Infrared cabin in your own house the winter can come

Simply charge the battery. For almost all people, warmth means comfort and health. Especially in autumn. Winter we like to flee from the cold.

Light and warmth are desired products, with which we can refuel our body purposefully slowly. Infrared radiation offers healthy warmth and a little more.

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What is infrared radiation?

About the theory: Infrared radiation, or IR radiation for short, is electromagnetic radiation that joins visible radiation in the direction of longer wavelengths and extends to microwaves.

It is therefore a natural radiation that we encounter every day. The sun emits infrared rays just like a fireplace, the bathroom radiator or a tiled stove. We cannot see it, but we can feel it as heat. Because when it hits the skin it is converted into heat. Therefore it is also called heat radiation.

When we come into contact with infrared radiation of relatively low intensity, we find it very pleasant. Therefore the IR radiation is among other things in the Wellness-. Health area very popular.

Infrared cabins to increase the well-being

Infrared cabin, infrared sauna, heat cabin – different terms, but all designate the same principle: The use of infrared rays for pleasant warmth to the positive influence of body and spirit. Warmth is already used for thousands of years in various ways to increase the well-being. Used to alleviate physical complaints. Most people know a heat treatment from physiotherapy or from sauna sessions in thermal baths. But not everyone finds sweating at high temperatures pleasant. Infrared cabins offer a heat treatment that is gentle on the circulation.

Here one sweats with gentle 40 – 50 degrees. Depending on your needs, different fragrances, colors or music can additionally support the relaxing effect.

The positive effects of the infrared cabin on health are very diverse. Ever more therapists, hospitals and also Wellness mechanisms in hotels recognize the health-promoting effects of infrared cabins. Especially therapists, who see detoxification as the main component of health promotion, have included infrared cabins in their treatment concepts.

With a usual 30-minute application the body temperature increases only by few degrees. It is easy on the circulation and improves metabolism and blood prere. Because the treatment is modeled on the natural heat regulation of the human body.

In addition, one makes use of the detoxification mechanism of the skin. The skin is the largest excretory organ of the body and the sauna helps to eliminate toxins through sweat. The purifying and detoxifying effect of an infrared cabin can easily compete with the ordinary sauna. Although the body can also sweat through the classic sauna and eliminate harmful substances, the extent is increased many times over with the infrared cabin. And a subsequent rest period is not necessary, but still recommended.

Advantages of having your own infrared cabin

If one decides for an infrared cabin in the own four walls, one has with security so some advantages. On the one hand, it is not necessary to leave the house in order to enjoy physical and mental well-being. And secondly, such an investment is worthwhile especially in the long run. Compared with the regular attendance of infrared cabins in swimming pools or expensive Wellness centers one saves cash money.

The regular use of infrared cabins also counteracts acute or chronic pain quickly and effectively. Circulation and immune system are strengthened, the skin looks visibly healthier and you can even lose weight, because you burn a lot of calories while sauning.

For the preparation it needs only a simple plug socket as well as a level ground. And you don't even need much space to accommodate the infrared cabin. There are models on the market that are as small as a shower cabin. Ideally for at home. Once set up, the cabin is heated up in 5-7 minutes

Conclusion: An investment in health

Especially in autumn and winter we look for light and warmth. Infrared cabins are an adequate solution. Proven to increase physical. Mental well-being.

Heart and cycle system are less loaded by a rather gradual warming up of the body. With special effects through scent signals, music, colored light changes or visual stimuli, they make a significant contribution to relaxation.

Who visits already today several times in the week the infrared cab outside house, can think quite about an infrared cab in the own house. Just treat yourself to a better quality of life -. That in the own four walls.

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