Ichthyosis arci dog

Ichthyosis (ARCI dog)Ichthyosis (Autosomal Recessive Congenital Ichthyosis – ARCI) denotes a Cornification disorder of the skin. Affected dogs show strong scaling and keratinization, wrinkled skin and severe itching.

The disease occurs in the American Buldogg Before. It is inherited autosomal recessively.


– Severe scaling, keratinization – Wrinkled skin – Unpleasant sweet odor – Puppies appear unkempt and dirty – Itching – Secondary infections, hot spots

General information

Ichthyosis (Autosomal-recessive congenital ichthyosis – ARCI) denotes a Cornification disorder of the skin. – Depending on the severity and relapses, the quality of life of the dogs is slightly to severely limited. – Of 800 American Bulldogs tested, 34% were identified as clinically healthy carriers.

Affected breeds

American Bulldog

Involved gene | DNA test

This mutation test shows the deletion of a single base pair ( c.744delC ) in exon 6 of the NIPAL4 gene.

→ The disease only occurs when both alleles of the gene are affected by the mutation (arci/arci). Dogs that have only one allele with the causative mutation (N/arci) are clinically healthy carriers. The dog does not have any predispositions for ARCI. Can therefore not pass them on to the descendants.

N/ arci = One carrier

arci / arci = affected

The variation is 100% passed on to the offspring.

Recommendations for breeding

– carrier animals can be mated with normal animals (N/arci x N/N). Before offspring are used in breeding, they should be tested to determine if they are normal or carriers. – Mating two carrier animals (N/arci x N/arci) should be avoided because there is a 25% chance that the offspring will be affected. – Affected animals (arci/arci) should be excluded from breeding.


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Mauldin, E.A., Wang, P., Evans, E., Cantner, C.A., Ferracone, J.D., Credille, K.M., Casal, M.L. : Autosomal Recessive Congenital Ichthyosis in American Bulldogs Is Associated With NIPAL4 (ICHTHYIN) Deficiency. Vet Pathol 52:654-62, 2015.

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