Myopia poor sleep cell phone affects children health

Are your children also so eager to get their hands on your cell phone?? In principle, we all know that it is not good for the little ones to stare at a screen. But what health consequences it can actually have, I honestly didn't realize. Short-sightedness, dry eyes, bad sleep and even retinal diseases or glaucoma can develop if a child spends too much time in front of a cell phone, smartphone or computer. However, this doesn't mean that you have to completely forbid your offspring to use them.

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Mom's guilty conscience gets the better of her.

Let's not kid ourselves, cell phones are already practical. During my time as a parent, my phone occasionally felt my only contact with the outside world. While my son slept peacefully on my belly, I checked my e-mails, sent WhatsApp messages, looked at what was new on Facebook, and quickly ordered new clothes for the dwarves. When he was awake again, the cell phone was on the table. This way I noticed directly when a new message came in. Of course, my resolution was not to always look right away, but as it goes: At some point, curiosity wins out.

Not only for me, but also for my son. He was eager to get his hands on the phone and take a close look at it. It's great when it lights up as soon as you press on it. Of course he only got it for a short time, he is still much too small. Nevertheless, from. To my bad conscience.

Toddlers should not spend too much time on the tablet. Photo: unsplash /Jelleke Vanooteghem

The eye changes with too high cell phone consumption

And rightly so, it seems, because as various studies show, excessive use of cell phones and tablets, especially in children under three, causes the eyeball to grow and the eye to become longer. The consequence: the child becomes short-sighted. And unfortunately it remains so, because once the eye has changed in this way, it no longer regresses. The main reason for this is that we have smartphones and tablets much closer to our face than, for example, a TV set. In Asian countries this has led to the fact that already 95% of young adults suffer from myopia. In Germany, the figure is not quite as high at 50%, but we are catching up.

In addition, nearsightedness can also cause the Risk of serious retinal diseases or glaucoma increases.

Cell phones and tablets influence our sleep – and our spatial vision

Apart from the influence on the eyesight a cell phone can lead also to the fact that your child sleeps more badly and/or. Getting problems falling asleep. Because the eyes get tired, but by the high blue portion of most displays the secretion of the sleep hormone Melatonin is inhibited. Therefore, at least two hours before bedtime, all displays should be. Monitors disappearing from your children's sight. Yours too, if possible.

What's more, by displaying them on tablets, even your children's spatial vision and imagination suffers. near and far vision are no longer trained properly, which in the worst case can lead to the fact that your darling starts to squint.

Like everywhere else, it's the right amount that counts

But that doesn't mean that you have to give your children cell phones and the like. should be completely forbidden. If we are honest, that would be nonsense, after all, the devices are now part of everyday life. Both are very tempting for the children. In moderation also okay. But only in moderation. And this depends mainly on the age of your child.

Children under 3 years are just too young to look at their cell phones for more than a few minutes. For example, we have it so regulated here that the big one may watch a Peppa Pig video when she has to inhale. Or if I have to do something urgent that won't take more than a few minutes. Are your Children 4 to 6 years old, they should no more than 30 minutes per day spend time in front of screens. At Elementary school children are considered a maximum of one hour per day.

After that, it's off to the playground and romp around outside or build towers out of Lego and building blocks together indoors – it's actually a lot more fun, isn't it??

myopia poor sleep cell phone affects children health

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nearsightedness poor sleep cell phone affects children health

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