Hives causes treatment tips allergy guide

Hives (Urticaria)If your skin is hypersensitive to food, but also to heat, cold, or prere? Then hives could be the cause. Find out exactly what it is, what symptoms it causes, and how you can treat it here.

Hives – What is it??

The name hives, or nettle rash, comes from the Latin term "urtica", which translates to "stinging nettle". Because in this rash similar skin reactions occur as in the case of contact with a stinging nettle. What many don't know: About 20% of all Germans have had hives at some point – making it one of the most common skin diseases, along with psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

The triggers of hives are varied: it is often triggered by an allergy – for example, a Food allergy -, but also infections with parasites, autoimmune diseases or infections in the ear, nose and throat area can cause typical symptoms of hives. In addition, physical stimuli such as

which cause wheals.

Symptoms of hives

As the name suggests, the red rash is one of the typical symptoms. This itches badly and is described by sufferers as very uncomfortable. The formation of wheals is just as common. Often, hives appear pale pink to red as small bumps on the skin, but they can also get larger and even migrate, meaning they appear first in one place and then in another part of the body.

hives causes treatment tips allergy guide

Hives – What to do?

What you should do

Wear loose, loose clothing, So your skin is not constricted. This prevents friction to some degree and helps reduce itching if you already have a rash. – Introduce Hives diary, to precisely identify the triggers.

It is better to avoid

– Try to avoid the triggers of hives. If, for example, you react to certain foods with the typical wheal formation, it is better not to eat them any more.

Treating hives

Various over-the-counter medications are available at the pharmacy to relieve the symptoms with medication:

Depending on the cause of the hives, hyposensitization may also help under certain circumstances. Read more under allergy treatment.

Are you not sure if you are suffering from hives? Then you should have an allergy test done by your doctor.

Hives causes treatment tips allergy guide

Order antihistamines on the Internet

Reactine® tablets are available from many mail-order pharmacies.

hives causes treatment tips allergy guide

Visit the nearest pharmacy

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