Hws syndrome symptoms causes specialists

Cervical spine syndromeYou are looking for a cervical spine specialist in Germany or Switzerland? Here you can find experienced specialists and clinics for diagnosis and conservative treatment or surgery for a cervical spine syndrome. Or find out more about the causes and symptoms of cervical spine complaints and learn when cervical spine surgery makes sense.

List of physicians for cervical spine syndrome

Hws syndrome symptoms causes specialists

Cervical spine syndrome symptoms causes specialists

Dr. med. Joachim Mallwitz

Conservative Orthopedics Hamburg

Hws syndrome symptoms causes specialists

Hws syndrome symptoms causes specialists

Cervical spine syndrome symptoms causes specialists

Information about cervical spine syndrome

What is cervical spine syndrome?

Cervical spine syndrome describes many different symptoms that occur when the cervical spine is worn or injured. Mostly the muscles of the neck, arms or shoulders are affected by the cervical spine syndrome. In this case, changes in the ligaments, intervertebral discs, vertebral bodies or vertebral joints of the cervical spine that lead to the complaints usually also occur.

What are the causes of cervical spine syndrome??

If a cervical spine syndrome develops due to long-term wear and tear of the bony cervical spine, it is called a chronic cervical spine syndrome. If the syndrome arises due to a traffic accident, it is called acute cervical spine syndrome. In addition to cervical spine syndromes caused by accidents and wear and tear (post-traumatic and degenerative cervical spine syndrome), there are also cervical spine syndromes caused by poor posture (functional cervical spine syndrome). Other causes include tumors pressing on nerves or muscles of the cervical spine, tension in the neck muscles where the muscle can pinch nerves, cervical spine surgery, rare Herniated disc of the cervical spine and poorly perfused regions of the cervical spine (aseptic bone necrosis). The cervical spine syndrome can affect the bones. The nerves running next to it or in it affect. Depending on where the nerves from the affected cervical spine go, the neck, shoulders, arms or even the head can be affected. The symptoms are accordingly varied.

– Neck pain that can also radiate into the arm – Mobility restrictions of the neck Headache
– Sensory disturbances such as numbness or tingling in the hands and fingers – Hardening of the muscles (myogelosis) – Ringing in the ears – Visual disturbances

Cervical spine therapy: surgery or conservative treatment

The structures of the cervical spine are initially examined by a Specialists examines and the patient is questioned about the origin of the problems. After the doctor has a picture of the possible cause, he or she may order various examinations to visualize the different structures of the cervical spine. These include the X-ray machine, which mainly shows bony structures, the Magnetic resonance imaging , which can present especially non-bony structures such as nerves and soft ties and which can Computer tomography , which can show bony as well as nervous structures in high resolution.

Depending on which structures are affected and to what extent, the doctor orders a therapy. With a conservative therapy Physiotherapy , back school, heat therapy and painkillers (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) prescribed. Surgery is rarely ordered and is only considered if there are neurological deficits such as movement and sensory disturbances.

Which doctors and clinics are specialists in cervical spine syndrome in Germany or Switzerland??

Those who suffer from a cervical spine syndrome want the best medical care for themselves. Therefore, the patient asks himself, where do I find the best clinic for a cervical spine surgery or a cervical specialist?

Since this question cannot be answered objectively and a reputable doctor would never claim to be the best doctor, one can only rely on the experience of a doctor. The more cervical spine surgeries a doctor performs, the more experienced he becomes in his specialty.

Basically, different specialists can diagnose cervical spine syndrome. The first doctor is usually the family doctor. This doctor can decide whether a referral to a neurologist or orthopedist is necessary. To confirm the diagnosis, the specialists mostly use imaging techniques such as MRI or CT scan. If an operation of the cervical spine is necessary, specialists in spinal surgery are the right people to contact.

We help you find an expert for your condition. All listed doctors and clinics have been reviewed by us for their outstanding specialization in the field of cervical spine and await your request for a second opinion cervical spine surgery or conservative therapy or your request for treatment.

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