Learn to swim with swimstars swimstars the new german learn to swim program

Learning to swim with SwimStars… SwimStars is a learn-to-swim program that focuses on safety and fun in the water from the very beginning, using concrete, methodical series of exercises to teach the proper technique for swimming as a potential health sport.

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The complete scope of the SwimStars program is difficult to explain in one or two sentences. Due to the extraordinary variety of the concept, the crucial aspects in swimming education are covered. On this page, we explain why SwimStars was developed, its goals, features and benefits, and how it differs from other programs.

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Germany swims – but how?

Did you know that..

– … there are several hundred water accidents per year in Germany, as a result of which people have drowned (this also affects children who have already attended a swimming course) (cf. z.B. "361 deaths in German waters" on swim.en)

– … the number of non-swimmers in elementary school after grade 4 has now risen to over 30% and among adults to over 25%? (cf. z.B. "Underprivileged in the pool", FAZ)

– … the so-called drop-out rate (the percentage of those who drop out of a course or. not continue) after beginner swimming is very high? (cf. z.B. "Banana boxes or metal hurdles?", Deutschlandfunk)

– … more and more swimming pools are being closed in Germany? (cf. z.B. "Hundreds of swimming pools face closure", RP Online)

– … swimming is still one of the healthiest sports of all, but for many people it leads to one-sided stress and discomfort due to incorrect technique?

The above examples show that swimming ability in Germany is decreasing at the expense of our physical health as well as safety in the water. Water is one of the most fundamental elements that not only captivates us, but also surrounds us on a daily basis – be it in the water or in the water itself.B.

when on vacation at the seaside when walking around the lake when taking a steamboat ride on the river when doing school sports in the fun pool when doing various water sports

Swimming is therefore an important skill from which people benefit throughout their lives and which ultimately enhances the quality of life – because without this skill, many activities are not possible or not possible without danger.

"Being able to swim is a basic right."

Did you also know that

– … swimming is the most popular sport among girls aged 6 to 15 and is one of the four most popular sports among boys at that age? (cf. "Safety in swimming lessons" by the DLRG)

– … breaststroke is the most technically demanding type of swimming and Germany is one of the few nations where in many places people still start with breaststroke instead of the easier crawl and backstroke?

– … many people still practice "vertical" breaststroke, which is not recommended for many reasons?

– … a versatile basic training (covering all swimming positions) is demanded in many places ..

– … but it is only since the introduction of SwimStars that there has been a continuous, uniform swimming concept from the first steps to the (if desired) positional swimmer?

Learn to swim with swimstars swimstars the new german learn to swim program

with a lack of familiarization with water, many children panic when a wave washes over them on a swimming vacation

A look at German swimming pools reveals: Many children and adults practice the "vertical" breaststroke or do not take their head under water even after having completed a swimming course. This can lead to.B. lead to one-sided strain and neck pain.

Unfortunately, some swimming courses neglect important, playful experiences with the element water and so the first encounter with water splashes or a wave can end traumatically for many children, because they are not used to "being under water".

To counteract the aforementioned trends, the SwimStars program was developed by leading sports scientists and coaches of the German Swimming Association. The SwimStars concept puts the fun in the water. The safety of learning to swim in the foreground. Through a variety of movement experiences in the water, swim students gain long-term confidence, can safely master new challenges in the water and have a lifetime of fun with this sport – even at an advanced age. But what exactly do these goals mean. Why we need SwimStars?

Unfortunately, the practice of swimming schools and clubs nowadays shows a number of shortcomings.

antiquated structures

In many places, teaching is not yet done according to holistic, modern and uniform structures; entrenched methods and outdated technical ideas prevail.

non-specialist personnel

Many sport teachers are already the first victims of this misery, were no longer optimally trained themselves and are then overtaxed, if they are to give swimming instruction themselves. More and more often, teachers who do not know the subject are used in physical education classes and do not have the necessary expert knowledge.

False expectations

In many families, swimming has lost its central place in education; this ability, which is necessary for survival, is no longer necessarily reflected in family leisure activities. On the other hand, parents are overstrained to choose the right swimming course and are often disappointed when the child does not earn a badge or similar in a given time. Unfortunately, the individual starting conditions of the children are often disregarded.

high prere to perform

Parents' expectations can lead to high prere on children to perform, which is ultimately accompanied by anxiety and a loss of motivation.

lack of motivation

Due to old-fashioned methods, some trainers and instructors lack creative, child-friendly exercises that keep the swim students motivated and get them excited about swimming.

lack of transparency

Parents often have difficulties to judge and correctly assess the progress of their children. The significance of classical swimming badges is often overestimated.

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