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If the cat comes home with swollen, reddened or watery eyes, maybe even tired and floppy and drags itself into its basket, many causes can be behind it.Among other things also serious illnesses, which can lead to the blindness or even to the death of the Samtpfote. A visit to the veterinarian is therefore inevitable if a change in the eyes is detected.

According to information from Uelzener Versicherung, one of the leading specialist insurers for animals in Germany, inflammation of the conjunctiva is one of the most common eye diseases in cats, followed by injuries.

Detect eye diseases quickly

In order to prevent late damage from eye diseases, they must be recognized and treated as quickly as possible. If the cat retreats, avoids the light, squints its eyes or blinks frequently as well as rubs its eyes, it can be signs of an eye disease. Cat owners should observe their velvet paw closely. In case of possible symptoms, seek the advice of the veterinarian. The reasons of an eye disease are manifold and only a veterinarian can assess and treat the cause of the suffering of the velvet paw. Eye discharge, crusts or other traces of secretion around the eyes, and swelling of the eyes or face are also alarm signs that require a visit to the veterinarian.

Conjunctivitis is no trifle

Often a cat cold pathogen is responsible for conjunctivitis. These pathogens can also spread to other parts of the eye in cats, for example to the cornea. In young kittens, the eyelids may even become fused with the conjunctiva.

"The inflammation of eyes in the cat should never be understood by cat owners as a trivial disease," says Dorothea Spitzer, veterinarian of Uelzener Insurance. "An infection with cat rhinitis pathogens can have quite significant health consequences. Even be life threatening." Cats can be vaccinated against cat cold at an early age."Cats can be vaccinated against cat cold at an early stage. This is already from the 8. Week of life possible. If a new four-legged member comes into the family, the health check at the vet should be on the agenda anyway. Cat owners can also ask any other questions there, such as about vaccinations and prophylactic measures.

Besides cat cold, there are many other causes for eye inflammation, for example bacteria can get into the eye through injuries or foreign bodies. Veterinarian Dorothea Spitzer continues: "Since the eyes are located directly above the jaws, injuries in the mouth area can also affect the eyes. In addition, dental diseases in the upper jaw, especially purulent inflammation of the tooth root or the tooth compartment, can spread to the eyes. Also therefore it is important", so the Uelzener veterinary surgeon finally, "that the teeth are regularly examined and cleaned".

Risk of blindness

As a result of inflammation and injuries, a so-called corneal sequestrum can occur. This is a dead cornea area, which sits like a foreign body in the eye of the quadruped. This is very painful for the cat. Must be treated surgically. In addition, various general diseases can also affect the eye: in older cats, for example, pathological high blood prere, which can even lead to blindness if not treated in individual cases.

Conclusion: Diseases of the cat eyes can be more than a trifle, because the causes are very diverse. Changes in the cat eye should therefore always be treated by a veterinarian.

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