How much to drink a day is healthy this is what science futurezone says

How much drinking a day is healthy? What science says

How much should you drink? This is the advice of the German Nutrition Society

by Katharina Nickel 11.07.2021 – 10:35 h 24.09.2021 – 4:48 pm

How much water to drink a day is healthy? We tell you the minimum for your age and also tell you when and why drinking too much can be dangerous.

There are quite different opinions about how much we should drink. Is one liter enough. Are three liters too much? How much to drink per day is recommended? The German Nutrition Society has a clear answer to this question.

How much you should drink a day?

The German society for nutrition (DGE) concerns itself since the establishment in the year 1953 with any questions approximately around nutrition and determines the research need. This also includes the question of how much water is recommended to drink per day:

– Adults should around 1.5 liters of water every day drink. – Less than 1.0 liter of water per day is not enough to keep your body adequately hydrated. – On hot days, on especially cold days, during fever, vomiting, diarrhea and during sports, your water intake should be significantly more – an additional 0.5 to 1.0 liter or so. – But the actual requirement also depends on your body size. – Coffee as well as black and green tea without sugar count just like water to the liquid balance.

According to the DGE, water intake through beverages alone should be as follows for adolescents and adults:

– 15 to under 19 years: 1.530 liters – 19 to under 25 years: 1.470 liters – 25 to under 51 years: 1.410 liters – 51 to under 65 years: 1.230 liters – over 65 years: 1.310 liters – pregnant women: 1.470 liters – nursing mothers: 1.710 liters

Water needs calculator: how to determine the right amount for your weight

The actual water requirement of an adult depends on his weight, height and age. If you want to know exactly how much water you should consume per day, you can determine the appropriate amount for your personal water consumption with the water requirement calculator.

What is the benefit of drinking a lot of water??

How much you drink can determine how you feel and how focused you are. So if you drink enough, you can think better and simply feel fresher, according to the DGE. In addition, a good fluid balance ensures smooth skin and a clear complexion. It also prevents headaches, dizziness and circulatory problems.

That's because our bodies are made up of nearly two-thirds water, which sends vital substances back and forth. But since we constantly lose water, for example through sweating, we have to replenish it, and we have to do it constantly. A simple answer to the question: How much drinking a day is best?

Can you drink too much water?

That you should drink as much as possible and evenly distributed, of course, does not mean that you should drink 1.5 liters at once, nor that much more is much better. Because if you drink too much water, it can also be dangerous.

"If larger quantities of water are drunk throughout the day, the organism can still make good use of it, because the body of an adult is capable of excreting almost one liter per hour during short-term stress. The maximum intake amount to be tolerated is 10 liters per day" explains Diplom Oecotrophologin Antje Gahl of the DGE Fitbook.

According to her, as little as five liters of water a day could bring health problems: Dizziness, nausea or headaches, in extreme cases breathing problems or seizures. This is due to the fact that the kidneys can no longer process the fluid. Also, the salt content gets mixed up. It literally floods your body. Plus, important nutrients and minerals are flushed out when you drink too much water.

Extreme case fatal water intoxication

"What is fatal is that many of those affected interpret the symptoms as if they had drunk too little. […] Immediate and proper treatment of the affected person is necessary to make up for the salt deficiency," explains Gahl. In the worst case, water intoxication or water toxication (hyponatremia) can occur, which can lead to death.

Especially people with kidney and liver diseases should therefore pay increased attention to their water intake. This also applies to athletes:inside as well as people on a diet. For them, fluid intake should make up for the amount sweated out.

What if you drink too little water?

A lack of water is just as easily recognizable by a higher heart rate and the familiar feeling of thirst. If you drink too little, the blood thickens and flows more slowly. As a result, the metabolism also no longer functions properly. Overheating, heat accumulation and a collapse are the consequences of water deficiency. In the long term, an undersupply of fluid leads to impaired kidney function.

Drinking water with apps: Remind me

There are now numerous apps that automatically remind you to drink water. Here are five of them:

– Aqualert (for Android and iOS) – Daily Water (for iOS) – Hy (for Android and iOS) – Hydro (for Android and iOS) – Water tight (for iOS)

How much to drink a day? This is the answer

Adults should drink an average of 1.5 liters of water drink. However, you should also pay attention to your individual circumstances, for example, whether you do a lot of exercise or what kind of tea you drink. Size is also important.

So much for the answer to the question: How much to drink per day is really healthy?? By the way, it is recommended to drink tap water in most cases. We also explain some interesting facts about sweating on the head and face and where the water on earth actually comes from.

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