Practical phase in the m. Ed. Uni vechta

The practical phase is an important element of the Master of Education degree program. It includes the 18-week school internship in the Master of Education (called: practice block) as well as the associated seminar events. It is completed in both subjects of study. The practical phase begins every year in the winter semester. Lasts until the end of the following summer semester. In the winter semester, students in each subject have their own preparatory course of 2 semester hours per week (SWS). The practical block begins following the examination period of the 1. semester (usually in mid-February) and ends after 18 weeks of internship. During the practical block, students visit the school ca. three to four days per week (at least 15 hours of time). they observe, give lessons (under the guidance of the mentor*) and receive classroom visits. In addition, they participate in the wider school life, z. B. AGs, school festivals, conferences etc. During the practical block, students take one accompanying course per subject (1 SWS, i.d.R. blocked). Some time after the practical block, in the lecture-free period of the summer semester, a final seminar event is held for each subject for follow-up (also blocked).

The seminar events (preparation, monitoring, follow-up) are always carried out by teaching tandems: a school teacher or a head of a teacher training seminar and a subject didactician from the university. This is to ensure that theory and practice go hand in hand.

News from the practical phase

Portrait Ute Krabbe

We spoke with Ute Krabbe about her work as a lecturer for the practical phase (LiP). This involved both her motivation, the benefits of the job and the amount of work involved. Ms. Krabbe teaches German and science at an elementary school and is the head of the German department at the Studienseminar Syke. To the portrait

Practical phase in the m. ed. uni vechta

Practical phase at m. ed. uni vechta

Mentor qualification 2022

Also this year we cordially invite you to our Mentor*innenqualifikation 2022. The introductory workshop as well as the subject-specific workshops and all further contents can be found on the following Website.

Conducting surveys and polls at schools

practical phase at m. ed. uni vechta

Students conducting surveys and polls in schools as part of their studies are advised to use the information and form templates prepared by the Lower Saxony Association for Teacher Education: Link to the overview page

Dates and deadlines

From the beginning of the practice phase registration to the end of the practice phase, you can find the current dates and deadlines for the practice phase here.

Info for students

Students are provided with further information on the practical phase here. If any questions remain unanswered, the coordinator of the practical phase is available for queries.

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