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Pregnant and ill: inability to work or employment ban?When are pregnant women given regular sick leave, and when can doctors ie an individual ban on employment??

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Typical pregnancy complaints such as nausea or back pain do not necessarily mean that a pregnant woman can no longer pursue her profession until the start of maternity leave. However, various circumstances may prompt doctors to ie sick leave or an individual employment ban to pregnant professionals. "The pregnant woman is unfit for work if she cannot work due to an illness or if employment would contribute to the aggravation of the illness. An individual employment ban, on the other hand, is ied by the doctor if he or she is of the opinion that the life and health of the mother and child are at risk if the woman continues to work," explains Daniel Jakobi, specialist in incapacity for work at the SBK.

Individual employment ban to protect mother and child

The individual employment ban is a special regulation for the protection of mother and unborn child. The pregnant woman does not have to be ill in the conventional sense of the word. The causes can be numerous – even psychological stress, particularly arduous commutes or subjective sensations such as nausea-causing food smells in canteen employees can endanger a pregnancy to the extent that the doctor ies a ban on employment. He can decide whether he considers a total ban on employment to be necessary or whether he merely restricts the type, scope and duration of activity. Important to know: In the event of an individual's employment ban, the employee will continue to receive her full salary from the employer.

Incapacity for work in the event of illness

The inability to work is subject to the same guidelines for pregnant women as for non-pregnant women. It is confirmed by the doctor on the so-called "yellow slip", the certificate of incapacity for work. This also means that the pregnant woman generally continues to receive her full salary from the employer for six weeks, after which she is entitled to sick pay from the health insurance fund. for employees, this is around 70 percent of gross salary, with a maximum of 96.25 euros per calendar day.

SBK expert Jakobi explains: "In principle, individual employment prohibition and inability to work are not mutually exclusive. If, for example, a nursery nurse does not have all the vaccinations necessary for the protection of the unborn child, the doctor will ie an individual employment ban if necessary and she will no longer go to work. If she then also contracts a severe cold, an additional certificate of incapacity for work must be submitted to the employer. Further information on the subject of sickness. Work incapacity can be found here.


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