My pet is dead may i bury it in the garden

My pet is dead: Can I bury it in the garden??My pet is dead may I bury it in the garden

The pain is great when a dog or cat dies. Death also brings practical problems: how can owners bury the four-legged friend??

If a dog, cat or budgie dies, it can be very hard for the owner. It's all the more important to them that their pet is given a proper burial. The options here are many – from the Cremation to burial in your own front yard. But for this, pet owners should know what the regulations are. Because some offence can high Fines lead to a waste of water, explains lawyer Andreas Ackenheil. He has specialized with his law office in animal law.

Which animals are allowed to be buried in your own garden?

"The size of the animal is decisive. With a Great Dane or a German Shepherd it becomes already difficult", says Ackenheil. Small pets such as hamsters, budgies and guinea pigs do not pose a problem. Who is uncertain, should rather ask at his municipality or local government.

What to pay attention to when burying on the property?

Basically, the grave site should have one to two meters distance to the property line. And the animal should At least 50 centimeters, or better yet, one meter deep be buried. It is advisable to wrap the carcass in material that rots easily: wool blankets, towels or newspapers. Burial is excluded if the plot is located in a Water or nature reserve If. Because the cadaveric toxins could pollute water or soil.

Holders should also not disregard Cause of death. "So I have to ask myself the question: Does my animal have any disease that could possibly be passed on to humans??", so Ackenheil. In such a case it is Cremation the better choice. Veterinarians are best able to assess whether the pet poses a health risk.

Another not unimportant aspect: Only those who own property can simply bury their dead animal on the property. In all other cases consent of the landlord. "This is an unpleasant ie. But at some point you get the problem that you should move out and not leave this to the next tenant."

If I do not have my own property: Can I bury my pet in the park or forest??

In no case. Public ground is excluded. Under the animal carcass disposal law, failure to comply can result in severe penalties may be imposed: "Up to 15.000 euros fine are possible", warns Ackenheil. Also the animal simply somewhere to put down, like in a shopping cart in Schwerte, is punishable.

Can I also dispose of the animal in the garbage can?

Basically yes, but again the size of the animal crucial. "A rabbit yes, a cat no." It is best for owners to choose the residual waste bin for this purpose.

What other options for burial do holders still have?

In many cases, sick animals do not die at home, but are instead euthanized at the veterinarian. If you want, you can leave your animal there. The vet then has it taken to a rendering plant.

If you don't want to do that, you can also lay your furry friend to rest on a Have animal cemetery buried, for example individually or in a collective grave. Animal burials in cemeteries cost between 100 and 300 euros, plus the cost of grave rent.

Another possibility is to To have your pet cremated in a crematorium. What to do with the animal's ashes after cremation is up to you. You can bury the urn or take it home with you.

A woman in the USA didn't have to worry about that. She died before her dog. Owner's disturbing last will and testament: she took perfectly healthy dog to her grave.

Can I also have my animal stuffed?

Legally there are no regulations that speak against it. "It's more of a moral question, do I want to do this?", says Ackenheil. And finally a question of money: To have a medium sized dog prepared can cost up to 550 Euros.

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