Practice marketing max von der nahmer

Practice marketingYou want to attract more patients? With 360° practice marketing from atlaris, we can achieve this goal together.

We have more than 12 years of experience in online advertising and practice marketing. Request now free initial consultation on the subject of digital patient acquisition. Together with you, we select the modules and services that are right for you.

Is digital practice marketing worthwhile??

The following sample calculation shows you which attractive sales physicians can potentially achieve with online practice marketing. *

Services for practices, doctors and therapists from 99€ per month

Your advantages

– Personal consulting by online professionals – 12 years of online marketing experience – Fair cost structure

– Up-to-the-minute statistics – full-service offer for doctors – top references from existing customers


Practice marketing max von der nahmer

Together with atlaris, we were able to implement the Significantly increase the number of new patients via online advertising such as Google Adwords and Facebook. With the newly developed practice website and its contact possibilities convert many more visitors to become real patients. Regular reporting shows us continuously the development and possibilities for improvement. Many thanks for the great cooperation!

Example calculation in detail

* This is an example calculation based on amed variables, which can differ both positively and negatively from actual values and results.

Practice marketing in detail

Serious practice marketing builds on competence, expertise and patient satisfaction. Read more details. Background to the topic. In recent years, health care with numerous medical and therapeutic services has become one of the most important markets, at the same time, as a representative of a liberal profession in the health care system, you still have to follow special rules in the field of advertising and practice marketing.

Many rules for practice marketing have developed in a more competitive direction in recent years. Nevertheless, there are clear differences to other business sectors, so that you as a doctor, dentist, non-medical practitioner or therapist can participate within the scope of

– the legal requirements and – the provisions of your specific professional codes of conduct

Inherent in the special relationship of trust that exists between you and your patients is the obligation of your advertising and marketing activities to comply with restraint. In this respect, increasing professionalization in practice marketing functions as quality arance for the independent health care professions.

§ 27 Permitted information and advertising contrary to the profession
(3) Physicians are prohibited from advertising in a manner that is detrimental to their profession. In particular, praising, misleading or comparative advertising is contrary to the profession. Physicians may neither cause nor tolerate such advertising by others. (MBO-a 1997 v. 2015)

market observation and evaluation of the competitive situation

Especially in urban areas, medical practices find themselves in a competitive environment that has tended to intensify in recent years. Thus, reputable practice marketing also gains importance for any professionally operating dental or medical practice.

Basis of each effective marketing measure is the own location determination. With various instruments, which subject internal as well as external factors to a precise analysis, you create a secure basis for your sustainable practice marketing.

Empirical data and analyses

Based on a competitor analysis and the evaluation of your specific practice services and processes, goals and target groups are identified and relevant marketing and communication tools are defined for the individual case. Their general and special health services occupy a central position in this context.

Empirical and analytical methods allow precise control of your practice marketing even after the implementation of a marketing strategy, which enables you to address your target group in an economically efficient manner. This is how you sustainably assert your competence and location advantages in competition with other providers of medical and therapeutic services.

Emphasize practice strengths in practice marketing

Your practice management is an important part of practice marketing. Patients today expect not only impeccable medical care, but also good practice service and an ambience that inspires confidence.

– the size of your practice (single or group practice), – the location (residential area, medical center, o.a.), – your specialty, – the range of services offered (family doctor care, specialist care, IGeL services) and – accessibility (consultation hours, telemedicine, home visits)

New patients through intelligent practice marketing

Potential or future patients are an important target group for your measures in the context of practice marketing. And you know: Satisfied patients who already have a longer relationship with the practice are long known as optimal ambassadors for good medical care.

The targeted approach to potential patients goes beyond this proven structure and uses modern ways of marketing. Your individual communication with patients and an extended circle of potential patients must take into account their information needs and communication habits.

Serious practice marketing brings you new patients through well-planned bundles of measures. But also your patients who have already been in your practice for a longer period of time benefit from your sustainably oriented practice marketing by making visible the offers that fit their individual health ies and by providing professionally unquestionable health information.

Demands and patient satisfaction

The way patients are approached has changed in many places, as have the demands that influence the doctor-patient relationship on both sides. This circumstance partly influences the internal relationship between doctors and patients, but is of particular importance for practice marketing, which also includes your external communication.

Today, health information of all kinds is easily available at any time, which has a significant impact on the patients' demands on the competences of the physicians and therapists caring for them. With a competently implemented practice marketing you meet the patient expectations. Position your practice as a relevant point of contact for health ies. Active practice marketing demonstrates commitment to your patients. Leads on this way rather to a higher credibility. As a side effect of a well-managed practice with friendly staff, a well-kept ambience and up-to-date patient information to take away, practice management designed for the long term becomes an important instrument for attracting patients.

Good practice management completes the visible focus on quality and patient satisfaction. At the same time, it often gives patients the feeling that they are being well looked after and cared for, and can be communicated without contradicting the limits of the advertising ban in the presentation of practice services.

Profiling within the bounds of what is permissible

The situation on the market for various medical healthcare services is in part characterized by strong competition. Many old rules for practice marketing have been softened in recent years. Numerous ways of addressing target groups have already been developed by your competitors.

The intention of a practice to make a profit is not dishonorable, even in the medical field; on the contrary, a commercially successful practice is usually particularly well prepared to care for patients according to the latest medical standards. Intelligent practice marketing helps you achieve a win-win situation for both sides on a serious basis.

Comparative statements or promotional advertising are dubious and, as a rule, not permitted even after the amendments to the standards for liberal professions. In the interest of the special relationship of trust between you. Your patients should take it for granted that speculative comparisons will not be made, even in the absence of legal requirements.

Practice marketing brings interests together

While you strive to continuously build up a well-filled patient file and a high level of patient satisfaction for the long-term work of your practice, future patients are looking for optimal health care or the right treatment for an acute problem. These interests are well compatible with each other. Can be brought together by intelligent practice marketing.

Factual information about your practice services is an integral part of your practice marketing, which is easily compatible with the legal framework and the applicable professional code of conduct. Your practice equipment is just as interesting for (future) patients as your professional expertise, your additional services or the therapeutic offers in your premises.

Transparent information about the practice is suitable for influencing the individual doctor-patient relationship positively in the long term. Both you and your patients benefit from this openness, which can even have the effect of optimizing compliance.

Marketing instruments for good doctor-patient relationships

Within the limits set for advertising and communication by independent medical professions, various proven instruments are available for practice marketing. These range from developing a practice logo that increases your recognizability to communicating digitally on social media or maintaining up-to-date patient information on your websites.

Specific instruments, which are primarily used in the medical field, complete the spectrum of possibilities for your practice marketing. This includes the introduction of possible contact persons for organizational questions, a virtual look into the practice rooms, which as a business card give a first impression of your efficiency, or the detailed presentation of the practice in (among patients) popular portals with added value functions.

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