drugs.

Also check out our video on "Pregnancy Diseases and the HELLP Syndrome" with our midwife Anna-Maria:

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