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Help open sores on my pug (demodex)?I really need your help with my pug (8 months old) the vet confirmed that she has demodex mites. In the beginning it was only a small spot on the face, now it is completely extended not only on the face but also on the body. Our current vet has given me a shampoo and tablets for the itching but nothing helps, it only gets worse, she scratches herself really bloody. I do not trust the vet anymore because he did not help me except that my wallet is lighter. I ask for answers I just do not know any further.

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Our long deceased dog had this problem once, she got some kind of powder against the itching, it looked forbidden but it helped. Unfortunately it was so long ago that I don't know the details, 30 years ago. I would visit another vet, ask for the second opinion and then see but this is not a condition like this. Poor little stinker, it hurts just looking at it :(

This is already a serious infection.

Demodex mites have actually every animal (including humans). Usually only in small numbers, which does not cause any problems. If demodex occur frequently and cause symptoms, this is an indication of a weakened immune system. I would have the dog completely turned upside down to find out the cause.

possibly genetic.

it should be known by now, that these lines of quality breeding in certain breeds of dogs have genetic defects, which limit their quality of life considerably or even make euthanasia necessary.

active animal protection is NOT to buy such dogs.

if you get an animal like this, you have to expect serious problems to arise. perhaps it is also not known that the eyes can fall out of their sockets. and that the dog will probably have to undergo emergency surgery or suffocate one day due to the severely deformed nose.

change the vet, have the animal examined again thoroughly. by the way, a good vet would have told you directly what i wrote above – that your dog is a torture breed dog – and a good vet would also have informed you about all the risks and told you from the beginning that keeping this dog is practically a money pit.

maybe an ointment with hydrocortisone will help or the dog needs injections with cortisone. this can be the case if there is an allergy present.

this is what the vet tells you.

I know the dosage of sulfur only for equines and can not help you with such a small animal. ask your new veterinarian if there is a mineral preparation with sulfur that you can use to support the dog's treatment.

the dog surely does not get human food from the table, but only species-appropriate food. skin problems also result from too much carbohydrates.

So in a layman forum here no one will be able to help you.. you need help from a veterinarian who has experience with it. Go to a veterinary clinic. The treatment of something like this can take months and requires intensive care

With any home remedies you will not get far here or make it worse.

Actually, I don't know what you could do either. I would just go to a veterinary clinic, in my opinion they have more experience and may be able to help you sooner. I wish you. The small all the best!

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She really scratches herself bloody and the vet with his cortisone also brings nothing I do not want the little one to muten that it does the whole only suppressed

Our dog (1.5 years) was diagnosed with a small. 6 weeks demodex mites detected. Despite several injections (4x antiparasitic). For 4 weeks of antibiotics it does not get better. Rather the opposite! He is losing fur on all 4 paws, eyes, ears, muzzle and neck. It is getting worse day by day despite the fact that we go every week to the vet. In the meantime 6 vets have looked at it and now they don't know what to do anymore. Does anyone have experience with this or know what else we can do? We are slowly at the end of our nerves. Have put more than 500€ in the therapy. Unfortunately without success.

Dear animal friends.

My dogs name is Sammy. And we have a really big problem.

He suffers from canine demodicosis, which is really annoying and I really feel sorry for him because I slowly and gradually do not know what to do anymore.

He was already ill once, after a long treatment with antibiotics and bathing products (you can calculate the costs yourself), he was still tested negative for Demodex mites weeks later.

But now all at once it came blow on blow, the disease has broken out again and he is again partially hairless, has itching, intestinal problems and bites himself bloody in places (which is now the result of the disease).

I was especially surprised because it happened so quickly and this is already the 2nd time. Mal. I really don't know what to do.

Otherwise he behaves quite normally as it is appropriate for a dog. D.h. He does not show any tiredness or listlessness and everything is fine with eating and drinking.

Many come to me with homeopathic remedies, which I actually think nothing, bring the really what.

Do you have experience with the disease, or. how can we finally defeat the. I want him to finally get better again.

Hello In fact, my cat is scratching for about a month sometimes more and sometimes less and mostly she scratches herself bloody. Was also at the vet and he said she has no fleas and still gave her anti flea stuff and a shot against the itching. My friend had just before the itching started with her another food and Miezi had already once a food allergy and the vet said I should switch to the old and that had helped then and now the vet said again I should switch and I have now been almost a month back to the old food switched and she scratches again and that but also only on the head and some neck. Vet is himself at a loss. I do not know what to do. The first time the itching is more and a short time it was also better but now it starts again with the bloody scratching and she scratches again more and I will go again to the vet and see if he can help Miezi this time. Does Volt jmd what she could have. Otherwise she is fine and she is as always a bright cat only she scratches them constantly . Thanks a lot

How to recognize it?

How often do you have to go to the vet if you notice it fast enough??

Can it disappear completely?

Is it something very bad?

Thanks for any help :)

Our dog itches apparently, because he scratches himself and bites himself in the fur, that bald spots develop. From the vet he got injections against the itching and I got a shampoo, with which I should shampoo him. So far so good! It is only stupid that it does not help in the long run. Now there are also small lumps under the skin which he bites open. He only had it in late summer, so the vet thought he was allergic to grass mites. So far the symptoms always went away after a short time. Only one injection away again. But this time it started when it was very cold and all mites should have died already. The vet is at the end with his Latin. I can not let the animal constantly only with anti-itch injections treat. This is useless. Has anyone also had such experiences with his animal and can help me here?

Hello, I am slowly at the end. My dog (pitbull terrier, 8 months young) has been scratching his ears and face since November 2017, bloody every day. He often shakes his head. We have been to all the vets. The 1. said it was MILBS, he got many medicines, every 2 weeks painkillers, but nothing has helped him. Then the vet said we should go to another colleague, he could not help us more. Then we were at the 2. Vet who took blood and it turned out that my dog was allergic to beef & cow's milk, and that it was not mites. (It was detected in the blood). My dog has never had beef or cow's milk. But well, I should change the food (Royal Canin) to now (Vet Concept), I did, but unfortunately again no improvement. He doesn't get any treats where anything could be in it, or anything else.

The 3. Vet then said it was fungi, we got again tablets and cortisone, which has not helped him again.

I have asked for a large blood picture and to see if it is because of something else, nothing came out. Meanwhile I am so far that I cook for him myself. (chicken, offal from chicken, rice, potatoes, carrots)

But again no improvement in sight. Does anyone else have an idea? I have put so much money into it (which I am happy to do, as long as he is finally helped, but no one can tell me what exactly he has)!!)

we are grateful for any advice!!

Dear cat friends,

my longhaired Persian male (1.5 years) scratches itself constantly at the neck and behind the ear bloody and he makes himself also constantly clean. He is a pure domestic cat we were several times at the vet, he has no mites and no fleas, I got from the vet an ointment this has made everything worse, the doctors can not say what he has. do you have a guess it hurts me to see him like this.

Hi, I have just noticed that my hamster must have strong itching. He scratches and cleans himself very often and also always scrubs along the grid. In his fur I have discovered in the area of the upper body white dandruff and on the lower body, just on the buttocks black small dots. I ame that he has mites/fleas ect. has. Tomorrow I will go to the vet, but I would like to do something about the itching now, there must be something you can do, right??

Our cat will be 2 years old in summer. Every now and then she has phases where she always scratches herself bloody in different places. She has a scratching post which she does not use but rather the carpet. Currently it is once again particularly bad. She has now scratched her neck bloody. The wound is approx. 5 cm tall. She has also quite long sharp claws so it is no wonder that she constantly bleeds when she scratches herself. She also has many encrusted areas where she had once bled and it is now covered with scabs.

She has no fleas. Where the scratching comes from we do not know. Tomorrow we wanted to go with her to the vet. We wanted to have the claws cut there. Do you think it is because of this or do you have an explanation where else the itching could come from??

She is also an apartment cat and never goes outside.

Hi, I have 3 Meeris bucks.

And the quarrels again and again.

I have discovered a large wound.

But it is already crusted, is it from the fight??

Was 1. Month at the vet because they had mites.

The doctor said they had scratch marks from the itching of the mites.

Therefore my question:

Do I have to worry and go to the vet, or are these still old scratch marks?

was just at the vet, because my bunny has mites. Has injected something (against itching&the mites) and given me shampoo against mites with which I should wash the rabbit (with lukewarm water, the whole body including the head). Now I wanted to check briefly on the Internet, if I then put my bunnies back into the cleaned (!) Stable may put or should wait until they are dry.

However, it is written everywhere that you should not wash rabbits in any case. Now I doubt my vet. I don't like the vet in general, I only went to him because he was nearby. Otherwise I go to another.

Do you think the decision was right?

I have a 1.5 year old Shiba Inu bitch. When I got her everything was still great, then the scratching started. The vet did a blood test, checked for mites, fleas etc. and found nothing. and found nothing. Then we changed the food. Because we amed that she has a food allergy. At the moment she eats "HappyDog Africa". Afterwards everything super, no more scratching no nothing at all. And now she has recently started scratching again.

I am really at a loss even the vet can't tell exactly what is going on! My cat has black spots on the skin in front of her ears. Scratches himself constantly at this place. Since I think it could be mites, I have registered the animal at the vet next Monday. What can be done in the meantime to calm the cat before scratching, Is there a remedy to apply?

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