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Infrared cabin comparison 2022

The test and comparison portal of presents you the best infrared cabins.

You are looking for a way to get your
To relax body and mind in a gentle way? Heat treatments can help to integrate more calmness and serenity into your daily life. If you don't have room for a sauna, you should start a test with an infrared cabin.

In contrast to saunas, infrared cabins are very manageable and offer space for a maximum of four people. When making your choice, pay special attention to the emitters. While models with B radiation only warm the surface, C radiation penetrates all the way to your muscles. Which devices additionally equipped with color and aromatherapy are, experience you in our product table on a view.

Infrared cabin recommendations

Home Deluxe infrared cabin

Dewello infrared cabin LAKEFIELD 140

Purchase consultation to the Infrarotkabine – test and/or. -Comparison: Find your personal vacuum cleaner test winner with our help!

– An infrared cabin has numerous positive health effects. Unlike a sauna, the heat here is delivered by a ceramic radiator or a surface radiator, not by a heater. – Infrared heat only warms the body from the inside but not the environment. So the cabin remains partly rather cool, whereby the operating costs of such a heat cabin are more favorable than in a home sauna or garden sauna. The heat cabins with infrared radiation are available in different sizes. Also already in a small variant as infrared cabin for 1 person.

infrared cabin test or comparison 2022 computer bild

If you like to go to the sauna and are interested in the subject, you may have come across the term infrared cabin before. This is more compact than a sauna. Serves to relax. The pleasant warmth can relieve various physical ailments.

While not everyone at home has the opportunity to build an outdoor sauna, a sauna house or a sauna in the basement, for an infrared cabin can find space even in a fairly small room. The infrared cabin comparison 2022 shows that there are not very many brands and manufacturers that offer infrared cabins for the home. All the more important to look carefully to find the best infrared cabin for you. This purchase guide is intended to help you.

1. The effect of an infrared cabin is manifold

Small terminology

The term infrared comes from the Latin. In Latin, "infra" means something like "below". The reason is simple: infrared radiation travels below the light spectrum that we can see. The radiation only transports heat.

First of all, it should be said that an infrared cabin is smaller compared to an infrared sauna. Often there is only room for one or two people in an infrared cabin. However, we use the two terms equally in this article.

Infrared cabins are usually small wooden cabins, inside which there are infrared radiators. Roughly, we can distinguish two different ways of application of an infrared cabin:

1.1. Stimulus application, as in a Finnish sauna

Similar to a sauna, temperatures of 50 to 90 degrees are reached here. It is mainly about stimulating internal organs according to the Kneipp principle.

For people with circulatory problems, as one or another infrared sauna test shows, this variant is not well suited.

1.2. Heat application in the low-temperature cabin

This much more frequent application is aimed at warming up the body. The infrared rays do not warm the air, but only the body.

Not only warms the skin, but also the upper layers of blood, which mixes with the rest of the blood. There is a continuous increase in body temperature. circulation, blood flow and metabolism are stimulated. One speaks here of a depth warmth.

The low-temperature cabin in particular is said to have numerous positive effects:

– Stimulation of blood circulation and circulation – Purification and detoxification – Stimulation of the metabolism – Support for weight reduction – Relaxation and loosening of the muscles – Help with joint pain, for example due to rheumatism or arthrosis – Improvement of the skin, for example in the case of acne

In order to do something for your health during the Corona pandemic, you can recharge your batteries in an infrared cabin and achieve specific positive effects.

2. These types of infrared cabins can be distinguished

If one reads an infrared sauna test in the Internet, one often finds a classification of the infrared cabins into different categories. This is quite reasonable, because the decision for a type should be the first one you make.

You should therefore consider the following types in your own infrared sauna test:

– In these cabins you can find infrared with a wavelength between 780 and 1.400 Newton meters, one speaks also of short-wave infrared radiation. – These rays penetrate about four millimeters deep into the skin, which is 40 times deeper than infrared C radiation. – In such a cabin an intensive warmth is generated, one speaks of deep warmth. – An infrared A-cabin stimulates the blood circulation, purifies and activates the cell metabolism. – Infrared A-rays are mostly used in the medical field.

– B-radiation is known from dermatological medicine. – The rays penetrate about 0.5 millimeters deep into the skin, thus reaching the dermis. – The wavelength is between 1.400 and 3.000 Newton meters. – A pleasant, even kind of heat is achieved, which promotes blood circulation.

– IR-C rays are long-wave infrared rays that do not produce deep heat. – The user does not feel a warmth immediately, it arises only slowly by the blood circulation. – The room gets warmer only slowly with this type of radiation. You can use infrared C-rays in medium. Divide longer beams.

3. Find the right infrared cabin for you

3.1. Ceramic radiators and surface radiators heat you differently

infrared cabin test or comparison 2022 computer bild

Since the infrared cabin with C-radiation does not get so hot, it is also suitable for children.

Another important point in almost every infrared sauna test is the radiator. You have the choice between infrared from the surface radiator, also called carbon radiator or from the ceramic radiator.

In a cabin with carbon radiators you will be irradiated with infrared C-rays. These penetrate only into the upper skin layer. It does not develop a lot of heat. Such a cabin is gentle, you do not sweat so much and you can lean everywhere without the risk of burns.

Such a cabin is also good for children. However, you have to allow 30 to 40 minutes for heating up.

In an infrared cabin with ceramic radiator there are B and C rays, which are very good against joint and muscle problems. The heating time is only about 20 minutes. However, you should recess the radiators because they can get quite warm. In an infrared cabin from Physiotherm can be found for safety bars.

Which option is best for you depends on your needs. As a little help, we would like to tell you once again the advantages and disadvantages of infrared cabins with ceramic radiators:

– Optimal for joint problems. – A comparatively stronger radiation is emitted. There are B-. C-rays. – The heating time is quite short at 20 minutes.

– The acquisition costs are higher. – The radiator should be recessed.

3.2. Family sauna or single use – the size of the cabin

You often have the choice between an infrared cabin for 2 people or an infrared cabin for 4 people. They are then matched so that two, respectively. Four people can sit comfortably upright in it.

The more people are to be in the cabin at the same time, the more radiators are needed. In any case, two back radiators should. Have a large leg emitter or two individual emitters available.

Tip: Lying comfortably in an infrared cabin with a lounger usually only works if you buy it one size larger: So a 3-person cabin for two people. So you have enough space.

3.3. Fast heating up thanks to higher power

Also you should not neglect in your personal infrared heat cabin test the power of the infrared emitters. The higher it is, the faster infrared cabins can heat up, which reduces operating costs.

Usually the power of the cabins is between 1.000 and 2.400 watts. The Home Deluxe Redsun XXL is only an example of a cabin with 2 infrared heaters.400 watts. It is warmed up in 20 minutes.

Plus points in an infrared cabin test there are however usually, if the warmth of the cabin is adjustable from the inside. It should be possible to set temperatures between 20 and 65 degrees.

3.4. Wood is the preferred material

As with a Finnish sauna, infrared cabins are usually infrared cabins are usually made of wood. This has to do with the good properties of this natural material: Wood is breathable, but can not mold so easily.

The last point is important, otherwise mold can easily form in an infrared cabin due to condensation when cooling down. Both hemlock and cedar wood are popular.

3.5. Various extras enhance the infrared cabin

Infrared cabin test or comparison 2022 computer bild

In many infrared cabins, colored light can be activated for different effects.

To take advantage of the full relaxation effect of the cabin, you should attach importance to certain extras. An integrated radio, for example, provides entertainment. A CD or MP3 player allows you to listen to your own music in the cabin and, for example, put on a CD of relaxation music.

Many cabins also offer the option of activating colored light, which is used for light therapy. Different colors have different effects:

– Blue light stimulates wound healing, relieves pain and is good for stress, heart problems and inflammation. – Red light is warming and stimulating and good for muscle weakness or concentration problems. – Green light has a calming and relaxing effect and can relieve restlessness and anxiety. – Orange light is stimulating. More adrenaline is released and your appetite increases. Yellow light has an anti-inflammatory effect. Digestive. It comes with osteoarthritis. Rheumatism or depression to use.

An additional extra is a built-in ionizer, which cleans the air in the cabin and improves the indoor climate. You can also put a few drops of an essential oil on the ionizer filter. Thus, additionally integrate aromatherapy.

4. Questions and answers about infrared cabins

4.1. Has Stiftung Warentest conducted an infrared heat cabin test?

The consumer organization Stiftung Warentest has not yet conducted an infrared cabin test and therefore no infrared cabin test winner chosen. For all those who are interested in a home sauna in general, there are very interesting articles on the subject of hamam and sauna on the net.

4.2. How long and how often you can go to the infrared cabin?

Infrared cabin test or comparison 2022 computer bild

Always stay in the cabin only as long as you feel comfortable.

In principle, you should never stay longer in the cabin than you are comfortable with. As a rough guide, the following times, depending on the application:

– For sweating: 25 to 40 minutes daily – To promote weight loss: 30 to 45 minutes every 2 days – For the skin: 20 to 30 minutes every 2 days – For the muscles: 25 to 40 minutes daily – For the joints: 20 to 25 minutes daily

Depending on the state of health, however, it may be better to always take a few days break between applications. Especially for a therapeutic use you should consider duration. Always discuss intervals in advance with your doctor.

4.3. Where to buy an infrared cabin?

If you want to buy an infrared cabin or sauna for home, we advise you to visit in any case a specialty store, where you can be well advised. However, you will have to pay for a Domo infrared cabin or a product from another manufacturer at a cost of between 1.000 and 3.000 Euro calculate.

In any case, we advise you to buy an inexpensive infrared cabin rather than trying to build your own infrared cabin, because simply too many details must be considered. However, experts in sauna construction can build you an individually adapted cabin if you so wish. On the Internet you can find experiences about infrared cabin. Read about infrared sauna and order cabins. However, there the consultation and the possibility are missing to take the infrared cabin itself in inspection and to submit it so to a small own infrared cabin test.

4.4. What is better, infrared cabin or infrared sauna??

This can not be said in general. An infrared cabin fulfills above all therapeutic purposes. Also takes up little space. If the classic sauna and a strong sweating are more important to you, a typical Finnish sauna is the better choice.

The disadvantages of the infrared sauna are compared to the sauna above all the smaller place. You can also not make an infusion.

4.5. How healthy is an infrared cabin?

An infrared cabin has numerous health benefits. Only if you have cardiovascular problems, an infrared cabin can be harmful to health. You should then talk to your doctor before using them.

Controversial are also infrared cabins with full spectrum radiator, which also emits infrared A-rays. With improper application skin damages threaten, why these rays should be used only in the medical range.

4.6. How to go to the infrared cabin?

The infrared rays in the cabin work best, when you hit directly on your skin. Therefore also in the infrared cabin, like in the sauna, textile-free is announced.

4.7. How much does an infrared cabin cost?

A cheap infrared cabin for one to two people costs between 500 and 1.000 Euro. Larger infrared cabins you do not get under 1.200 to 1.500 Euro. Some cabins with infrared radiation are only available from 4.000 Euro upwards to buy.

4.8. What kind of electricity do you need for the infrared cabin?

For a normal infrared cabin you need usually a 230 volt connection. Therefore, you can connect the infrared cabin to your outlet normally.

Which are the best infrared cabins from our infrared cabins test and/or. Comparison 2022?

Choose your personal infrared cabin test winner from the following list:

– Place 1 – satisfactory (comparison winner): Newgen Medicals NX1338-944 – from 1.099,99 Euro – place 2 – good: WELCON Easytherm – from 3.495,00 Euro – place 3 – good: Siphonly infrared cabin 120 – from 1.799.00 Euro – place 4 – good: Siphonly infrared cabin 90 – from 1.599,00 Euro – place 5 – good: Elbe SA-3A – from 1.969,99 Euro – place 6 – good: Home Deluxe Redsun-XXL – from 1.699,00 Euro – place 7 – good: YourCasa G02 – from 1.299,99 Euro – place 8 – good: Home Deluxe Redsun S – from 1.049,00 Euro – place 9 – good: Dewello Toronto – from 2.299,00 Euro – place 10 – good: Dewello PIERSON – from 1.399,00 Euro – place 11 – good: Artsauna Oslo Keramik – from 1.099,00 Euro – place 12 – good: Home Deluxe Redsun M infrared sauna – from 1.149,00 Euro – place 13 – good: Dewello HYDER – from 1.399,00 Euro – place 14 – good: Home Deluxe Redsun L Deluxe – from 1.599,00 Euro – place 15 – very good: Artsauna Nyborg S120V – from 1.599,00 Euro – place 16 – very good: Dewello 3512126 – from 1.699,00 Euro – place 17 – very good: Dewello Brandon – from 1.999,00 Euro – place 18 – very good: Dewello infrared cabin LAKEFIELD 140 – from 1.989,00 Euro – place 19 – very good: Dewello Kingston – from 1.999,00 Euro

The number of "very good Infrared cabin and "good" Infrared cabin in the infrared cabin comparison outweighs the products that received the grade "satisfactory have received. If you cannot decide at first go for an infrared cabin, the comparison winner Newgen Medicals NX1338-944 and price-performance winner Dewello infrared cabin LAKEFIELD 140 are offered to you as decision guidance.

7 of the 19 products from the infrared cabins comparison come from a manufacturer – Dewello can thereby due to the increased number of different "good" and "very good Infrared cabins stand out from the competition.

How many manufacturers are compared with each other in the infrared cabin comparison?

In the infrared cabin comparison the editorship compares 8 different manufacturers for you, in order to offer you the best possible purchase advice. More precisely, the experts have compared and evaluated models from Dewello , Artsauna , Home Deluxe , Yourcasa , Elbe , Siphonly , Welcon or Newgen Medicals. More information "

In which price range lie the models from the infrared cabin comparison and/or test?

The most expensive infrared cabin from our infrared cabin comparison currently costs 3.495,00 Euro , for the cheapest infrared cabin you only have to pay 1.049,00 Euro to be included. Further information under infrared cabin. Read more "

Which infrared cabin has the most customer reviews?

With 181 reviews, the Home Deluxe Redsun M infrared sauna received the most customer reviews on Amazon. The average best reviews received however the WELCON Easytherm .

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