How to get the result.

Breast cancer screening programGet information on the free breast cancer screening program here.

How to get the results

The free breast cancer early detection program "early detection" started in January 2014. This introduced a quality-ared program whose goal is the early detection of breast cancer. In Austria, around 5600 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. About 1600 die as a result of the disease.

The screening program focuses on women between 45 and 69 years of age. This age group has the greatest risk of developing breast cancer, but only about 41 percent of them currently use mammography for early detection. Since July 2014, the eCard has been automatically activated for all women in this age group for the performance of a screening mammography. In addition, all women between the ages of 45 and 69 receive an invitation every two years to have a mammogram performed again. The breast cancer screening program is a free offer within the framework of preventive health care, which can be taken up voluntarily. Younger and older women can also request an invitation.


– Reduction in breast cancer mortality – More gentle therapy through early detection of carcinomas – Better chances of recovery – Comprehensive quality arance of examinations: Radiologists are required to use quality-tested equipment, and they are specially trained and certified. The radiologists must demonstrably evaluate at least 2000 mammograms per year.


Since July 2014, women between 45 and 69 years the eCard is automatically activated for the performance of a screening mammography. A referral is not necessary. Each woman can therefore decide for herself when to go for mammography. In addition, all women between the ages of 45 and 69 receive an invitation to have another mammogram every two years.

Women between 40 and 44 years and over 70 years can at the TelefonServiceline request an invitation by calling 0800 500 181 or register online.

With the invitation, every woman can directly contact the radiologists participating in the program. With the invitation, a list of certified specialists in the vicinity will also be sent, where the examination can be performed. The list of radiological facilities are also available on the website available.

The examination is voluntary. The breast cancer screening program replaces the previous screening program. However, every woman can still go for diagnostic mammography with a referral from her specialist doctor. If you already have breast complaints, please contact a doctor you trust as soon as possible.

Examination procedure


X-rays are taken according to defined quality standards by radiologists close to the patient's home. Only modern digital X-ray equipment is used.

Double findings

The images are reviewed independently by two radiologists according to the four-eyes principle.


If medically necessary, an ultrasound examination is also performed.


If the findings are conspicuous, specialists clarify the findings by further examinations (z.B. MRI , biopsy). If the result remains positive, medical treatment is started.

How to get the findings?

The mammogram-Findings are sent by post or can be collected directly from the radiologist. If the findings are unremarkable, you are automatically invited back in two years for a mammogram. In the case of an abnormal result, the affected person is invited to a discussion of the findings.

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