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Naturheilpraxis Lichtblick in GelsenkirchenAt this point we would like to offer you an overview of our main therapies. For more detailed information, please click on the respective therapeutic focus.


naturopathy practice lichtblick p. stollberg heal practitioner

Attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome is now the most common psychiatric disorder occurring in childhood and adolescence. Many parents seek help from a psychiatrist. However, studies have shown that children and adolescents suffering from ADD/ADHD may be deficient in micronutrients. Also possibly are dental fillings. Vaccinations another reason for ADH syndrome.

With the help of our elimination procedures in connection with the bioresonance- resp. quantum resonance your child finds again the necessary peace.

Allergy testing

naturopathic practice lichtblick p. stollberg alternative practitioner

Allergies are overreactions of the immune system. With our special laboratory tests we find out very quickly which allergies you suffer from and initiate appropriate therapies for you.

With the help of bioresonance or. Quantum resonance offers very good treatment possibilities for all allergies.

Osteoarthritis treatment

naturopathy practice lichtblick p. stollberg healer practitioner

Arthrosis mostly affects patients in the second half of life. This disease is wear and tear of the joints, which can be very painful and restricts the freedom of movement.

Our therapy consists of snake venom and enzyme administration, as well as glucosamine sulfate administration. This improves the cartilage metabolism. The cartilage structure promoted. The therapy is very well tolerated. Helps you to new mobility.

Bronchial asthma

naturopathy practice lichtblick p. stollberg alternative practitioner

This is a respiratory tract obstruction that occurs in fits and starts as a result of an overreaction and inflammation of the bronchial system. We distinguish between allergic asthma. Non-allergic asthma. Both forms of asthma are usually very treatable, although in the case of allergic asthma it is important to reduce the allergy-causing substances. Better still would be to avoid them completely.

With the help of acupuncture and quantum resonance therapy, as well as injection techniques, we have your allergy under control quickly.

Biological cancer therapy

naturopathy practice lichtblick p. stollberg healer practitioner

The diagnosis of cancer is associated with many different reactions. The spectrum usually ranges from sheer horror and helplessness to anger, fighting spirit and a deep belief that they can cope with it.

Leech therapy

The medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis) is the best-known representative of the leeches. It has been used for centuries to treat various diseases. Like most species of leeches, it is found in fresh water. Its natural range is Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor. It is easily confused with the Mediterranean medicinal leech (Hirudo verbana, also called the Hungarian leech). The effectiveness of leech therapy can be explained by the saliva, which contains anti-inflammatory, circulation-enhancing and pain-relieving components. However, the exact composition is not yet scientifically clear.

treatment procedure:

The region to be treated should not be treated with soap, creams, perfumes or other fragrances for one to two days before the leech therapy, otherwise the leeches are difficult to apply. In addition, you should avoid foods that sweat heavily through the skin (e.g., foodstuffs that are not eaten by the skin).B. garlic). On the day of the treatment please clean the skin only with clear water.

We then apply 3 to 5 leeches in the practice, depending on the localization. For a thumb joint you can expect 2-3 leeches, for a knee joint 3-5 leeches. The leeches look for a suitable spot and then bite. You will notice this with a slight (rarely also moderate) twinging or burning sensation. They then remain on the spot and suck a few ml of blood until they are "full". Meanwhile, the leeches release their healing saliva into the tie. It takes about 25 to 90 minutes, on average about 50 minutes. The pinching discomfort subsides as time goes on, because the leeches also release pain-relieving substances. Most patients report that the treatment is well tolerated.

When the leeches are "full", let go and you are mobile again. Then they are collected by our employees. The resulting small wounds should bleed for a few minutes for cleansing. Finally, they are provided with a prere bandage, which they should leave until the next day. In a few cases, there is more severe secondary bleeding. In this case, please change the dressing yourself at home. The next day the wound should be checked. As a rule, the bite site can then be treated with a normal plaster, which you should leave in place for about 3 days. Until then, you should avoid water applications in this area (showers with protection, z.B. Bag, glove). You should also avoid swimming ca. Do without for a week.


The positive experience in the treatment of varicose veins and thrombosis is undisputed. Leeches also successfully suck chronic diseases. This is not how you cure arthritis, but how you reduce the swelling. A not insignificant reduction of pain. In the case of high blood prere, leech therapy has a decongestant and cleansing effect on the vessels, which, among other things, lowers blood prere and, in the most favorable case, can result in a reduction of sclerotic deposits (arteriosclerosis).

Other indications are: Leg ulcers, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, headaches and migraines, rheumatism, gout, menstrual and menopausal problems u.v.m. A special indication is the sometimes very agonizing tinnitus (ringing in the ears), where even after years of existence success can be achieved.

Possible side effects and complications:

Contraindications for leech therapy

Treatment with leeches is considered to be largely free of side effects. Allergic reactions occur extremely rarely. In rare cases, a local wound infection may occur. However, this danger can be almost completely eliminated by proper use. As a reaction to the bite usually appears about 2 to 48 hours after a treatment redness with swelling, which is often associated with itching – similar to a mosquito bite.

In some patients after the treatment a circulatory weakness can be observed. Relatively often, hematomas also appear around the bite sites, but they completely resolve within a few days.

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