Officially simple financial problems

Financial problemsFinancial problems can be self-inflicted or caused by external factors. Depending on the personal life situation, various institutions help to secure existence. To receive benefits, several conditions must be met. Corresponding proofs are provided.


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If the out-of-court settlement is successful, overindebtedness can be eliminated in this way. In the event of failure of the out-of-court settlement, consumer insolvency proceedings and residual debt discharge are applied for at the insolvency court within six months. In addition, the deferral of the costs of the proceedings can be applied for.

Before the actual consumer insolvency proceedings are opened, a court settlement attempt takes place (compulsory settlement). In the case of a successful compulsory settlement, the consumer insolvency proceedings are not necessary. If the compulsory settlement fails, consumer insolvency proceedings are opened. A trustee is appointed by the insolvency court. The indebted person during the assigned. In addition to the consumer insolvency procedure, there are also. Consumers the insolvency plan procedure. If there is a change in the financial situation during the period of good conduct, or if the creditors indicate that they are now willing to negotiate, a new settlement can be attempted and the insolvency can be terminated prematurely within one year.

Employer is insolvent

It is also possible to file a lawsuit against an unauthorized termination due to insolvency before the opening of insolvency proceedings or the opening of insolvency proceedings. Appeal to the labor court against dismissal for operational reasons in insolvency proceedings.

Financial support from the state

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In addition to private over-indebtedness and the insolvency of the employer, there may be other reasons why people have financial problems and are threatened by poverty. For these cases the state grants monetary benefits depending on the personal life situation. Different contacts with the authorities are required. The submission of various proofs is required.

Family insurance fund
Both the child benefit and the child supplement can be applied for at the family benefits office. The child supplement is a supplementary benefit to the child benefit, which is paid for unmarried children under 25 years of age in families with insufficient family income. Evidence includes birth certificate, child's tax ID, and information about income and assets. The application is submitted to the family benefits office of the Federal Employment Agency. This is also possible online. The period for which the child allowance is granted is 6 months, after which a new application must be submitted.

Social welfare office
Social assistance, basic benefits for old age and reduced earning capacity, and asylum seeker benefits can be applied for at the Social Welfare Office. In addition, children, adolescents and young adults can apply for benefits for education and participation. Information on income and assets must be provided as proof. In addition, the lease. Further documents to be enclosed. Asylum seekers must also provide information about their previous places of residence and show a passport.

German pension insurance
An application for a pension for reduced earning capacity or a pension for reduced earning capacity can be submitted to the German pension insurance. pension can be applied for. Proofs of unemployment, medical certificates, periods of education, periods of bringing up children and other documents are required.

Housing allowance office
If you can prove that you are in need, you can apply for a housing allowance at the responsible housing allowance office. As a rule, the following documents must be enclosed with the application: Rental contract and rental certificate from the landlord, household certificate, a statement of income and certificate of earnings from the employer. Depending on the individual situation, further documents may be required. Housing allowance is usually granted for 12 months, after which a fully completed renewal application must be submitted.

Health insurance
If an employee is ill for longer than 6 weeks, the continued payment of sick pay by the employer ends. Subsequently, the statutory health insurance pays sickness benefits, provided that the illness is fully documented by medical certificate. Sickness benefit does not have to be applied for separately, the respective health insurance fund will automatically contact the insured person after the continued payment of wages by the employer has expired. Sickness benefit is paid for a maximum of 78 weeks in total for the same illness within a period of three years. The amount of the sickness benefit depends on the respective income and is 70 % of the regular gross income, but may not exceed 90 % of the net income from work. In principle, employees who are ill and trainees are eligible, but recipients of unemployment benefit I are also entitled to sick pay in the event of illness.

Nursing care insurance
If there is a need for care, care allowance can be applied for from the care insurance fund.

Application for basic income support in old age

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If an elderly person is threatened by poverty, he or she can apply to the Social Welfare Office for basic support in old age. The Social Welfare Office first checks the neediness of the applicants. Information about income is considered as proof. assets as well as insurance contributions to be paid. In addition to current bank statements, the tenancy agreement and the utility bill as well as proof of heating and electricity costs must also be submitted. In the event of a need for care, proof of this must also be provided (e.g., current account statements). B. notice from the nursing care insurance fund). Subsequently, the application. The amount of the basic old-age allowance is decided. If the application is approved, the applicant will receive a decision. As a rule, the benefit is granted for 12 months, after which an abbreviated follow-up application must be submitted for extension.

Further financial assistance with basic support in old age

Various financial benefits are associated with the decision on the basic old-age pension:

Exemption from the obligation to pay broadcasting fees
On presentation of the notice of basic support in old age, an application can be made to the ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Contribution Service (formerly GEZ) for exemption from the obligation to pay broadcasting fees. How satisfied are the citizens. Citizens with their regulatory contacts?For almost all agencies, most respondents are somewhat or very satisfied. Many respondents also give a mixed verdict, while a small proportion express rather or very dissatisfaction. Satisfaction with government services is predominantly in the positive range. However, benefits for education and participation at the Jobcenter are valued at -0.2.

Results of the life situation survey

Here are more graphs and information on citizens' satisfaction with government services in various life situations. What are your own experiences? Discuss with us and contact us via our contact form!

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