Is it wise to have a humidifier in the house-

Is a humidifier in the house useful?

The Humidity in the house most people do not notice much. Logically, any values between 40 and 60 percent relative humidity are fine in principle. If the humidity level is too low, a Humidifier Take remedial action. Or?

The ideal humidity?

Relative humidity expresses what percentage of water particles are in the air. A humidity level of 40 to 60 percent is ideal and – in combination with a moderate temperature – is perceived as pleasant by most people.

If the humidity rises above 60 percent, the risk of Humidity problems, such as condensation, mold growth and a musty smell, in the house to. Dust mites also love a humid indoor environment. Mold and dust mites can cause long-term asthma, chronic rhinitis and other respiratory diseases.

Air that is too dry – With a humidity of less than 40 percent – is just as less than ideal. A dry room climate leads to dehydration of the skin, lips and eyes. A dry throat and irritating cough can also indicate that the humidity is too low. It is not surprising that such complaints often occur during air travel: On airplanes, relative humidity is sometimes as low as five percent! In addition, it always feels colder in the house when the air is dry – and this in turn is reflected in your heating costs.

Humidifier required?

Some people believe that a Humidifier is necessary, but this is by no means always the case. Every house is different: dry air develops faster in some buildings. Heating, well-insulated walls or windows, and regular ventilation can prevent dry air, while homes made of highly absorbent materials such as wood or plaster can promote a dry indoor environment. However, a humidifier is only useful if the humidity level is actually permanently too low. So you should have it measured with a hygrometer. Frequent heating in the winter months, for example, can lead to dry air. lead to complaints such as headaches or dehydration. Often dry indoor air is the result of too high a temperature, for example when radiators are running at full blast. If a measurement of the air in the room shows that the humidity is actually too low, a humidifier in the house can be useful. Room humidifiers are usually as big as a pot. Can hold about two to four liters of water. The choices range from models that automatically provide the ideal humidity to units that let you set the desired levels or choose from multiple levels.

Attach humidifier to radiator

Humidifiers come in a wide variety of designs. You can use designed Humidifier for example at your Heating attach or install locally, in one of your living rooms. Depending on the size of the living space, you should choose one large or several small room humidifiers. Installing a humidifier on the heater is easy to do. Fill the tank with water. Attach the device to your heater. As soon as the radiator warms up, the water in the humidifier starts to evaporate and the humidity rises. However, be sure to add water when necessary and clean the humidifier regularly to prevent the formation of germs.

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