Psoriasis more than just a skin disease dr. Med. Christiane rinck

Psoriasis is a non-contagious multi-system disease, which often takes a chronic course. The disease occurs in episodes, d. h. Affected persons go through alternating phases of severe pain. Little or no activity of the disease. The disease most frequently appears for the first time between the ages of 20 and 30. and 30. The pain is felt during the first year of life, and in women often during puberty as well. In some cases psoriasis already appears in childhood.

Psoriasis more than just a skin disease dr. med. christiane rinck

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Psoriasis is an autoimmune reaction of the body, which is to a considerable extent hereditary, therefore a familial accumulation is observed, whereby occasionally however several generations are skipped.

Individually, there may be various triggers (provocation factors) that favor the outbreak or an unpleasant course of psoriasis. Especially stress situations and infections are to be mentioned here. In addition, however, numerous medications (e.g., psoriasis) are also possible triggers. B. beta blockers, ACE inhibitors) possible.

As a skin disease, psoriasis essentially manifests itself in the form of heavily scaling, punctate to palm-sized areas of skin, as well as changes to the nails. Typical localizations of occurrence are especially knees, elbows and scalp. Other parts of the body can be affected individually or the body as a whole can be affected. Psoriasis can also affect other organs, especially the joints and associated ligaments (psoriatic arthritis) and adjacent soft ties, as well as the eyes (uveitis) and the vascular system (increased risk of cardiovascular disease).

In the case of clinically less severe skin manifestations, the treatment is usually limited to external applications. Internal applications (systemic therapy) are used for moderate to severe cases. In addition, light therapy or medicinal baths can be successful for many sufferers. Since psoriasis occurs very differently from person to person, the "right" therapy approach must always be determined very individually. Sufferers must be prepared for a longer treatment period of weeks, months or even years.



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