Home remedy tips against hiccups

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Home remedies& Tips against hiccups

Everybody knows him and everybody hates him, the Hiccups, but there are very simple Home remedy what you can do about it. Which of them you should definitely try you read here.

Home remedies for hiccups

Hiccups come quite suddenly, usually the time is also extremely unfavorable. What you can do when the hiccups are there all at once – everyone has a different tip. Some swear by waiting for him to leave on his own – what comes on its own goes on its own – but it can be painful. It is better to try our tips to get rid of hiccups.

We have looked around, tried out all the tips ourselves and will publish them in the following overview. However, there is no guarantee that these work, here helps only try for yourself. But to 99% you will also Tip against hiccups find the one that works for you.

Tips and home remedies for hiccups:

– Panting like a dog, sounds funny but it helps. Panting and sticking out your tongue like a dog relaxes the diaphragm. – A teaspoon of mustard (it does not have to be the sharpest) helps immediately, not everyone can but who should try it in any case. – Holding one's breath is something everyone knows – holding one's breath completely while counting to 40. If you don't succeed the first time, you can repeat this tip. – Swallow without taking a breath – this exercise is not so easy. Hold your breath and swallow 10 times – that means only swallow air without inhaling new one. Some practice is needed but it is usually rewarded with the end of the hiccups. – Drinking backwards – this is how it works: Who is not able to do a headstand and drink it can also do it in such a way that a glass full of water is put on the table, now one bends down as far as possible and drinks practically at the opposite edge of the glass completely normally. – Eat a sugar cube (alternatively a teaspoon full of sugar), helps with some. Caution with diabetes. – Counter swallow – with it so much is meant that you wait until the Schlucken comes, this must you now "down swallow" succeeds not always with the first time however very many get the hiccups in such a way into the grasp. – Relaxation – provide a quiet environment, lie down and put a hot water bottle on the belly. If it is not possible like this, sometimes it is enough to take a relaxed position. – Distraction – the most important thing is distraction and not thinking about the hiccups, then they often disappear very quickly. – Vinegar – some people get hiccups away when they smell a vinegar bottle. – If spatially and physically possible, simply do a headstand and hold for 10 seconds.

The tips help 99% of all people to get rid of the hiccups . If you know more tips then use our contact form to tell us about it.

Frequent hiccups

If you suffer more often and repeatedly for a long time from hiccups then the time of home remedies is over. Then you should go to a doctor without waiting. Have the causes checked out. In this case, the hiccups may be a sign of a disease. Diaphragm. This is a muscle of the chest-. abdominal cavity separates from each other. This is a muscle of the chest-. abdominal cavity separates from each other. In the case of a sudden cramping of the diaphragm, the prere that "discharges" causes hiccups – the well-known "Hiccup.

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