Infrared cabins from welcon and physiotherm welcon

Infrared cabins – usually called infrared cabins or infrared saunas – are an alternative to traditional or infrared saunas, which have been available on the market for many years. conventional Finnish sauna, as you know it from hotels, vacation homes or fitness studios.

One Infrared cabin heats up the body not simply via warm air, as is the case with a Finnish sauna, but via the health-promoting and beneficial infrared radiation emitted by red light radiators or infrared heaters. Infrared radiators is generated. An early or even first infrared sauna was developed by Mr. H. Kellogg already in the year 1891 manufactured.

With the "Electric Light Bath" invented by him he made countless studies, which he later published in the work "Light Therapy" made available to the public in 1910. The history of the infrared cabin is much older than some people think. As a light version for an application at home was. Is still sometimes used the red light lamp.

The red light lamp has been missing for decades in almost every household and has been used successfully for a very long time for colds and muscle pain. A maximum version of a red light lamp is found in the form of red light emitters in an infrared sauna or heat cabin. These generate rather the so-called depth warmth (infrared A and infrared B and with us also infrared C radiation).

The structure of an infrared sauna or heat cabin

An infrared cabin often has a rectangular or square structure and usually has a height of approx. Meters. It is also available in corner versions. With some manufacturers even also with curves provided. But it is also available in corner variants. With some manufacturers even provided with curves.

The basic shape is built by panels located on all side walls, ceiling and floor, in Physiotherm infrared cabins also from a large glass front, which gives the infrared cabin a modern design. Depending on the variant of the infrared cabin, these panels are single or double-walled.

Each infrared cabin includes an electronic control, with which one can regulate time, temperature, fan power and lighting and possibly even the integrated sound system with MP-3 player and stereo speakers. Additional features such as colored light application are also popular features of many infrared heat cabins and infrared saunas.

Most infrared cabins have built-in safety systems, which are responsible for automatic final shutdown after the preset time has elapsed. Depending upon infrared cab manufacturer and infrared cab model the usual internal temperature lies approximately between 35 and 55 °C, which is reached after only relatively short preheating time.

The effect of an infrared cabin

By far the largest part of the rays emitted by the red light emitters hitting the human body (not already in the air inside the infrared cabin) is transformed into pleasant heat and partially absorbed.

The penetration of infrared heat into the human body creates a pleasant feeling of warmth or. Deep heat. A significant advantage is that, in contrast to the Finnish sauna, the cabin does not need to be heated for long periods of time. does not need to be preheated at all, thus saving electricity and time. The application can therefore also be spontaneous. Does not need to be planned in advance.

Applications of an infrared sauna

An infrared sauna or infrared heat cabin can be operated in the private, commercial and medical sector. In the commercial area of use infrared cabins are used in particular in the hotel, fitness and wellness industry.

In the medical field of application, infrared saunas are also used to radiate the pinpoint effect of red light lamps on entire body regions or even on the entire body. In addition, infrared cabins are operated in medical facilities such as rehabilitation centers.

Hygienic aspects of an infrared cabin

As it is usual with a conventional Finnish sauna, also an infrared cabin should be used for reasons of the health protection and the hygiene only with bath towel. By the relatively lower room temperature in the comparison to the Finnish sauna also less smells and bacteria can spread.

A rotational cleaning of the interior is very important with infrared cabins nevertheless. The infrared cabin can be cleaned either with a damp cloth or even with disinfectant cleaner, which is also commonly used for tanning beds.

Other agents can damage the wood of the infrared cabin. Improper cleaning may result in the formation of stains after years of use. Any impurities that may have developed can be removed from the real wood (not from high-gloss elements and certainly not from the large glass elements) with a fine-grained sandpaper. A commercially available glass cleaner can be used to clean the glass elements.

The effect of an infrared cabin on the skin

The ICNIRP limits are designed to prevent burns to the human skin. The defined limit value according to ICNIRP of 3550 W/m² is valid for the duration of irradiations of up to 10 seconds.

This standard is based on the amption that in the time of 10 seconds, the resulting pain will cause the person to move away from the danger zone. In infrared cabins this value is never exceeded in principle. When approaching the infrared radiators – for example, with the knees – the pain sensation of the human body by an automatism provides for the movement away.

Research is still being carried out in various projects to determine the positive effects of infrared radiation on the skin. It seems to be proven that infrared A radiation protects against possible damage from UV-A radiation.

Discover in our exhibition: The Physiotherm principle

The basis is the low-temperature infrared technology developed by Physiotherm:

– thermoneutral air temperature in the cabin (27 to 37° C; lying system 32 to 42° C)

– Uninterrupted heat supply over the back (10 – 15 % of the skin surface)

Two innovations guarantee you optimal and safe heating:

– the reflector geometry ensures homogeneous infrared distribution on the skin

– the patented SENSOcare® safety technology independently adjusts the infrared intensity to your body's current needs

A regular warming treatment in a Physiotherm infrared cabin can help you:

– to release muscular tension and relieve your back pain

– stimulate your blood circulation and metabolism

– improve the supply of your connective tie and skin

– to strengthen your defenses

– from a naturopathic point of view, intensive sweating supports your body's own purification and detoxification processes

– positively influence your fat metabolism

– reduce psychological stress and strain

Physiotherm infrared cabins with SensoCare

Every person processes heat differently. For this reason, we have defined for our Physiotherm infrared cabins developed the revolutionary SENSOcare® technology. It is the first infrared technology that automatically and without contact adjusts the infrared intensity to the needs of your body.

The heat absorption capacity of your skin is influenced by many factors. To ensure you always have a pleasant heat experience, it is therefore important to adjust the intensity of the infrared radiation individually to your body. Our SENSOcare® sensors measure the skin temperature of your back during the application in a contactless manner every second.

In clinical studies we have developed algorithms which, on the basis of these measured values, independently adjust the radiation temperature as well as infrared intensity and spectrum to the needs of your body. This permanently optimizes the heat supply. your skin is protected from burns. So you always get the perfect heat.

Health benefits of a Physiotherm infrared cabin

With regular use, infrared . … strengthen the immune system … increase blood circulation and improve metabolism … relieve tension and alleviate back pain … have a positive effect on the treatment of skin diseases

A stay in the Physiotherm infrared cabin is equivalent in its effect to a light cardiovascular endurance workout.

If one wants to achieve a well-tolerated warming of the body, a thermoneutral environment (air temperature between 27 and 37°C) is necessary. So an initial situation in which initially no heat is supplied to the body; the body is in thermal equilibrium with its environment and the blood can flow unhindered into the body interior. If you now treat a localized area of the skin (ideally the back) of no more than approx. 10 to 12 % of the skin surface warms up, so thermoneutral blood (from approx. 90 % of the skin surface) with heated blood (from 10 to 12 % of the skin surface).

The heat alarm system inside the body does not start, the influx of this amount of heat via the blood to the inside of the body is still permitted. The body core temperature rises then from the beginning continuously and slowly. Through a change in blood flow and blood distribution, the supplied heat is then gradually distributed from the inside to the outside. There is a warming of the whole body (body core and body shell).

Infrared cabins in the test at Stiftung Warentest

Neither Physiotherm nor Welcon infrared cabins have been tested by Stiftung Warentest so far. As soon as a test is available from Stiftung Warentest, we will of course publish it here.

As an alternative to the test results from Stiftung Warentest, it is of course also advisable to study customer opinions from verified purchases on Amazon, for example.

Infrared cabins exhibition near Hildesheim / Hanover

You do not know yet whether Infrared cabin for 1 person or an infrared cabin for 2 persons want to buy or are not yet about the differences to the conventional Finnish sauna in the Klararen? Then visit our infrared cabin exhibition between Hildesheim and Hanover by appointment and convince yourself of the many advantages of a Welcon infrared sauna.

You can test the Welcon infrared cabins with us and see all available wood decors live and in color. It is best to make an appointment today for a visit to our infrared cabin exhibition.

Customers rate our infrared cabins

Our family loves them (review at Amazon)

Delivered as promised, two days after shipment the shipping company called and the very next day it was at the door :-)

With pallet proud 240 kg weight, uff, there one goes first of all good breakfast. Okay without but after all 190 kg, one does not carry that without far from the sidewalk away, there the garage or something place in the driveway should be already free.

You should think about whether you carry the up to 65kg heavy boxes through the house or rather the individual parts; quality just weighs :-) It is best to carry everything with two people so that nothing gets broken and more importantly no one gets hurt. Unpacked, the components are also very handy and can be carried well, even up a few flights of stairs, but one walks more often. Father and son did it for us, also the 65kg box. Speaking of unpacking, you should already have a few square meters of space to unpack, the parts are not exactly small. And although very well packed and very little packaging waste, this must also still go somewhere.

With the installation place one should think of the ceiling height and consider that one has sufficient air upward for the structure (approx. 10 cm) to put on the lid from above. Also, there should be an electrical outlet nearby. Very annoying was the extremely short power cable, you would have to put the cabin virtually in front of the socket; this does not work at all, 1-2 meters more cable does not cost the world and so you are forced to buy an extension :-(

Also, on the circuit of the outlet should not also be simultaneously operated the dryer or strong hair dryer, otherwise very quickly times the fuse blows, which would be unfair to the device. It also requires a little fresh air, so that after use, the possible odor of sweating people is limited. Also, the installation site should not be in a cold, damp basement, not only the device would suffer, but also the people.

The assembly is very easy, no joke.

Only a second person is needed to connect the two side panels with the back wall, then you can do the rest thanks to good assembly instructions (in German language!) make quite comfortably alone. Everything is completely pre-assembled and thanks to clear plug connections, the cables are plugged together in no time at all. Still a handful of screws turned in, finished!

Oh yes questions? Questions! Because of service desert Germany, call them and they will help them! Really, this is our first sauna and we had a lot of questions. And very pleasing, one speaks there directly with a human being and not so a doofen telephone computer. Logically, the people work there and do not always have time immediately or know everything by heart, no problem we were called back promptly and if it was technical the employee had inquired and we got a sound answer when calling back; very, very laudable!

Unfortunately, the door was only available with right-hand stop, so 10'er wood drill out, drilled three holes, shortened a piece of wood and the door was already converted to the left.

Of course, during assembly the components were checked for defects, the quality and workmanship is exemplary, everything clean, no splinters, everything ground smooth, impressive and that for the price. On a component was a small dent (was only visible when unpacking, can sometimes happen), called, prompt free replacement delivery was arranged, exchanged, ready; great customer service!

And there it was ready built, went much faster than thought, family called to look at and they wanted to put the but smooth in the living room. Yes the design is already great, looks really great the part, so with all the glass, the light wood and only with the LED lighting. The children (slightly larger) have been interested as the first of course for the connection of your smartphone's and tablets via Bluetooth and whether they can listen to their music from the streaming services, works perfectly and they were thrilled. Also a radio with not so bad receiver and even automatic search with storage of the stations was verbautem and who would like can play its music also still from a USB stick.

The next step was a thorough cleaning, which was no problem on the different materials; it must be noted that the cabin was packed extremely clean, you do not have that often! The cabin is designed for two people. Both have more than enough space. Then we tried it out, it heats up extremely quickly and so you do not need to wait and can sit directly in it. In the back, on the calves and even from the front are mounted radiators, a full spectrum in the IR range is covered and a heating up to 60 degrees is possible. We took it slowly. Have first only heated up to the recommended 37 degrees.

Wonderful this soothing warmth, which spread all around and that with soft music from the stereo speakers.

The LED lighting changed pleasantly or could also be set to a fixed color by pressing longer. A few days later we wanted to see what the part still so can and up it went to the 60 degrees, which were quickly reached, it is very warm inside, but not uncomfortable. In the following days we experimented with different temperatures, because everyone has a different feeling for temperature. The sauna responded very quickly each time and we all found our comfortable temperature, so the whole family uses it now.

In summary, the cabin is unbeatable in terms of price-quality ratio, it has a sophisticated design, quality materials, excellent workmanship, works without any problems, but the best thing is that it is used with pleasure by the whole family and does us all good!

Class cabin at a super price (evaluation with Amazon)

Very satisfactory processing with installation service. Flawless installation after consultation in advance. No preliminary work was necessary. Fits exactly in the area where we had planned to use it. The cabin makes optically with the glass side walls for the price a super impression also if a glazed side stands at the wall.

The wood is light and does not darken the room unnecessarily and fits well with the rest of the modern bathroom unlike other cabins. It can be placed close to the wall, which was very important to us so that it does not look like a foreign body.

We are both quite tall, but the cabin offers enough legroom. The operation is intuitive and simple. You can set the temperature up to 60 degrees. When you switch it on, it warms up quite quickly, so you don't need any lead time as with a sauna. For us a pleasant. Relaxing warmth. How it works with tension we can not yet judge but the mix of the spectrum made absolute sense to us when we bought it. We have also flirted with a B-Intense cabin, but it was too expensive for us and also has no spotlights in the front. Pull in shortcoming, with which we can live very well, is the rapid color change of the light but we have anyway always only one light on. We do not mind.

All in all, therefore, a really great cabin at a great price, where you can definitely see over the or other little thing away.

A great infrared cabin. Not only for the cold season. We are extremely satisfied with the infrared cabin. Would always recommend this product. The telephone consultation in advance was very competent and friendly.

The delivery took place within three days. Plus point here was that we had the possibility to arrange the date and time of delivery with the shipping company by phone. The assembly of the cabin was really easy. Quality fully meets our expectations. The operation is very simple. Who is looking for a high quality infrared cabin, should choose this one.

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