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In the following you will see a
Sample cover letter for a health care technician and nurse. Use the template to get inspired. You can conveniently download a cover letter guide in pdf format.

In our application tutorial we explain step by step how to create an application. In addition to the letter of application, resume, references and (voluntarily!!) a photo for application.

Tip: Find out about the activities and tasks in the profession in the job description for health care and nurses and use this information in your letter of application. The training company can see that you have really taken an interest in the profession.

Do not use the unchanged template for your application, but use the example as a suggestion. The recruiter will immediately recognize if you are using a sample template and may reject your application.

Application letter health and nurse sample (Word)

Health care nurse cover letter instructions (PDF)

Automotive technician (m/f/d)

at Porsche Salzburg

at Porsche Salzburg

– 5020 Salzburg – 01.08.2022 – Apprenticeship / Training

Apprenticeship metal technology – mechanical engineering technician 2022/23

– 6060 Hall in Tyrol – 22.08.2022 – Apprenticeship / Training

– 6060 Hall in Tirol – 22.08.2022 – Apprenticeship / Training

Apprentice druggist* (f/m/d) 2022

with dm drogerie markt GmbH

at dm drogerie markt GmbH

– 1010 – 01.08.2022 – Apprenticeship / Training

Letter of application for health care nurse

Here you can see an example of an application to become a nurse. Attention: Don't forget the letterhead in your cover letter.

Dear Mr. Mustermann,

via apprenticeship I have become aware of your job advertisement and I am applying for an apprenticeship as a certified health care and nursing assistant in your company.

I would like to become a nurse in order to help other people with my work. I find it exciting to learn medical basics and to be able to apply them to patients in everyday life. I find the field of nursing particularly exciting, because you have a varied daily routine with individual care.

At the moment I attend the vocational middle school, which I will finish in a few months with the 10. school level in a few months. My grade point average is currently 2.1 and my favorite subjects are biology, social studies and German. During the last summer vacations I did a voluntary internship in the municipal children's hospital. In 4 weeks I will get a good insight into the tasks of the nursing staff. In my spare time I work as a babysitter for several families and am therefore experienced in looking after and dealing with children. I would also like to get to know the care of adults.

I would like to complete my training in your school, since you have cooperation with various hospitals. This way I can easily enter the profession after my apprenticeship.

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