My dog has diabetes symptoms diagnosis treatment

My dog has diabetes – what does it mean? Symptoms, diagnosis& TreatmentIf your dog Diabetes mellitus, the so-called diabetes has, then its blood sugar level is permanently elevated, because his pancreas has problems with the necessary production of insulin.

This Metabolic disease without treatment leads to Organ damage or to a so-called sugar shock, whereby the dog falls into the Coma can fall and dies.

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in dogs and occurs mainly in the second half of life and occurs preferentially in female dogs. Your furry friend but still a long. Leading a happy dog life.

On which symptoms You can recognize that your dog Diabetes has and which Causes behind it, we list below.

In addition we give you Tips for prevention of diabetes in dogs and we explain the subsequent Diagnosis and treatment at the vet. What is actually diabetes. What happens in the dog's body?There are three types of diabetes in dogs, type 1 being the most common.

At Diabetes type 1 the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or no more insulin, which keeps the blood glucose level constant. Now there is too much glucose (sugar) in the blood. This leads to dangerous metabolic disorders.

My dog has diabetes symptoms diagnosis treatment

There can be z.B. the eyes and the kidneys are affected and destroyed in the long term. Most often, insulin production ceases in the second half of life.

At Diabetes type 2 enough insulin is actually produced by the body, however the body's own cells cannot recognize the insulin.

The cells have become resistant to insulin, so to speak. This type 2 occurs very rarely in dogs.

Diabetes in heat occurs only in females. The hormone progesterone in pregnant dogs or dogs in heat prevents insulin from removing sugar from the blood.

This type of diabetes is in most cases only temporary and will not be chronically.

In this case the vet often advises to spay the bitch. However, incontinence then often occurs as a side effect.

Causes of diabetes in dogs

What exactly leads to diabetes in dogs, doctors can not say even today. It is believed that the Predisposition to diabetes congenital is.

In the case of pancreatic disease (pancreatitis), it is suspected that this may cause the Insulin production disturbed and your pet becomes ill with diabetes.

Other possible causes could be Overweight, Autoimmune diseases and Infections its. But also sugary feed and Medication containing cortisone are under suspicion.

For small breeds of dogs, such as z.B. Chow-Chow, Dachshund, Maltese, Pug, West-Highland-Terrier, etc. Diabetes is more common in dogs.

Diabetes symptoms in dogs

Diabetes diagnosis : dog is diabetic

If you notice these symptoms with your pelt nose, then you get yourselves best one Urine test strips. This dog urine test will then tell you if you suspect diabetes is true. perform examinations. The then following treatment with you.

Diabetes treatment in dogs

Once a dog has been diagnosed with diabetes, your veterinarian will insulin treatment suggest.

Since insulin tablets are not suitable for dogs, he will show you how to inject insulin under the skin of your pet. This is a very simple procedure, which you quickly learned.

My dog has diabetes symptoms diagnosis treatment

Your best friend becomes no pain suffer, because the needles are very thin. He will hardly notice the insulin administration, which is best given immediately after feeding.

You must every day feeding at the same time and then inject the insulin. Two meals a day are now recommended, as the injected insulin takes approx. 12 hours works.

If your dog has eaten only half of the food, then you may inject him also only half of his insulin dose!
If you have given him by mistake once too much insulin If your dog has been injected with insulin, you will notice that your pelt-nose shaky or apathetically becomes or cramps gets.

It comes then to life-threatening hypoglycemia and you have to give him immediately a Sugar solution into their mouths or damage their gums with Honey rub.

You recognize the successful treatment in case of diabetes in the dog that he again drinks normally and will want to walk less often.

Nevertheless, you have to control the blood sugar of your furry check regularly. There are special blood glucose meters for dogs or you use again the Urine test strips for dogs.

What food for the diabetic dog?

Now your furry friend needs a special Diet without sugar. Treats should also be eliminated from his diet.

If your dog is overweight, he should be accustomed to regular moderate walks to lose the extra pounds again.

However, please do not let your darling starve, but feed him with calorie-reduced feed with a high crude fiber content. This special food is offered as ready-made food in the trade.

What is the life expectancy of a diabetic dog?

Dogs that have diabetes can still be prevented with appropriate insulin treatment, diet, and moderate exercise many years live without restrictions their quality of life.

The earlier this disease is diagnosed, the better the chances for a nearly high life expectancy, which a healthy dog has.

My dog has diabetes symptoms diagnosis treatment

Can you prevent diabetes in dogs ?

Since the diabetes in dogs is still a disease not sufficiently researched is, you can only be sure with a healthy diet and one species-appropriate lifestyle make sure that your darling of this illness spare remains. you best food with high sugar content. Rarely give him a treat anymore. Low fat and high crude fiber food with high quality protein help your dog to reach or maintain his ideal weight.

Long walks and exercise in the fresh air are also good for your dog's figure and health care.

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