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Ethiopia: Proven partners for a new challengeThe pandemic poses complex challenges for Ethiopia. To maintain health and jobs, the country can count on existing networks.

Social development

Using local "language donations" to provide digital health advice

Social development

From Indonesia to the Western Balkans, youth share social experiences that go far beyond the sports field.

Security, reconstruction and peace

Education, jobs, infrastructure: people on the run and migrants as well as host regions are supported in a variety of ways. In Rwanda, women coffee farmers are securing their livelihoods through entrepreneurship. Digital innovations appropriate payment.

Climate, environment, natural resource management

Climate protection demands ambitious measures from all countries. GIZ supports planning and implementation.


Cybersecurity: Mission trust

Data theft, espionage, surveillance – security risks in virtual space are constantly increasing. Countries with weak regulation, low safety standards and lack of know-how are particularly at risk.

Ethiopia: Innovative farming practices secure regional supplies

Many countries are dependent on grain imports from Ukraine. Due to war, poorer countries in particular are now facing famine. Innovative approaches are needed.

Innovative ideas for the social challenges of the century

Whether it's protection against violence on the Internet or better access to vaccinations – the ideas from the GIZ Innovation Fund know no bounds and contribute to the common good.

Malian refugees in Niger: a new home for a new beginning

Refugees from Mali have been living in Niger for years. New houses now offer them the chance of a peaceful life in a new community.

Flight and pandemic: dual preres on health systems in Colombia

The Corona pandemic is testing healthcare systems around the world. If more people than usual then have to be supplied, rapid adjustments are needed.

Rapid support for Ukraine

Power generators, water tanks, tents, sleeping bags and beds: People in Ukraine receive urgently needed items from a logistics center on the Polish border. A "digital airlift" also provides help with technical problems.

Mexico: Vacation with whale sharks

In the Gulf of California, whale sharks were a magnet for visitors until the pandemic. Now tourism faces a fresh start – with improved protection for animals.

State Secretary Flasbarth is the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GIZ

Green cooling – Using environmentally friendly technology to combat climate change

Natural refrigerants protect the environment and climate. In Latin America and the Caribbean, they are replacing climate-damaging stock products.

Philippines doctor's visit by video

Travel in the island nation is arduous, especially under corona conditions. Digital services such as video consultations enable healthcare to reach the remotest island.

A heroine from Moldova: 'I am inspired by all the strong women in my community'

Silvia Feraru advocates for Roma and Romnja and dispels prejudices. In an interview, she tells us how it's done.

As an engineer in development cooperation: "A technical background is always a good basis"

Ansgar Pinkowski promotes green hydrogen in Brazil. In an interview, the "Business Scout" reports on the path from theory to implementation.

Thinking security ahead: Climate risks require joint solutions

Global warming threatens human and national security. At the Munich Safety Conference, stakeholders also discussed opportunities for cross-border solutions. The African Union learns lessons from the pandemic. Builds on its own vaccines for the future. South Africa now setting the course for research and production.

Georgia budget planning with citizen participation

In the municipality of Keda, citizens decide for themselves how money from the municipal budget is to be used.

Women developers wanted: For more women in the digital sector

There are still far fewer women than men working in the IT sector. In Latin America and Africa, women are gaining further qualifications and starting out in the digital industry.

GIZ supports local staff in leaving the country

"Our commitment to fair wages is long-term."

Clothing manufacturer Brands Fashion has implemented the latest standards for fair supply chains in India in cooperation with GIZ. In an interview, Head of Sustainability Rabea Schafrick talks about her experiences.

Purposeful departure

A climate-neutral and more equitable world – that's the goal of Green Recovery, which takes action to sustainably address the pandemic's consequences. The new ie of #GIZakzente takes a look at the different ways countries around the world are finding to make their future greener.

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