Irish red setter dogs

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The Irish Red Setter is a long-haired pointing dog from Ireland with elegant stature and chestnut red coat. The dogs are considered to be very lively and passionate about hunting, Irish Setters are also kept as active companion dogs due to their friendly nature.

Profile: Irish Red Setter

The Irish Setter is certainly the best known of the long-haired British pointing dogs.

Irish red setter dog breed

55-62 cm 58-67 cm

ca. 24-32 kg

Dog type
Pointing Dog

10-14 years

history and origin

The Setter went at the latest in the 16. Century from Landspaniels, those one to the find and show feathered game used.

At that time it was often hunted with nets or hawks. And especially in net hunting an impatient dog, which flushed the birds too early, is of little use.

Irish red setter dogs

Net hunting with spaniels [6]

In the beginning, however, these eager hunting dogs did not have the innate ability to point, often the dogs were brought to the show crouched and slowly crawling towards the game birds ('setting'). Over time, however, the dogs became more and more suitable for this training through targeted selection. soon often threw themselves to the ground by themselves in front of the prey.

these types of spaniels were called Setter or Setting Spaniel, to get them from the Springing or Flushing Spaniels to distinguish.

At early 18. Century the Setting Spaniels became probably finally crossed with pointing dogs, which had been brought from the continent to Great Britain. Because by spreading of better hunting weapons one preferred dogs, which protruded very persistently and as frozen.

Irish red setter dog finds

Ranger, a Red Setter, the property of Elizabeth Gray [George Garrard 1797]

Also in Ireland such dogs were already known around 1790 and were probably already around 1850 preferentially red-white, white-red or blond [7] .

But of course there were setters in almost all colors, the dogs should be first of all well visible for the hunter even from a distance.

As Irish Setter in 19. century also bred for exhibitions However, there was disagreement about the correct color of these dogs.

First through selective breeding the actually red and white Irish Setter became finally solid red.

Irish red setter dogs

Irish Setter Ch. 'Clancarty Rhu' 1909 [5]

By crossbreeding with other dog breeds the Irish Setters of today got their sporty and aristocratic appearance, their luxuriant shiny coat and a longer head [8] .

The so created Red Setter were soon enormously successful as exhibition dogs and displaced the multicolored Irish setter. The red and white variety almost disappeared in the process, but many years later formed the basis for the breeding of the Irish Red and White Setters.

the first standard for red Irish Setter was published in 1886. Since 1954, the Irish Red Setter recognized by the FCI.

Irish red setter dogs

Size and appearance

With a desirable Shoulder height from 55-67 cm many Irish Setters already belong to the large breeds of dogs. Petite bitches, however, remain rather medium size.

It is a large-framed and very elegant hunting dog.

The head is long and slender, set about the height of the eyes long feathered hanging ears at. The skull is rounded and owns clear brow arches and one emphasized occipital crest.

Irish red setter dogs

The magnificent, medium length coat is of course the trademark of this Irish dog breed.

Irish Setters are solid chestnut red and one of the few dog breeds with this intense color intensity. Very seldom also small white chest spots, Blessen or Schnippen occur.

This dog breed gets its color from a combination of recessive blond and a very dark shade of the blond pigment type Phaeomelanin.

Typical for this coat color is a faded nose pigment, that with the Irish Setter as dark mahogany or dark walnut described.

Irish red setter dog findings

temperament and attitude

As working dog the fast Irish Setter searches in the gallop and with great finder's will. He belongs to the pointing dogs, found wild animals are shown persistently and with style. These dogs want. Should be allowed to work. Although they are also considered friendly and active companion dogs, but must be opportunity for extensive free running and much head work can offer.

Because Irish Red Setters are intelligent, full of drive and eager to learn.

Irish red setter dogs

As a family dog these dogs behave only gentle, pleasant and balanced, if you can offer them enough occupation.

The consequent education of these dogs requires time, because Irish Setters have naturally much hunting passion and are considered carefree, adventurous, independent and self-confident.

Especially young dogs behave sometimes very impetuous and impetuous and need a active and experienced owner. And also as pure apartment and city dogs these are very lively and agile dogs less suitable.

Irish red setter dog findings

The inheritance of temperament or character can be planned less well than the inheritance of external characteristics such as size or coat color.

Behavior is also influenced by experience and training. Be sure to look for a good breeder who takes extra care in selecting and raising his dogs.


Overall, Irish Setters are considered a healthy dog breed, most of these large quadrupeds live to be 10-14 years old.

The Irish Setter has a somewhat below average genetic diversity. The culprit is probably a small founder population and increased inbreeding due to selection for uniform beauty traits [10] .

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