Is my dog sick.

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Is my dog sick?

Is my dog sick

How can I tell if my dog is sick??

Sometimes a dog cough sounds worse than it really is. Tricky, on the other hand, are symptoms that we don't really notice. That could z.B. be a regular hiccup or frequent belching. If your dog does not want to eat or has been vomiting – these could be signs of an illness. To observe its dog is very important thereby. Above all, dogs, are professionals in hiding diseases.

Dog owners often feel guilty when the vet makes his diagnosis, even though their dog hasn't behaved much differently than usual. It is only in retrospect that we notice minor changes. Sometimes symptoms turn out to be harmless. The trip to the vet was not necessary. But it is better to have it tested twice than once too little!

The following signs and symptoms could indicate a disease: (Not all symptoms and causes listed here are complete and in no case replace the veterinarian!)

Skin changes and rashes

Is my dog sick

If the dog is constantly scratching or biting it can be an indication of a rash or intolerance. If the skin is red, inflamed or has more and more bald patches it can be an allergy or a mite infestation.


– constant licking – constant scratching – frequent biting – restless sleep (especially at night) – red or bald spots on the body – white dandruff in the fur – black spots in the fur – fur loss (in places)

Possible causes:

– allergy – skin rash – mosquito bites – parasites – skin disease

Excessive drinking

Is my dog sick

After jogging with the dog or playing outside on hot days, it is quite normal that the dog is very thirsty and drinks a little more than usual. However, if he drinks much more than usual for no apparent reason, the dog should be presented to a veterinarian.

– Increased and excessive drinking for no apparent reason

Possible causes:

– Diabetes – Cushing's disease – Kidney failure – Infected uterus

Vomiting or diarrhea

Is my dog sick

It can happen occasionally that your dog vomits because he has swallowed his food too greedily or simply because the food was not good for him. Diarrhea can also be the cause of a change in food or a sign of stress. Nevertheless, it should be noted:

Vomits the dog vomits at regular intervals within two days, a veterinarian should be consulted.

Should the Diarrhea within two to three days do not improve significantly is necessary to go to the doctor.


– regular vomiting (yellowish mucus) – possibly. gastro-intestinal disease, empty stomach (hunger) etc. – vomiting (increased white foam and bloated stomach) – trying to choke out a foreign body etc. – vomits (white mucus) – evtl. Cold etc. – constant diarrhea – after two days, be sure to present to the vet. – diarrhea only when walking – evtl. Is your dog a nervous and hyperactive creature, stress symptoms – diarrhea after food change – is common


Is my dog sick

Bites and cuts should always be treated by a veterinarian. Since the dog will constantly lick the wound, it can not heal well. A first aid course for dogs is an important step. Here you learn to treat wounds. To learn the correct dressing technique. Do you know what to do if your dog has swallowed a foreign body?

First aid courses are offered by some veterinarians as seminars – it's worth it!


Is my dog sick

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Is my dog sick

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Is my dog sick

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Is my dog sick

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