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Find your right role with us, where you will grow, learn and develop into a professional.

You want to learn a job in which you can be successful and make a big difference together as a team? Doing something good for people and getting recognition for it makes sense for you?

Then you are in the right place! Apply for an apprenticeship with us. We show you how to learn cooler in the future! We are looking forward to you!

We educate to the 01.09.2022 the following professions:

During your training, you will learn to provide medical care to sick patients in need of care, to assist with examinations and treatments, and to correctly manage the digital patient file. The medical care you are jointly responsible for, together with the responsible physicians. Perform dressing changes or assist physicians during examinations. Relieve operations – you are always with your patients. In addition advise They these, if a treatment is locked, over the health-promoting or rehablitation measures.

But you are not only responsible for medical treatment of patients but also responsible for their Care. For example, basic care is part of your job description. You will learn how to properly bed down patients in need of help and how to assist them with feeding. You are not only first point of contact for your patients, but also for their relatives – and will quickly realize that you are not only physically, but also mentally, in demand: You should be helpful, patient and a good listener, but without neglecting your schedule. The Organization care is therefore also a part of your training.

All the way typical tasks in your daily routine are measuring blood prere, placing infusions or changing dressings. You will be able to perform all these activities safely after only a short time. But don't be afraid of routine: If, for example, there is no doctor around at the moment, but a life-threatening situation arises with your patient, you have to take over here until the doctor arrives. This can be very upsetting. Being stressful. Keeping a cool head and being concentrated at work should therefore be easy for you.

As a surgical technical assistant or. OTA, you are the right hand of doctors and surgeons – before, during and after operations: You prepare patients for various procedures, prepare all necessary instruments and equipment, check them for proper functioning and make sure that hygiene regulations are observed. During operations, you will hand doctors the instruments they need, such as scalpels, clamps or scissors, and keep an eye on the patient's condition. After the surgical procedures, you disinfect and sterilize the instruments and document the course of the operation on the computer. During your training, you will learn what needs to be observed during endoscopies, what measures need to be initiated in disaster situations and how to care for patients before and after surgery.

After your training, you will work in hospitals or practices where operations are performed. There, you will work primarily in operating rooms, but also in sterilization rooms or in other functional departments, such as z.B. Emergency room or endoscopy.

For the 01.09.2022 all apprenticeship positions are filled!

Whether you are a young talent or a career changer – with us you will learn your dream job from the ground up – we will make you fit! The training usually lasts 3 years.

If you have completed your training successfully and with good grades, we would be delighted if you remained part of our team – and continue to develop with us. A secure job awaits you. Further development opportunities.

You are a communicative and dedicated team player with a charming and warm demeanor? Fun at work and opportunities for further development are your top priorities? Maybe you are even a bit funny? Then we fit together perfectly!

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