Hicks these tricks help fight hiccups magazine

Hiccups: These tricks help against hiccups

Get rid of those pesky diaphragmatic contractions fast with these home remedies

We've all had them at one time or another: the hiccups. In most cases, the "hiccup" is completely harmless. But we would like to get rid of it as soon as possible. Mostly it hits us then also still in situations, in which it does not fit straight at all to hiccup embarrassingly before itself. If you don't want to wait for hiccups to go away on their own, you can resort to various tricks and home remedies to speed up the process.

Hicks these tricks help against hiccups magazine

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Lemon is a proven home remedy for hiccups. Bite into a slice of lemon or take a spoonful of lemon juice in your mouth. The typical acid irritates the nerves. Keep them busy elsewhere. This allows the breathing and the diaphragm to relax and realign again. The annoying hiccup disappears as quickly as it arrived.

What are hiccups anyway, and how do they develop??

Hiccups involve contraction of the respiratory muscles, i.e. the diaphragm and the muscles between the ribs. The jerky contraction is usually clearly noticeable. Subsequently, and only a few milliseconds later, a reflex is triggered by which the glottis in the larynx closes – resulting in the typical hiccupping sound.

How long a hiccup lasts can vary greatly. Mostly it is gone again after a while, however, it can also happen that it bothers us longer. We talk about a long-lasting hiccup when it lasts more than a day. In this case, a doctor should be consulted to determine whether the singultus – the Latin name of the hiccup – is caused by an organic disease.

Most of the time, however, hiccups are caused by other, much more harmless reasons. These can be very diverse. Are influenced by many factors. For example, even a change in the temperature of the stomach – caused by hot or cold foods and drinks – can irritate the diaphragm enough to cause hiccups to occur. Overstretching of the stomach due to too large portions or eating too fast can also be a cause. Hasty breathing during nervousness, anxiety or stress can also cause the diaphragm to tighten up.

This is how you can get rid of the annoying hiccups again

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to getting rid of hiccups, but some strategies and home remedies have proven effective. Everyone has to find out for themselves what works best. A patent remedy for all unfortunately does not exist. Of course, some methods are less suitable in public or just lack the appropriate tools. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider several tactics if the problem of "hiccups" occurs frequently.

To get rid of hiccups best use the following methods:

Hold your breathBreathe in and out deeply and then hold your breath for a while. By briefly suspending your breathing movements, your diaphragm can relax again and hiccup Drinking water in large gulps or gargling with it has the same effect: your breathing is briefly interrupted and your muscles relax. Scare: Let someone else give you a good scare. The jerky inhalation will release the cramps in the diaphragm and get rid of your hiccups. Good jokesAs silly as it sounds, humor helps immensely. Breathing intermittently while laughing loosens up the diaphragm and makes it easier for it to relax. DistractionDivert your thoughts to something else so that your respiratory muscles calm down again. People who have had the hiccups more than once are probably familiar with the question "What did you have for lunch yesterday??". Apple cider vinegar or lemon juiceJust a teaspoon of these home remedies can work wonders. The acid forces our nerves to concentrate on something else and the diaphragm calms down. If you don't like the sour taste or don't have any vinegar at hand, you can also let a spoonful of sugar melt on your tongue.

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