Periodontal treatment baden periodontology

Periodontitis or periodontosis treatment: In Baden-Baden only your health counts!Did you know that periodontitis is the most common reason for premature tooth loss in adults? Many of our patients know the risk. Regularly come to our practice for checkups. We will be happy to explain to you the difference between periodontal disease and periodontitis. We use the term here only because many patients are looking for it and we want to inform you understandably.

Before we go into more detail about the difference, you should know what it's all about: periodontitis is a chronic inflammation of the tooth bed that threatens your oral and general health!

You notice that..

– Their gums bleed more frequently? – you have bad breath? – the gum recedes? – some teeth are already loose? – you feel an unpleasant taste in your mouth?

Then you should definitely come to our practice for a check-up. We find out whether periodontitis is behind it!

Prophylaxis is our way to a healthy life.

You do not have enough time to read the complete text. We are happy to provide you with an overview of the most important answers to your questions here.

In common parlance, many people also refer to the chronic inflammation of the tooth bed as periodontal disease. But this name is outdated -. Medically not quite correct. Because the term periodontal disease is associated primarily with a recession of the gums. Periodontitis, on the other hand, describes what it actually is: Inflammatory processes in the periodontium (periodont), which also lead to receding gums. We therefore settle on periodontitis as the correct name!

Whether you suffer from the inflammation – and how severe it is – we determine in our practice. receding gums are usually a clear indication of periodontitis, as are deep gum pockets. If you notice one of these symptoms, you should have it checked out relatively quickly. Risk for heart-. Circulatory disorders. – an early loss of teeth in adults. – a degradation of the jaw bone.

If we carry out periodontitis treatment sensibly and in time, the disease can thus be kept under control. We rely on a set procedure:

– Measurement of the depth of the gum pockets, – Cleaning with ultrasound, – Removal of inflamed tie, – Evtl. Regeneration in case of more severe bone loss (preventive care), – Aftercare

You are in the best hands with our dental hygienists (DH). It has been specially trained for periodontitis treatment. Together with our dentists for periodontology forms a strong team for your health!

What else would you like to know about the process of periodontitis treatment?? Continue reading "We treat periodontitis with a clear plan."

Yes, periodontitis is curable. However, the inflammation can always break out again, as germs remain in the body. Therefore, it is important that you regularly use the preventive care in our practice. This is the only way to stop periodontitis. No longer poses a threat to your health.

Periodontal disease or periodontitis: the name doesn't matter when health is at risk!

When you get to the bottom of the causes of periodontitis, it all starts with the biofilm. Every one of us has plaque on his teeth. In it there are useful. Harmful bacteria. In the case of periodontitis, however, this ratio is no longer correct over a long period of time. The plaque extends over the teeth to the jaws. Attacks the periodontium – the so-called periodontium.

If the dentist does not treat periodontitis in time, it becomes a problem for the entire body!

Periodontitis increases the risk of

– Cardiovascular disease. – Diabetes. – rheumatoid arthritis. – Stroke. – Pneumonia. – Cancers.

By the way, chronic periodontitis inflammation is also a danger for your dental implants. When the tie around the artificial tooth root becomes inflamed, it is called periimplantitis. In the worst case, this leads to the loss of the implant. That is why it is essential to get periodontitis under control before treatment with dental implants. Chronic inflammation is treacherous. Often sneaks up on our health unnoticed. In most cases, those affected only notice at a late stage that something is wrong – for example, when the first teeth start to loosen or the partner points out a strong bad breath.

The typical symptoms of periodontitis include:

– bleeding gums – strong bad breath – receding gums – loose teeth – unpleasant taste in the mouth

Then you should definitely come to our periodontology practice for a check-up. We find out if periodontitis is behind it!

We treat periodontitis with a clear plan

Periodontal treatment baden baden periodontology

Even if your health is already suffering from the effects of periodontitis, we can manage the inflammation. We have a good strategy for this. A competent periodontology team!

Periodontitis treatment means

– stop the inflammation, – remove plaque, – maintain or rebuild the tie.

Already after the first treatments, the typical symptoms such as bleeding gums and bad breath will subside.

Vitamin D supports your immune system during periodontal therapy. Therefore, we measure your vitamin D level and help you to get the best conditions for a quick cure.

Periodontitis treatment: procedure in periodontology

The first thing is to restore a healthy balance between harmful and beneficial bacteria. To achieve this, we remove harmful plaque with professional teeth cleaning. We also measure the depth of the gum pockets. We collect different inflammation values. This gives us an accurate picture of your oral health. Cleaning with ultrasound
With special hand instruments and ultrasound our prophylaxis workers clean the gum pockets. Removal of inflamed tie
The plaque often extends to under the gums as well. Therefore, it may be necessary to remove hard deposits with a minor surgical procedure. The treatment is particularly gentle for you thanks to anesthesia! Create an aftercare plan
A customized aftercare plan ensures that the inflammation does not recur. Prevention with prophylaxis
At least twice a year – more often if necessary – you should come to our practice for professional dental cleaning.

The surgical periodontitis treatment

Very deep gum pockets, which we could not remove by conventional means, we treat with the help of a small surgical procedure under local anesthesia.

In a procedure called deep scaling, we remove harmful plaque from the root surfaces and root bifurcations. This reduces the depth of the pocket. However, tie that has already been lost cannot be restored with this method. We use other methods for this purpose.

Tie regeneration with Emdogain

We rebuild lost bone substance in the periodontium with the help of a special therapy. For this we use the example of nature.

For tie regeneration, we imitate biological processes that also take place during the development of the periodontium. So-called enamel matrix proteins support the regeneration of the tie. We apply these proteins in the form of a thin gel to the affected areas in the periodontium. This method is called Emdogain and has proven itself for many years in the surgical treatment of periodontitis.

We will be happy to provide you with more information about the surgical options for treating chronic inflammation in a personal consultation.

Due to the recession of the gums, the necks of the teeth are often exposed. This makes the teeth appear unnaturally long. Where tie is missing, we rebuild the gums with the help of a small graft.

Curing periodontitis thanks to thorough preventive care

The treatment of periodontitis is only useful if we stay on the ball afterwards. Then the chances are good that we can cure and stop the periodontitis.

We control periodontitis in the long term with

– close-meshed check-ups, – supportive periodontal therapy, – regular professional tooth cleaning (PZR), – advice on a healthy lifestyle, – tips on improving personal oral care.

Two dental hygienists (DH) are at your side in our practice. You can rely on the scientific expertise of our two DHs. They have developed over several years. Are specialists in periodontology.

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