Mattress sagging tips for rescue prevention

Mattress sagging: tips for saving& PreventionIf the mattress is worn out, you can delay its replacement through various measures. For the sake of your health, you should replace a mattress with a deep hollow as soon as possible. With a new bed topper, you use preventive measures against lying through.

Mattress sagging tips for rescue prevention

Mattress sagging: short-term rescue measures

A worn mattress is not good for your back. Tension, headache and backache and a hardly restful sleep are the consequences. Therefore, a worn-out mattress should be replaced with a new one. For the transitional period, the following measures can help:

– Mattresses have hollows where you rest your bottom and back. Turn the mattress so that you swap head and foot ends. However, if the mattress is sagging right in the middle, this method will not help. – Turn the mattress in this case. If the hollow is not yet too deep, you can get back some stability this way. However, this does not apply to all mattresses. In the case of mattresses with an innerspring core, the entire core is always worn out. Turning does not help here. – If you have an adjustable slatted frame, set the slats as hard as possible under the bale. To do this, push the plastic sliders outwards. – If you do not have an adjustable slatted frame, place solid cardboard under the mattress where more stability is needed. Even a folded towel can help.

Prevent a hollow in the mattress: The best measures

To avoid cavities and to extend the durability of your mattress, you have several possibilities.

– Turn your bedding regularly every three months. In this way you ensure that the mattress is evenly loaded over a long period of time. With some manufacturers, such as Emma, turning is no longer necessary due to the special structure of the mattress. Check your model to see what the manufacturer recommends. – In between you can also rotate the mattress by swapping foot and head part. – Air the mattress after getting out of bed. It is optimal to remove blankets and pillows from the mattress for at least 20 minutes. How moisture can escape. – In addition to the quality of the mattress is also a good slatted frame is important to avoid a lie through. The distance between the slats should be less than 4 cm. If you buy a new slatted frame, it should be adjustable.

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