Is espresso healthy

Is espresso healthy? Espresso is a very complex drink. The popularity of this coffee speciality increases more and more. Even the very elaborately designed espresso machines exert an attraction on the observer, and the question in the case of increased consumption is, how healthy is actually the consumption? Coffee machines in themselves are very interesting, but an espresso machine is many times more interesting. Espresso is more concentrated than regular coffee and many enthusiasts who have entrusted their souls to this hot beverage swear by its invigorating effects. Many households have become coffee clubs and the increase in sales of this specialty coffee and accessories speaks a clear language.However, what about the chemical composition of this drink and the effect on health really looks like?

The complex drink through the action of pressing

As espresso is pressed out of the coffee grounds in a process with water prere, the chemical ingredients are accordingly also present in a higher and more extensive concentration. Accordingly, the flavors are also more pronounced in this complex drink. Coffee from a filter machine will never reach these values. This is also the intended goal of this effort. The so-called portafilter machine is used to make it. It is an espresso machine with portafilter that can reach the optimum prere for brewing. More information about this type can be obtained in this in this portafilter machine review.

Here once an overview which contents materials come out with pressing:

– 1.2% caffeine – 50% polysaccharides (multiple sugars from single sugars such as glucose) – 16% fats and oils – 10% proteins – 8% cane sugars – 14.8% acids, amino acids and sugars – Here the amino acids split the ingredients into 700 species

Is espresso healthy

Which dependence develops with this consumption? Basically we are talking about a caffeine addiction. These phenomena occur with increased consumption. This addiction, if one can speak of this pleasure at all, inhibits the need to sleep. How much caffeine is now allowed. When does it start to have a harmful effect? This question is linked to rules and studies show here values that are at about 400 milligrams of caffeine for an adult, the limit for health impairment per day. One espresso already contains 70 – 100 milligrams. How to make your own rule (source – World.en).en).

A small danger

Espresso in itself poses germ danger for the health, because here the consumption behavior shows up extremely consciously. No one drinks more than two or three espressos a day, but the danger lurks with other drinks that also contain caffeine. The black tea, cola or power drinks, for example. Basically, the studies have shown that too much caffeine can damage the vessels and the cardiovascular system, but the espresso consumption alone can not cause this damage. Problems only arise when an adult drinks more than the 400 miligram dose permanently too much. This, however, in conjunction with other caffeinated beverages.

Coffee is healthy for the organism according to the latest studies

The effect of coffee, or espresso in particular, is better than its reputation, according to recent studies. Everything points to health benefits in these studies. According to these studies, espresso even provides protection against heart attacks and the dreaded stroke. As with all means of indulgence one should find a personal measure of the middle and then one is well advised. Espresso then has an invigorating effect. Also beneficial to health.

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