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Irish Red Setter

Sporty beauty with silky red hair and passion for hunting

Their very friendly and cheerful nature makes Irish Setters popular not only for hunting, but also as companion and family dogs. Characteristic of Irish Setters are their reddish-brown, silky medium-length coat, the small bulge at the back of the head and their adorable eye gaze. Setters are both sensitive, and very confident and independent hunters. The fast and persistent setters need a lot of exercise in nature and – like all hunting dogs – they need a task and a good education. It is quite possible not to lead them hunting, but just then they need a loving and consistent training, which goes beyond a basic obedience.

Top Facts

– Irish Pointing Dog = needs task and training – Intelligent, learns easily = wants to be encouraged – Very athletic and fast = needs a lot of exercise – Friendly, cheerful = good companion and family dog when exercised – Strong passion for hunting = good training important – Sensitive and amiable = likes to cuddle, does not tolerate harshness

Profile Irish Red Setter


Elangeladen, friendly dog with strong hunting instinct

The international breed standard of the FCI describes the Irish Red Setter as follows: "Eagerly interested, intelligent, full of drive, affectionate and devoted." Even if this description of character is certainly correct, it leaves the strong hunting instinct unmentioned. The Irish Red Setter is the best known in Germany. Most common type of setter. Because of her friendly and cheerful nature. Their elegant beauty conquers the hearts quickly. Irish Red Setters are also hunted in Germany and are often trained by breeders for hunting, but many of them are also sold as companion and family dogs. Depending on the breeding line and the dog, the hunting instinct can be more or less pronounced.

Important for Irish Red Setter: exercise – task – training

Like every setter and pointing dog, the Irish Red Setter needs a lot of exercise in nature, a task and good training that goes beyond basic obedience.

Irish red setter character attitude care digidogs

Irish red setter character attitude care digidogs

Irish red setter character attitude care digidogs

In order to enable your Irish Red Setter to run free in nature, a good basic obedience is the minimum requirement. Especially recall training and putting down on command with impulse control should be well practiced from the beginning. Otherwise the setter quickly goes astray: "I'm off then". Rummages happily without you through the undergrowth in search of game. This is not only annoying if you have to wait for the dog, but can also be very dangerous for your dog.

If you do not want to lead your dog hunting, you can still offer a hunting basic training or obedience training and hunting-like activities as a substitute. It is important that your setter can keep both his body and mind busy so that he is a balanced and lovable dog in the home.

Irish setters are used to make their own decisions when hunting and to move far away from the hunter. Many of them have kept this independence and self-reliance. On walks they are less oriented to their humans, unless you work with them.

Setters from the dog protection come not rarely from hunters from Spain or Italy. Here the hunting instinct can be very strong, so that a consistent anti-hunting training and support by experienced trainers may be necessary.

Differences in the breeding lines

With the popular Irish Red Setters there is a working line as well as a show line in breeding. Dogs of the working line are trained for hunting. Possess a higher hunting instinct accordingly. Setters of the show lines have a denser and longer coat and their hunting instinct can be less pronounced.

A mentally and physically exercised setter is a very pleasant companion, who is cuddly and friendly. Aggression is basically alien to Irish Setters, unless they have had bad experiences.


Irish setters are very intelligent dogs that like to learn. Especially for the hunting tasks like tracking down small game and birds, like pointing and teamwork with the hunter they have a high intelligence.


When it comes to hunting or hunting-like tasks or occupations that are breed-specific to the Irish Setter, they are very alert.

If you keep an Irish Setter as a family or companion dog that is not appropriately challenged and trained, your dog will tend to seem distracted and absent when outdoors. There you are much less interesting than all the scents in the nature. With a good training and a consistent education as well as species-appropriate occupation, this will then change. Irish Red Setters, as hunting dogs, have a strong urge to move. Need a lot of daily exercise in the nature. They are not only persistent, but also very fast.

Time required

Just because of the strong urge to move and the daily long run in nature, you need enough time for the Irish Setter every day. This should be already 2 hours daily. In addition, especially in the beginning, there is time for education and training that goes beyond basic obedience. Finally, it is important that your setter can run freely in nature and that you can call him at any time. These intelligent dogs want to be exercised not only physically but also mentally. Last but not least, both coat. Ears should be groomed regularly.


Irish Red Setters are very friendly, intelligent and eager to learn. As devoted and elan-laden hunting dogs, it is important to direct their passion for hunting into the desired channels through consistent and loving training. This requires more time than basic training for non-hunters. Because for a species-appropriate attitude of the setter, a free run in nature is a basic condition. Most of the Irish Red Setters are able to stay alone with a little knowledge and effort, even if they are not hunted.

Suitable training and occupations for the Irish Red Setter are:

– Hunting guide

If you do not want your Irish Setter to be a hunting dog, we recommend the following training, tasks and activities:

– Solid basic training with obedience exercises for impulse control of the strong hunting instinct and learning to lay down on command, wait and stay, as well as recall training. – Puppy group with first exercises (no pure play group) – Obedience courses in dog clubs or in hunting dog clubs and hunting districts – Anti-hunting training with good trainers, if your dog already hunts

Tasks the Irish Setter enjoys:

– Dummy training – Dummy work – Tracking work – Stimulus training – Water training – Retrieving – Field Trials – Obedience – Agility

Other sporting activities that an adult Irish Red Setter loves:

– Walking – Jogging – Running on the bike or next to the horse

Best to find an activity that you and your setter will enjoy together.

Apartment suitability

Irish Setters love nature and need daily extensive tours with their human in woods, meadows and fields. From this point of view the Irish Setter is more a country dog than a city dog. On the other hand, a garden by the house is not enough for the Irish Setter to run around either.

If you exercise your Irish Setter physically and mentally in nature, he could also live in an apartment. However, the large dogs should not have to walk up several flights of stairs to the apartment every day. Sick, old or young dogs would have to be carried up the stairs anyway, which should hardly be feasible with their weight. Therefore, the home should be at ground level or have an elevator leading to it.

Basically, you should have a written permission to keep a large dog in your apartment from the landlord or also from the owner company.

Loyalty& Devotion

If treated lovingly and consistently, Irish Setters are very loyal dogs.

Hunting instinct

Irish Red Setters have a great hunting instinct as hunting dogs. However, this is very obedient dogs with training and effort in desired channels can be steered, if the setter is not hunting led.


Irish Red Setters, like all dogs, must learn to be alone slowly. If the bundles of energy are used and could learn from an early age to stay alone, it should not be a problem.


Irish Red Setters do not have a strong tendency to bark. Irish Red Setters are not typical guard dogs. Mostly friendly to strangers. Some of them, however, attentively announce even strange noises.


Irish Setters are very friendly and nice dogs, even to strangers. That is why most of them are not good watchdogs.

Compatible with dogs

Most Irish Red Setters are extremely compatible with other dogs. They have a friendly demeanor. Are mostly polite towards other dogs. A good socialization is of course always the prerequisite here.

Compatible with animals

As hunting dogs, Irish Red Setters react to all small animals that move. Especially to birds, rodents and also to cats. Because these belong in the eyes of the Setter to their prey animals.

Certainly there are Irish Red Setters that can be kept well in a household with cats, but this only works if cat and dog are used to each other from puppyhood and is not guaranteed. Irish Setters are very affectionate. Kind to children. They are due to their lack of aggression. Of their nice nature very well suited as family dogs. Since they are one of the larger breeds of dogs, with a temperament to boot, it is better that the children are not too small.

Children should generally not be left alone with dogs.

Compatible with strangers

Irish Red Setters are very friendly towards strangers. They would probably also greet burglars in a friendly manner. In the worst case they are not very interested in strangers.

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