How i defeated cancer self-healing of a lost compact

In the first part of my experience report, I wrote about the horror when I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor five years ago. I had surgery, but refused chemotherapy – because I had found a better way to heal. Environmentalist and best-selling author Holger Strohm has also overcome his tumor disease. In his book "I have cancer – What now??" he explains how. Learn more here.

_ by Daniela Stivic

I wanted to get to the root of my problem – since I believe not so much in coincidences, but rather in the fact that what is due falls to you. Based on new scientific research, I came to the hypothesis that a tumor is always triggered by a conflict-shock experience or an unforeseen psychological trauma.

This would make cancer the symptom of some kind of disease of the brain, and metastases would merely be secondary conflicts. Made sense to me. Thus, my lung metastases may have arisen out of anxiety when I was told I suspected a new tumor (recurrence). On the other hand, I don't understand the well-known metastasis theory: not a single cancer researcher has been able to detect a cancer cell in arterial blood. But that is exactly where it should be found if it spreads to the periphery!

A tumor regresses once the underlying conflict is resolved.

Accordingly, the cure would logically consist in the resolution of the underlying conflict experience. What if this is really the case? Then it needs in any case another approach -. The affected patient would go from being passively treated to being an active co-actor. These insights helped me a lot to better understand the language of the body and myself in general. Today, I know exactly when and what my sudden shock experience was that triggered the original sarcoma – and more.

The key event

The event that I found quite horrific and isolating, that hit me completely unexpectedly, was when I caught my then life partner in a lie hard as nails. Instead of being in Vienna on a two-day business trip, he was in Hamburg to date his great childhood sweetheart.

My whole world view collapsed at that moment. Finally, we were in the middle of family planning – for me, according to my age, it was "last minute". After returning home, he claimed "it was nothing" and that I should "stop acting like that". After all, he only lied because he didn't want to give me any stupid ideas in the first place… This situation was a shock for me in January 2016. No matter what happened there or not. There were no further discussions. I was immediately declared to be "excessively jealous".

If a tumor recedes as soon as the underlying conflict is solved, mine logically remained, since nothing changed in my situation: Apart from the unexplained event in Hamburg, I also found myself in a toxic relationship construct: I was the empathic one, he was the narcissist – a hidden one at that. However, I only became aware of all this much later – also that the whole relationship was based on lies and manipulation. I did not even suspect this at that time. It was unimaginable. Simply did not exist in my world. Instead, I doubted myself and blamed myself for the constant inconsistencies and ever strange moods.

How I defeated cancer self-healing of a lost compact

Chakras: According to Far Eastern teachings, a person's energy centers, shown here in the colors of the rainbow, have a direct effect on his or her physical well-being. Photo by Benjavisa Ruangvaree Art /

The most important key to my healing was that I developed a deeper understanding of the system – of life and its sensitivities. Following the traditions that are always valid (traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, primitive people) as well as the latest sciences (quantum healing, neurobiology), it can be summarized like this: If a person's energy body is balanced and fully activated, no physical or psychological ailments can occur.

Say: Every illness arises out of a disharmony. This is especially true for all diseases that arise from within – that are "self-made", as in my case. Miraculous or spontaneous healings occur when a person has regained a certain balance in his system. Thus healing is explainable. Thus also no miracle.

Albert Einstein said: "There are two ways to live one's life. Either as if nothing was a miracle, or as if everything was a miracle." If one ames that illnesses can be cured by restoring a certain inner balance, one thing is certain: the whole system itself is a miracle for us humans!

Each atom in itself is magical – because essentially we still haven't figured out anything in its entirety about it, have we? Is there a scientific, unambiguous, general definition of life?? No. The magic or the miracle is thus already given. A person only has to learn to "play" with this magic correctly or to know how to restore the necessary balance. Now we write 2022 -. I am still alive. I am in good health. Happier than ever before. The deciding factor or crowning achievement of my complete recovery was a self-healing technique I discovered in 2018: it was my way of learning to properly play with energy to rebalance body, mind and spirit – more on this below.

I realized what a toxic relationship I was in. Thereby these methods combine ancient with the latest knowledge. directly affects the subconscious or the energy field of a person. This is where we have to start, because the unconscious is ultimately the place where all our experiences, fears, repressed conflicts, traumatic experiences and (primal) experiences are stored. According to Sigmund Freud, psychological processes are similar to an iceberg: "what happens under water," the unconscious (80 to 90 percent), has the determining influence on what happens "above water," in consciousness (only ten to 20 percent).

With special applications I was able to dissolve my conscious as well as unconscious traumas. Psychology refers to trauma as psychological injury. Very quickly – or better finally – I now also realized what a toxic relationship I was in. The truth hurt like hell. Anyone who has had experience with a narcissist knows what I am talking about. It feels like an emotional death. A narcissist knows no empathy, lives on the (negative) emotions of the other and sucks from. Provided, of course, that the other person allows this! Thanks to the techniques, however, I had the strength and, above all, the will to act: The separation process was hellish both internally and externally.

Hope despite a devastating diagnosis: Of the women affected, 67 percent survive at least five years after diagnosis, compared with 62 percent of men. For many types of tumors, this period of time means that the cancer is considered cured. After that relapses are unlikely. Photo: zolotarevs /

Further I could delete above all also the dogma from my inside to have to die at this cancer, if I would do nothing or would not perceive evenly the therapies. Certain methods of visualization helped me achieve my goals of "getting healthy and happy". This included self-hypnosis and quantum healing, but also simple things like goal collages or visualization in connection with tapping techniques, which at the same time activate meridians – the energy pathways of our body.

For this I have, for example, spoken or thought the sentence: "I choose to be holistically healthy because I love myself so much."And then I imagined with a short head cinema how wonderful and happy my life would be then and I would run laughing-liberated through forest and meadows. The whole thing repeated or as if in continuous loop. Was at the same time connected with tapping certain meridian points on the hands.

No matter which topic a person has now, important is the positive formulation. Because energy follows attention, as is well known. Whereby the subconscious mind does not know the word "not" and thus does not make a distinction when the carousel of thoughts is constantly circling around what you "don't" or "don't want" anymore. You have to formulate positively! The power of positive thoughts, then -. The positive feelings about it – are the turbo for the realization. That sounds so simple -. In truth it is. It only costs a certain discipline in the implementation. I had.

Ho'oponopono and forgiveness

In addition to self-love exercises, forgiveness work was also an important component, which I had completely underestimated until then: learning to truly forgive myself and others. This frees enormously, because everything that – consciously and unconsciously – slumbers, burdens. For this, there is also the powerful Hawaiian ritual Ho'oponopono. Translated it means as much as "to bring something in order".

Layer by layer I cleared up with the help of these methods – in my complete iceberg. In the meantime I have done a professional training in these techniques. For now it is my heart's desire to pass this on to be able to help people who are open to it. This is what I do together with my friend Paula. She followed a similar path after her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. And we agree: the best teachers are those who awaken in you your own ability to help yourself!

Summa summarum: Today I am deeply grateful for everything that was – otherwise it would not be the way it. I would go this way again at any time – for this result and the knowledge I gained from experience.

_ Daniela Stivic is 43 years young, lives in the beautiful Rhineland with her new partner and dog. Almost five years ago, the journalist suddenly received the diagnosis: cancer.

In his 278-page guidebook "I have cancer – What now?? the environmentalist and himself from cancer ill and recovered author Holger Strohm offers extensive tips for all patients who do not want to rely only on the profit-oriented school medicine and want to activate with little effort and without side effects the self-healing processes of the own body. But also for healthy people the work is a valuable handbook for health care.

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