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Hypertension: symptoms are often absent at first

High blood prere is a widespread disease that often develops gradually. The German Hypertension League estimates that around 20 to 30 million people in Germany have excessively high blood prere. Among those over 55, as many as one in two are likely to be affected. An increased blood prere is medically also called hypertension.

It is not easy to recognize high blood prere, although it is very widespread. What are the signs of high blood prere?? Mostly the answer to this question is: to none at all. The hypertension comes
usually without noticeable symptoms therefore. Even if high blood prere has been present for a long time, it does not become more obvious. On the contrary: the body gets used to it much sooner.

Often, the symptoms of hypertension are so nonspecific that the assignment to this clinical picture is not easy. The symptoms can also occur in the context of other diseases. Nevertheless, there are some signs that the prere in your vessels is too high. Some examples:

– Dizziness, often during physical exertion, such as during sports , restless sleep – tiredness, easy fatigability – nervousness, inner restlessness – increased sweating during the day, although you hardly exert yourself physically, night sweats – reddened face – dizziness – nausea (tinnitus) – high blood prere at a Woman around age 50 can resemble menopausal symptoms: Hot flashes, sweats, inner restlessness, irritability – high blood prere at the Man can manifest itself in potency problems

The dangerous thing about long-term elevated blood prere is that sufferers do not notice the silent danger and it slowly damages the vessels. Undiagnosed and untreated hypertension increases the risk of damage to the heart, brain or eyes. In addition, high blood prere can damage the kidneys.

Lowering high blood prere – medication, home remedies and tips

To the question "What to do about high blood prere?", there are different answers. Which treatment is appropriate for hypertension depends on a variety of factors. These include existing diseases of the kidney, heart, blood vessels or obesity, but also your lifestyle.

High blood prere medications – several classes of active ingredients

Play an important role in hypertension therapy Medicines, which lower high blood prere. Sometimes doctors combine several blood prere medications to increase their effectiveness. There are different groups of active ingredients of antihypertensive drugs. You take the medication as tablets. The most important ones are:

ACE inhibitorsThe drugs interfere with the production of endogenous hormones that control blood prere. They block a special enzyme involved in making the blood prere-raising hormone called angiotensin. ACE inhibitors have a vasodilator effect. thus lower the blood prere. They are usually well tolerated. Beta blocker: The drugs slow the heartbeat and reduce the effect of stress hormones such as adrenaline or noradrenaline on the heart – thus lowering blood prere. Diuretics: These are diuretic, dehydrating drugs (also called "water tablets"). The drugs affect the activity of the kidneys and thus lower blood prere. The kidneys excrete more water. Salts excreted in urine. Also decreases the amount of blood fluid. Pills, however, make more frequent visits to the bathroom necessary. Calcium antagonists: The drugs block the influx of calcium into the muscle cells of the vessels or the heart and relax the muscles. In this way, they dilate the blood vessels and create more space for the blood, which can now distribute itself better. Then the blood prere drops. Some calcium antagonists additionally slow the heartbeat.
Sartans (angiotensin antagonists): The drugs cancel the action of a blood prere-raising hormone called angiotensin, thus lowering blood prere.

Treat high blood prere naturally – what you can do yourself

In addition, there are also some ways in which you can
Treat high blood prere naturally can. They themselves can do a lot to counteract excessive prere in the blood vessels. Some tips:

– If you are overweight, try to eat some Shedding pounds. To estimate your body weight, the body mass index (BMI) helps, which can be calculated as follows: Body weight (in kilograms) divided by height (in meters) squared. A value over 25 means overweight, from a BMI of 30 doctors speak of obesity (Adipositas). Sports not only helps you gain weight, but is also a good "home remedy" for high blood prere. According to the patient guidelines of the German Hypertension League, moderate endurance training five days a week for 30 to 45 minutes each reduces resting blood prere by up to 10 mmHg. – In the long term, visits to the health center can also have a positive effect on high blood prere Sauna Have an effect. However, it is important that the sauna sessions are gentle – especially at first. Then slowly increase the temperature and length.

High blood prere and diet – the right way to go about it

In addition, a healthy Diet Help lower blood prere. Some tips:

Low salt: Eat a maximum of five to six grams a day. Also watch out for hidden salt, for example in convenience foods.
Healthy fats: Unsaturated fats are healthier than saturated fats and trans fats. Olive, linseed, sunflower or canola oil are good, as well as fatty sea fish with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
Whole grains: Whole grain products are good foods for high blood prere.
Vegetarian diet: A vegetarian diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables with valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber.
Low alcohol: Consume alcohol only in moderation, as it is considered a "blood prere driver". Alcohol also reduces the effect of antihypertensive drugs.

Whether Magnesium helps against high blood prere, is not yet scientifically proven exactly. Some studies suggest that a lack of magnesium promotes high blood prere. However, taking magnesium is only advisable if a magnesium deficiency has been diagnosed. Overall, the data on magnesium. A reduction in blood prere is not yet sufficient.

Coffee seems to increase blood prere only in those people who otherwise do not drink coffee or drink it only very rarely. Therefore, it does not seem necessary to avoid coffee in general if you have high blood prere.

Many also rely on medicinal plants (z.B. garlic, wild garlic, green tea) or homeopathy with globules (e.B. High blood prere. However, always use these remedies only as a supplement. Consult your doctor beforehand. But always use these remedies only as a supplement. Consult your doctor beforehand.

Fat is not a reason to fear – but it depends on the choice of the right foods. Because there are healthy. Unhealthy fats. Which products are best to rely on in your diet.

The majority of Germans consume too much salt. According to experts, this can damage the heart and circulation in the long term. How much salt per day is healthy and how best to reduce your salt intake

Hypertension: When to see a doctor?

High blood prere is a silent danger that usually manifests itself late in symptoms and is therefore not easy to recognize. Measure your own blood prere more often. Always consult your doctor in case of multiple elevated values.

If you have already been diagnosed with high blood prere, you should always keep a close eye on your body. Because sometimes the blood prere can shoot up so high (between 180/120 mmHg and 230/130 mmHg) that it becomes dangerous and you have to call the emergency doctor. Hypertensive crisis is the name given to this clinical picture in medical terminology. If the elevated blood prere levels damage the organs, there is an Hypertensive emergency before.

The following symptoms indicate this:

– Pain, burning or feeling of prere in the chest – Shortness of breath – Dizziness, severe nausea – Seizures – Speech disorders – Vision problems: blurred vision, double vision – Nosebleeds – Longer than five minutes – Drowsiness, unconsciousness

High blood prere: Causes vary

High blood prere can have various causes. First of all, doctors distinguish between two forms of high blood prere – depending on the cause:

Primary hypertension (benign essential hypertension or primary hypertension): The hypertension cannot be traced back to another disease. Most (ca. 85 percent) of patients suffer from this form of high blood prere. Secondary hypertension (Secondary hypertension): the cause is another condition that causes blood prere to climb. This form of high blood prere is much rarer, occurring in about 15 percent of cases.

Primary hypertension – causes

The exact causes of primary hypertension are not yet known. But the following factors probably play a role:

AgeThe likelihood of high blood prere increases with age. GenesThe risk of high blood prere can be hereditary and thus lie in the genes. High blood prere is common in some families.

– Overweight/obesity (obesity) – Lack of exercise – Smoking – Diet: food with too much salt, too much alcohol consumption, too little intake of potassium (mental high blood prere)

Primary hypertension often occurs in combination with other conditions: elevated blood lipids, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. This "tetrapack" is what doctors call metabolic syndrome.

Secondary hypertension – causes

Secondary high blood prere is the result of another disease. The most common causes of secondary hypertension are:

– Diseases of the kidney – Hormonal disorders – Hyperthyroidism – Disease of the adrenal cortex – Side effect of certain drugs, such as hormonal contraceptives ("the pill") or cortisone

Malignant hypertension is very dangerous

Malignant hypertension is a particularly severe form of hypertension, which, however, rarely occurs. Several things come together: a severe arterial blood prere increase, combined with vascular damage, especially to the eyes and kidneys. The lower (diastolic) blood prere value is often above 140 mmHg. Organ damage has already occurred. Affected people need immediate medical help.

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