Pimples away in 1 hour flash tips for blemished skin

You want to get rid of your pimples in a short time or overnight? We show you which SOS tips you can soon enjoy clear skin.

1. – Get rid of pimples quickly: Here's how 2. – The best home remedies for pimples and blackheads 3. – Pimples expressed: And now? 4. – Beauty tips against blackheads and co. 5. – Nutritional tips for pimples

Why does a pimple always make itself felt exactly when you need it least? No matter whether before an important appointment or a private date – the red pimples are a pain in the neck. What helps? First, stay calm and take a closer look at our advice against blemished skin.

One thing in advance: The absolute no-go for blackheads is to squeeze them out. Because then you can make the situation even worse. The healing may take much longer.

You want to get rid of the pustules in no time at all? Nothing easier than that. Because with a few aids and a few clever make-up tricks, there's nothing standing in the way of an even complexion any more. Which lightning tips really help? Of course we do not want to deprive you of this.

Get rid of pimples quickly: This is how it works

Until a blackhead disappears again, often three to five days elapse. That takes us. For you surely also much too long. No wonder, then, that we want to help with a few tricks. Because often we can't keep our fingers still and before the pimple has healed on its own, we have already squeezed it out.

Since this is not a good idea at all (keyword: risk of inflammation and scarring)!) you should better resort to various home remedies that can speed up the healing process. We can't guarantee that the unwanted pimple will disappear within an hour, but we can explain how the various home remedies work and how they can make your skin clear in no time at all.

The best home remedies for pimples and blackheads

Whether used as an acute solution before your next appointment or left on overnight, these various home remedies will help get rid of the pimple quickly. We bet you already have some of these little miracle cures at home and ready to use? We recommend these different products and how to use them.


SOS solution for blackheads: the good old aspirin tablet. The home remedy helps not only against headaches, but also against red blisters. Why? Aspirin contains salicylic acid. But instead of taking the tablet with water, crush it and make a paste with a little water and apply it to the clogged pores. Afterwards: let it work in well. Wipe with cold water. Ready!


An alternative: Manuka honey. This helps to reduce and balance sebum production. Apply some of the honey dot by dot with a cotton swab on the affected areas of the face. The honey is now effective for 30 minutes or longer. Say the fight to the skin impurities.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar also helps you to get clear skin step by step. By its anti-inflammatory effect bacteria and impure skin have no chance. Apply a little apple cider vinegar to a absorbent cotton pad. Dab with it on the red vesicles. The inflammation is relieved in no time.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is contained in many beauty products. No wonder, because the plant is very appreciated for its healing effect. For pimples and clogged pores, the application of natural aloe vera gel is recommended. To do this, cut off a leaf of the plant and extract some of the gel from it, which you can apply to the pimple or skin. Stirred as a mask, it also serves as a great acute care for sunburn.

Healing clay

Healing clay should not be missing from the list of anti-pimple home remedies. Because healing clay contains many minerals. Especially suitable for oily skin. With the powder (z.B. Here at Amazon) you can, for example, prepare a nourishing mask.

Tea tree oil

Equally helpful for blackheads: Tea tree oil. The oil (here at Amazon) has an antibacterial effect, but should only be used in moderation and not in the area of mucous membranes. Tea tree oil can also be used to prevent acne.

Good to know: However, you should leave out home remedies such as lemon juice or toothpaste. Lemon juice is not for the sensitive skin on the face because of the acid it contains. Toothpaste, on the other hand, has only a short-term effect. Can lead to even more irritation on the skin due to the drying effect. So it's better to use home remedies and care products that help in the long term.

Pimples squeezed: And now? You were once again in stress. Have the pimple in the heat of the moment already expressed? Even if this is quite a no-go in terms of beauty – on the one hand because of the risk of scars and also because the squeezed out pimple is much worse to cover – what happened, happened.

However, to prevent the spot from becoming further inflamed, an acute solution is needed. The very first thing you should do is disinfect the area. Afterwards, you can apply a little traction ointment (available z.B. here at Amazon).

Due to its healing properties, traction ointment is also used for other minor inflammations, such as ingrown hairs or small skin abscesses. The product is also suitable as an acute remedy for the first signs of a blackhead or subterranean pimples.

And this is how traction ointment works: the ammonium bituminosulfonate it contains "extracts" the inflammation from the skin, hence its name. A great side effect of the creams: the pain-relieving effect. Traction ointment is available in different strengths from 20% to 50%. In the case of pus pimples, however, a small dosage is completely sufficient. However, caution is advised in the area of mucous membranes. Here the product should better not be used.

This is how you apply the traction ointment:

Apply the cream with a cotton swab instead of a finger. So no bacteria can get to the inflamed area. If you leave the ointment to work overnight, stick a plaster over the treated area so that the ointment does not end up on your bed linen, but instead stays where it belongs.

Beauty tips against blackheads and co.

If nothing else helps to get rid of blackheads in the shortest possible time, there is only one thing that helps: simply remove make-up from pimples. With a few make-up tricks and the right products, you can easily remove the red pimples – at least visually. How you can cover blackheads step by step, we show you here.

1. Before covering, the skin should be well cleaned. Therefore, remove make-up first of all with a mild cleansing product.

2. Now you can apply a fine layer of anti-pimple ointment, so that the skin is well protected and the inflammation can continue to heal.

3. Now apply your foundation. Make sure here that the selected product does not promote impurities additionally. Well suited are e.g.B. Make-ups for combination skin.

4. You can now conceal redness and visible pimples, if present, with a corrective pencil or concealer. Often, however, this is not even necessary, as many foundations already cover small pimple marks well.

Dietary tips for pimples

Pimples are nothing else than small inflammations on the skin. A change in diet can work small miracles in the long run in this regard. Especially in case of acne or acne-prone skin it is recommended to pay attention to a healthy, balanced diet. Little sugar, meat and also the renunciation of white flour and dairy products can namely lead to the fact that the condition of the skin improves.

Coffee and alcohol are also suspected of promoting acne and the formation of pimples, as they promote blood circulation. On the other hand, it is recommended to eat a lot of vegetables, salads and fish. And if meat, then rather reach for poultry, instead of pork. Since every skin reacts differently to external influences and acne is often genetically determined, an examination by a dermatologist is advisable.

Good to know: Also on the basis of too much stress you promote the development of new skin blemishes. And nobody really wants that: So relax, follow a few tips and don't let pimples spoil your zest for life. Because so much more distinguishes you. We hope we could help you with our SOS tips.

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