No more fear of death

No longer afraid of deathBecause we are made of flesh and blood, that is, with our true selves, our Spirit, and with our Soul (consciousness, thoughts, memories, feelings) in a fleshly one? Body In order to live, Jesus also had to come with a body to save us from death with his sacrifice and resurrection.

"Since God's children are flesh and blood human beings, Jesus was also born as a human being. For only by his death could he break the power of the devil, who had power over death. Only in this way could he free those who had been slaves to their fear of death all their lives." (Hebrews 2:14-15; New Life Bible Translation)

Or as it says in another translation, "Therefore, since the children (in the flesh) share in the blood and flesh, he also likewise received a share in them, in order that by his death he might destroy him who has the power of death (or: authority over death), namely, the devil, and set at liberty all those who through fear of death were held in bondage throughout their lives." (Hebrews chapter 2, verses 14-15; Bible quantity)

Diseases do not come from God

Everything that leads to death does not come from God. Take diseases for example. Diseases are not even intended in God's creation. Diseases come into this world from the devil (Where do the diseases come from? From God? From the devil? Or by our scatterbrainedness?).

Death does not come from God

Death is also not foreseen in God's creation. Death came into creation when our ancestors Adam and Eve fell for the lies of the devil and turned away from God and no longer listened to him. God warned our ancestors that they would die (Genesis 2:17) if they did not listen to him. Devil, however, lied "you will surely not die" (Genesis 3:4). Like everything that comes from the devil, of course, this was also false.

"For the wages of sin is death; whereas the undeserved gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans chapter 6, verse 23; New Life Bible Translation)

With Jesus, the consequence of sin is defeated

God does not like sickness, nor death. Because the consequence of sin is death (eternal separation from God; and that is possible for eternity only in hell (in the lake of fire)), He sent Jesus, who took the punishment for our sins upon Himself. With his death on the cross and resurrection, Jesus overcame and conquered death once and for all, so that everyone who believes in him as his Savior has also overcome death and is set free forever.

""Death was swallowed up in victory. Death, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting?" For sin is the sting that leads to death, and the law gives sin its power. We give thanks to God who gives us victory over sin and death through Jesus Christ our Lord!" (1. (1 Corinthians chapter 15, verses 54-57)

How do atheists actually die? The example of Joseph Stalin

We Jesus believers do not have to be afraid anymore. We are free. We have, thanks to Jesus, eternal life in the literal paradisiacal presence of God's. The consequence of sin has once and for all and completely taken Jesus upon Himself, so that death no longer affects us. Of course, we die the earthly death (we leave the body with spirit and soul), if not in our earthly lifetime the Rapture takes place, but we then live on in the heavenly presence of Jesus.

Do we really have authority over devils and demons?
Sinful world. But who has the power? The devil or Jesus? Many Christians think the devil, and they suffer accordingly

We are also no longer under the influence of the devil. Devil and demons are defeated once and for all since Jesus. We may live in this world, but we are already citizens of God's Kingdom (John 15:19; Philippians 3:20). And: Don't let yourself be misinformed that you have to suffer and be sick because the devil has power in this world. Biblical truth is: Jesus has all power even in this world ("All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me" , Jesus in Matthew 28:18). They are free.

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