Is red wine really healthy noblest wines

Is red wine really healthy?
Red wine is healthy, On the one hand, there is a certain wishful thinking in this sentence, but on the other hand, there are various studies that prove its truthfulness. In fact, a glass of red wine a day can protect against certain diseases. However, the health effect of wine depends, of course, also on the diet and on the whole way of life.

Is drinking red wine really healthy??

Earlier and current studies address the ie of why white and Red wine as healthy are assessed. Obviously, the occasional, low-dose consumption of wine does indeed have a positive effect on physical well-being. Above all for the cardiovascular system a Glass of red wine be healthy. This would mean that with a good wine you can enjoy your life better and longer.

Among other things, according to various studies, the consumption of wine reduces blood fat levels and also blood sugar levels. Some experts even talk about it helping prevent osteoporosis, dementia and some forms of cancer.

However, it is not possible to determine with certainty whether the positive effect on health is actually related to the wine or is rather based on the lifestyle that goes along with it. An overview of the ingredients in the infographic suggests, among other things, that a dry red wine is healthier than a sweet drop, because it contains less glycerine.

Which Red wine is healthy, this question can be answered nevertheless not generally, because on the bottle label only rarely an exact listing of the contents materials is indicated. Some scientists suspect that it is not necessarily the wine-specific substances that are responsible for the effect, but rather the relaxed lifestyle that wine drinkers tend to lead.

This would mean that by drinking a good drop you can enjoy your life better and also longer. (#01)

Wine as an anti-stress agent

The glass of wine in the evening offers a certain relaxation effect. This is precisely the reason why a study on healthy red wine to be considered with some caution. The occasional drink with dinner or afterwards promotes health in a gentle way, which can be attributed, for example, to the positive influence on digestion. But also the reduction of tension and the slowed breakdown of the well-known happiness hormone serotonin are reasons for the pleasant feeling after drinking wine.

Of course, too much alcohol is also harmful, so you should be a bit careful with the Wine consumption bypass. More than one glass per day can already exceed the recommended amount and then the negative influences predominate, while the health-promoting effect diminishes.

Excessive consumption of alcohol also increases the risk of becoming addicted to it. Therefore, scientists recommend not drinking alcohol every day, but a maximum of four times a week. You should also be aware that a glass of red wine, although healthy, is therefore far from being considered medicine.

Is red wine healthy? – So this question can be answered with a clear "yes, but":

– if consumed sensibly and in moderation – with two to three breaks a week – if one also otherwise eats consciously.

The healthy lifestyle is an important basis for a long life. This is also supported by the statistics that show that the recipes of the Mediterranean countries, rich in vitamins, in combination with a good drop of wine, lead to a long life.

The stimulants do not have to be eliminated completely. On the contrary, they maintain motivation and provide pleasure to the palate even without much fat. (#02)

Why is red wine so healthy?

The health effect of the different types of wine is more than a myth, as the studies prove. One amption, however, is that those who drink a daily
Glass of wine enjoy, can relax more easily overall and stay fit simply because of their unagitated way of life.

The real cause, however, has a different basis: it is the polyphenolic constituents that make the Red wine healthy for the heart. these substances come mainly from the grape skin. Especially resveratrol is known for its positive effects. It can be compared to numerous other herbal extracts that lead to an improvement in blood lipid levels and counteract the calcification of the arteries.

With this ability, resveratrol has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of heart attack. But how healthy is red wine now really?

Medical professionals and other experts have conducted various studies to take a closer look at moderate wine consumption. The risk of diseases in the cardiovascular system could be reduced significantly: The value of 30 % seems to allow no other reasoning. As convincing as this sounds, it is difficult to follow the methodology exactly.

Whether Red wine healthy It is not possible to determine with certainty on the basis of these figures whether resveratrol is beneficial or not, because wine drinkers may simply pay more attention to their diet. So the cause of reduced illnesses may be in eating habits, not just drinking habits. At least this factor cannot be denied. This is precisely why the supposed health effects of wine drinking are always accompanied by cautious formulations.

Alcohol has a damaging effect on the physical condition and not only impairs the ability to react and the sense of balance. Additional symptoms can also be triggered. (#03)

The risks

A healthy red wine, this sounds like paradise for wine lovers. Evidence for the health effect, however, does not exist. Instead, drinking wine actually poses some dangers. The alcohol has a damaging effect on the physical condition and impairs not only the ability to react and the sense of balance. In addition, some other symptoms can be triggered.

Even allergic reactions are possible, because the ingredient sulfite can cause, for example, itching, an increased heartbeat and diarrhea . For this reason, winemakers are obliged to inform consumers at least about the allergenic substances in the wine. A label such as "contains sulfites" is therefore mandatory. Meanwhile, experts are developing special types of wine that avoid these allergenic ingredients.

The healthy effect of red wine on the heart can be proven, both with regard to the influence on blood lipids and the reduction of LDL cholesterol, which is harmful to health. On the other hand, it favors blood clotting and blood flow, so thrombosis is less likely to occur. The drinking behavior can be well correlated with the blood values. Putting disease statistics into perspective. Interestingly, the people with low or moderate wine consumption have a health advantage over the abstainers, at least in certain diseases. This is due to the mechanisms involved in the Drinking wine are triggered. Alcohol apparently increases HDL cholesterol, which dilates blood vessels, while reducing fibrinogen, a protein that forms blood clots. Due to this function the alcohol has a blood thinning effect and the Red wine is actually good for the heart.

The healthy effect of red wine on the heart can be proven, both in terms of influencing blood lipids and in the reduction of LDL cholesterol, which is harmful to health. Blood clotting and blood flow are favored on the other hand, so that thromboses occur less frequently. The Red wine for the heart helps specifically, if one does not overdo it with the quantity.

Moderate wine consumption is a term that comes up again and again in this context. If you do not overdo it, red wine is really good for the heart.

Striking a balance between health awareness and indulgence can be difficult, especially for those who have become ingrained in certain habits. This is precisely when it helps to increase exercise and focus more on food variety when putting together daily recipes. (#05)

The recommended amount can be defined quite precisely:

– For a healthy middle-aged man, the upper limit is 30 g of alcohol, which is about 0.25 liters of wine, – For a healthy middle-aged woman, the maximum limit is 20 g of alcohol, which is about. 0.15 liters of wine.

Living a health-conscious lifestyle: balanced diet, occasional wine consumption, plenty of exercise

The people who seem to be particularly fit are those who rely on vitamin-rich recipes, treat themselves to something now and then, and exercise. The balance between Health awareness and enjoyment is hard to find, especially for those who have certain habits ingrained in them. Just then it helps to increase the sporting activities and to rely more on the variety of foods when composing the daily recipes.

The stimulants do not have to be cut out completely. On the contrary, they keep you motivated and provide a treat even without much fat. It is important to take time to eat as well as drink wine and sharpen your taste senses. Then it is automatically easier to eat sensibly and to keep the Healtht to strengthen.

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