Irish setter breed portrait

The Irish Setter in breed portrait

General descriptions about the Irish Setter breed

The Irish Setter is one of the dog breeds which extremely eager to learn as well as intelligent and keen apply. Due to the pronounced urge to move, the Irish Setter needs both physical as well as mental occupation. Here he prefers to spend a lot of time with his owner. Especially in hunting, the breed of the Irish Setters gladly used as a hunting dog. This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that the breed has a Have a keen sense of smell and, on the other hand, has been excellently guided by the pointing at long distances distinguishes. use scent. Browse around to your heart's content.

In addition to its hunting qualities, the Irish Setter is a faithful as well as affectionate and child-loving dog. It enjoys being close to its owner and, because of this, copes poorly when it has to be left to its own devices for a long period of time. This is how the Irish Setter preferably be kept busy and exercised together with its owner.

Irish setter breed portrait

Breed characteristics

Irish Setter belong to the larger dog breeds. Thus Males a withers height of 58 to 67 cm attain and Bitches a withers height of 55 to 62 cm. The physique of this dog breed is both athletic as well as well proportioned. Besides he captivates by his fine and flat lying hair, which has a medium length. Furthermore, a fringe is formed on the belly of the Irish Setter, which can extend to the neck.

Thus also the runs of this race captivate by a stronger feathering. The Irish Setter is bred exclusively in the shade "Maroon". However, white parts as well as markings on the face, neck as well as chest or toes are possible.

Visually, the Irish Setter is characterized by a long and slender head from. Here the Catch as well as the Top of the headequally proportioned. A pronounced occipital spine as well as an extremely pronounced stop and prominent brow arches distinguish the skull of this dog breed. Far behind, on the other hand, the ears are set, which close to the head close. The Eye color of the Irish Setter lies between a dark brown and a dark hazel color. Typical for the Irish Setter breed is its slender yet muscular neck, which does not show any loose throat skin. When viewed head-on, the Irish Setter appears narrow with a deep rib cage that accentuates the arched ribs. Also muscular on the other hand are the loins of the Irish Setter, followed by the low set and moderately long tail.

Irish setter in breed portrait

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The origin and history of the Irish Setter

Already in the 18. Century the breed type of the Irish Setter clearly stood out. Originally the dog breed of the Irish Setter originated from Crossbreeding between the pointer dog breed as well as the red and white epagneuls. The Irish Setter has always been used in his native Ireland as a hunting dog Hunting as well as working dog. In 19. In the 19th century, for the first time, improved breed characteristics could be achieved, due to a strict selection as well as various cross-breeds.

In the year 1874 for the first time red and white as well as red Irish Setter shown at a show in Dublin. Until 1876, the Ulster Irish Red Setter Club classified the two color varieties under the term "Irish Settersummarized. However, this changed in 1882. From then on exclusively Irish Setter with red coat recognized. In the year 1886 the first breed standards were established.

Irish setter breed portrait

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The attitude as well as care and nutrition

The Irish Setter is suitable for consistent and loving upbringing as a family dog as well as a faithful companion of a single person. However, it should be noted that this breed of dog has a pronounced as well as increased urge to move has and always encouraged as well as challenged would like to be.

Running after a ball in the city park will make the Irish Setter a long-term do not make happy and also corresponds to not his nature as well as to his special characteristics. As Hunting dog as well as Pointing dog is suitable for the Irish Setter on the other hand optimal. he has Fun at work and goes her disciplined and consistently according to.

When choosing the right food, it should be taken into account that this dog breed, due to its high urge to move, requires an increased nutrient requirement has. High quality food, which is adapted to the energy balance as well as the age, weight and possible illnesses, is excellently suitable.

Irish setter breed portrait

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To whom does an Irish Setter suit?

Due to its independent nature, the Irish Setter needs both an experienced as well as energetic owner, which makes him consistently and with a high degree of empathyeducates. If this is the case, the Irish Setter always reliably obeys. In addition, the dog breed of the Irish Setter is due to their hunting characteristics extremely persistent as well as resistant.

Thus he impresses by a lot of energy, which makes him always busy and during the hunt the Irish Setter scores by his disciplined and tireless work. Valuable service this breed provides in the open field and in the forest. Here he captivates by his fast locomotion. Beside his hunting ability the Irish Setter is also suitable for the retrieving as well as for showing and working in water. Who would like to get an Irish Setter, however, should note that this dog breed always on the lookout for game – even outside of the hunt.

Irish setter breed portrait

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Typical problems or diseases of the Irish Setter

There are no known typical problems or diseases of the Irish Setter breed. in rare cases epilepsy, gastric torsion or hip dysplasia can occur.

Irish setter breed portrait

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Irish setter breed portrait

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Which dog suits you? How do I train my dog best? Understand your dog.

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