Macular degeneration sufferers go blind ophthalmologist lemmen vahdat

Macular degeneration: will sufferers go blind?As a sufferer of AMD you are confronted with the fact to live over time with a decreasing vision. Regular visits to the eye doctor. Ongoing therapy will accompany you. Everyday life will become more difficult as eyesight declines.

Macular degeneration sufferers go blind ophthalmologist lemmen vahdat

The prognosis for vision in AMD sufferers

In general, as an affected person, you can ame that thanks to early treatment and monitoring of AMD, the progression of the disease can be contained and the risk of going blind avoided.

The earlier the disease is detected and, if necessary. Chances to preserve the vision. To maintain the quality of life of the affected person. An important point is also whether AMD is the dry or the wet form of the disease.

Course of the disease in dry AMD
In the dry form of AMD, a therapy is not possible, as of today. The course is usually slower. If risk factors are avoided and a balanced and healthy diet is followed, the course of the disease can be positively influenced.

Prognosis of the disease in dry AMD
The dry form of AMD can lead to severe impairment of central vision in the final stage. The reason is the so-called atrophy: It leads to the fact that affected persons lose their reading ability and also, for example, can no longer recognize faces.

Progression of the disease in wet AMD
The wet AMD can be led with an early treatment to a much better prognosis. If advanced changes are present, patients usually have to receive much more injections to get the macula dry again. Changes include clear vascular growths or pronounced macular edema in the retina

Prognosis of the disease in wet AMD
The further visual prognosis is worse in wet AMD, since irreversible changes are often already present due to the scarring or atrophy of the sensory cells. This is usually indicated by the poorer visual acuity of the eye before treatment. In the case of major macular edema and scarring changes, visual acuity is often significantly impaired. By injecting the drug, these changes in the macula can only be reversed to a certain extent. In this case, the visual acuity can recover only partially. If the disease is treated in the early stages, the prognosis for further vision is quite good. Patients usually need significantly fewer injections. The loss of function of the eye is also less. This means that visual acuity is well preserved after treatment.

AMD is a disease that cannot be cured. The progression of AMD can often be halted with medication. Improving the lost visual ability. Complete blindness is fortunately ruled out.

Diminishing eyesight – Help for affected persons

If the reading power decreases over time, affected persons can rely on magnifying visual aids, such as a microscope.B. electronic reading magnifiers or also luminous magnifiers, fall back. These also support in everyday life to cope better with the visual impairment.

Complete blindness is excluded

Even in the advanced stages of the disease – both the wet form and the dry form of AMD – affected individuals will never go completely blind. Peripheral vision, which is responsible for the perception of the environment, is preserved. However, the loss of central visual acuity, which is so important for reading and recognizing faces, is to be expected. This can lead to being dependent on help in the very advanced stage.

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