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Lately a few PR samples arrived here. Also in the drugstore I could not resist the one or other natural cosmetic product. So there was a lot of creaming and testing here. A few cosmetics could not convince me, but those I really like, my favorites, they get today a small appearance. Also make it to the blog stage Natural cosmetics novelties which I was already super excited about or. am. If you have already tested the presented products I would be very happy if you would your experiences with it in the comments.

Natural cosmetics – tips for beginners

Because I think such articles and experience reports are always super exciting for people who are interested in natural cosmetics. Just when you are at the beginning of the change from "normal" to natural cosmetics. Often you are a bit lost there. At least this is how I felt a few years ago.

Which mascara can do what? Is there also a lotion that does not smell of lavender? Why does natural sunscreen always have to be so whitish? Is there also something for more Glow? What looks good on the lips. Does not feel like old cardboard? But now it starts with my current favorites. New products from the natural cosmetics section.

My natural cosmetics favorites and some new products

Weleda – Naturally Clear series for impure skin

Brand new in the range and partially tested by me, the Weleda Naturally Clear face care series. Since I tend to blemished skin, but many "anti pimple" care products are too aggressive for my skin, I was and am incredibly excited about the Naturally Clear series. Two of the four products I have already in use, namely the Concealer and that S.O.S Spot Treatment. The clarifying Wash gel and the matting Fluid I have not tested yet, because I want to use up two other products in advance. I'm not a fan of having lots of opened skin care products in my cupboard.

The new Face care series for impure skin from Weleda should support the balance of the skin. Thereby helps u.a. Willow bark extract. This has an antimicrobial and soothing effect on the skin and also promotes an even complexion. In order for the Naturally Clear series to work properly, it must of course be applied regularly. The 2-step plan provides for deep cleansing of the skin with the gel in the morning and evening. Then the mattifying fluid is applied. If necessary, skin blemishes can now still be removed with the S.O.S. Spot Treatment specifically dabbed and pimples, redness and co. be covered with the cover cream.

As already written, I currently only use the spot and the concealer. Both products I find so far super. The S.O.S Spot Treatment cools pleasantly and I actually have the impression that redness and small pimples disappear faster. With the concealer it is super important to use this dabbed on the pimple very thinly! The first few times I tended to use cream, which resulted in unsightly "rubbings. Knocked, however, this does not happen. The impurities are well. Discreetly covered.

Now I am very curious to see if the wash gel and the fluid can also convince me…

DR. GRANDEL – Intensive Moisturizing Care / Hyaluron

Currently, I like to use the intensive moisturizer from DR. GRANDEL, especially in the evening. the fluid with depot hyaluron and plant amino acids provides a super amount of moisture and leaves a really saturated skint. Especially when I've been in the sun a lot during the day and my face is taut in the evening, even a small dab of moisturizer does me a world of good.

Important to know DR. GRANDEL does not only sell natural cosmetics, but has developed the Elements of Nature series, in which it is certified natural cosmetics.

alverde – Hyaluron Glow Roll-ON

And on it goes with Hyaluron. The Roll-On from alverde is currently my holy kraal in the morning. I just love it. It cools so wonderfully, moisturizes and provides a light shimmer ("Hello, I'm awake now" effect). Since quite a lot of product comes out when applying, I like to distribute this after rolling again a little with my fingers.

However, unlike described, I do not notice any smoothing effect on me, my wrinkles around the eyes are still visible ;).

boep – sunscreen for the whole family

For me the sensation of the year: a mineral sun cream without "whitenel" effect! Drum roll and confetti, this is what so many people have been waiting for! So many that the new sun creams from das boep were/are even sold out at times.

Expected to be available again in May are the "normal", as well as the sensitive sunscreen. Both sunscreens have SPF 30 and protect against UVA and UVB radiation with a purely mineral filter made of zinc oxide. In addition, they are vegan. Dermatologically tested "very good.

The sunscreen has a very subtle, pleasant smell and is really easy peasy to put on. The skin is neither floury white, nor stupidly sticky afterwards – pure enthusiasm!

The fragrance-free Sensitive Sun Cream is ideal for highly sensitive skin and is also very easy to spread and distribute.

alverde – Contouring and Coverstick

I am neither a make up, nor a contouring professional, but the coverstick of alverde in light could convince me so far nevertheless. I like to use it to set small highlights, for example on the bridge of the nose, or to quickly cover small blemishes. I like the creamy consistency and the fact that the stick leaves a matte finish. The dark pencil I had not yet in use, because as I said I am not a contouring expert ;).

alverde – Matt Lipstick

New in the alverde range and an absolute favorite of mine is also the Matt Lipstick in the color 16. Actually, I very rarely wear color on my lips in everyday life, but since I have the lipstick in the house, there is like times a portion Pure Peach. I find the tone just incredibly beautiful and like the matte look. In addition, the creamy product easy to apply on the lips and leaves a pleasant feeling. No weird sticking. Also no cardboard.

CILAMOUR – Vegan Lash Serum

Finally, I would like to introduce you to a product which is unfortunately a not natural cosmetics. But at least it is vegan and without synthetic active ingredients. I was looking for a serum for quite a long time, which makes my eyelashes grow and is not full of goop. The Lash Serum by CILAMOUR passes the codecheck. May therefore also to my eyes.

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