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Every new beginning has a magic in it. Together we will find your talents. The inner strength to open this door for a happy life. Your life!

Annegret has the special gift to let divine energy flow. It helps you to see light on the horizon again. Feel supported in your consultation. Dual souls.

Gabi helps to recognize patterns and to free oneself from old dogmas and karmic entanglements. This is how life. Actively shape the future. On request she reads in the morphic field!

Clairvoyant channel medium advises with foresight to all questions of the life.Through my inherited clairvoyance I am able to answer every request in detail.

Specializing in telepathic contact with the subconscious, Angelis combines Greek traditional knowledge with contemporary spiritual insights to optimize your life.

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Psychics look into the future for you.

What else will life have in store for you? Great happiness awaits you? Find the love of your life or face heartbreak and other difficulties? The future vision with free messages concerns any topic from heartbreak to self-discovery. In a first clairvoyance free conversation you can completely without obligation with the topic of future interpretation familiarize and get answers to initial questions. Use the offer to learn more about yourself and your future.

Since when are there psychics?

People of various cultures seem to have always been interested in looking into the future. Numerous testimonies indicate that already in the third millennium before Christ various methods were used for the interpretation of the future. Clairvoyants were said to have special abilities of extrasensory perception. To do this, they used tools such as a pendulum or they interpreted visions that appeared to them. This is said to have made it possible for them to predict certain events or circumstances. Among the most famous clairvoyants are:

While Nostradamus lived from 1503 to 1566, Maria-Anne Lenormand was born in 1772 and died in 1843. The clairvoyant Baba Wange lived from 1911 to 1996. This shows that there were famous clairvoyants at the most different times. The prophecies of Michel de Nostredame have already existed for centuries. Are still reinterpreted again and again in the present time. But also the predictions of the clairvoyants of the newer times are of great importance for many people interested in the interpretation of the future.

H2 What is understood by the term clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is said to enable some people to see into the future. However, clairvoyance does not necessarily refer to the future. Rather, it can also provide gifted people with a glimpse into the past or to more spatially distant events. This is said to make it possible, for example, to revisit a person's past events and learn more about their fate or personality.

Many well-known personalities have achieved great fame, especially through visions of the future. Some clairvoyants are said to have predicted wars, natural disasters or the Corona pandemic.

Within the framework of a clairvoyant consultation it is possible to use the interpretation of the future for one's own life. This offers advice seekers the possibility to receive answers to questions as well as assistance with problems and conflicts. Or they use the personal predictions for the self-discovery and as everyday life assistance.


The view into the future, a more distant place or the past is received by clairvoyants from the spiritual world. To receive these messages, they must have clairvoyant abilities. This is also called extrasensory perception.

Each clairvoyant has different abilities for the interpretation of the future. Some people experience visions in the form of images or hear voices. To many clairvoyantly gifted people appear different types of visions. But to be able to use them, a lot of experience and a trained eye is needed. Only then is it possible to elicit the correct information from the seemingly random visions and draw conclusions from them. With some visions the meaning opens up only long time later. This is often related to the fact that the visions can refer to distant events from the future. Only in the further course of things can be guessed what the clairvoyant has predicted.

How does clairvoyance work?

Some clairvoyants are able to receive messages from the spiritual world without any aids. In a consultation with clairvoyance on the spot this is possible for example by touching the hands of the person seeking advice. Alternatively, it is also possible to touch an important object. Through contact with this object, it is possible for the clairvoyant to gain insight into the future or personality of a person. However, clairvoyance without aids is also possible over long distances, for example online or by telephone. Visions can appear to clairvoyantly sensitive people by looking at a photo or hearing their voice.

To intensify their abilities can also use various practices of meditation. In addition, it is also common for psychics to use adjuvants. Cards or pendulums serve them as oracles. Throughout the history of clairvoyance, various tools have been established and are still frequently used in modern times:

Cards as oracle

The card laying is also called cartomancy. For this purpose, special cards such as Tarot or Lenormand cards are usually used. By means of special laying techniques it is possible for clairvoyants to find out more about the future of a person. In addition, the cards are also used to reveal questions about a person's personality, opportunities and potentials. Depending on the question, different spreading systems are used. Our experienced consultants know which system is target-oriented and can offer answers in individual cases.

The look into the glass or crystal ball

Glass or crystal balls are used by clairvoyants to look into the future. While in the past reflective surfaces were used for the interpretation of the future, with time spheres have become established. Clairvoyantly gifted people open up hidden things by looking into the sphere.

Reading the future by palmistry

Palm reading has a long tradition. It is amed that each line and the different shapes of the lines on the inside of the hand reveal more about a person. The personality of a person is said to be reflected in the fine lines. But also the fate. The future should show up with the hand reading.

The pendulum answers questions

The pendulum is often used in clairvoyance to answer questions that can be answered with a clear yes or no. The oracle is also suitable to answer true or false questions. This means that the pendulum can be used for many questions. The question is crucial in this form of clairvoyance.

The dream interpretation about dream symbols

Dream interpretation is another widely used way of interpreting the future.

Experienced clairvoyants in this field can, for example, find out more about the meaning of dreams by means of various dream symbols.

What does it mean if I dream of death, a cat or a snake?? Other people dream of illness, of war or of drowning. Dreams of this kind can worry, but they do not necessarily have to point to fateful circumstances. Good clairvoyants and dream interpreters are well versed in this field and know the meaning of various dream symbols. The art is to bring the dream symbols in connection with real events. Only then it is possible to use the symbols for the interpretation of the future.

Fortune telling or clairvoyance? – What are the differences?

Divination and clairvoyance are abilities that usually only spiritually gifted people have. With both it is said to be possible to look into the future and predict events. But even if many overlaps exist, there are differences to consider. Fortune-telling is often referred to when a psychic tries to analyze the future using his or her skills or in combination with various tools. He can use these predictions for his life in different ways, for example as help for everyday life or for problem solving.

If it goes however around the supersensible perception, then the speech is from the clairvoyance. Only a few people are said to have this ability. Also with these they get insights into the future. These can be events in world affairs or the predictions relate to a person.

What makes a good psychic?

There are many people who are said to have clairvoyant abilities. However, many people find that their predictions never come true. Others have made many predictions in the past that have come true. Ultimately, it is the experience, but also knowledge of human nature and empathy, which distinguish a good psychic. Only then it becomes possible for gifted visionaries to recognize their visions and to use them specifically for interpretation. The interpretation of the predictions is crucial. Sometimes it takes a long time to find out that the psychic was right with his predictions. Accordingly, it does not always show at first glance how good the statements of a psychic really are. In addition, a good psychic should always be confidential. Be empathetic with your questions. Many advice seekers address the psychic with very personal ies. This requires a high level of confidentiality and the protection of privacy and data protection.

Which psychic can help me with my questions?

A look at our directory of psychics can already help you to find out which psychic is the right choice for you. You can inform yourself about the different gifts via our directory of psychics. This gives you a first impression about the abilities.

In our psychic directory qualified consultants with extensive experience will support and motivate you. The advisor network bundles the meaningful profiles of the experts. Are you looking for a clairvoyant for energy work or a fortune teller with a core focus on blockage resolution?

The online directory provides you with all the information clearly arranged.

Questico is a reputable portal that publishes real testimonials.

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How can a psychic advise me?

In the past it was necessary to visit a gifted psychic on the spot. Especially with the well-known personalities among the psychics of human history, the appointments were often booked up long in advance. Many people used the advice. Hoped for answers to their questions. But in this day and age it is easy to consult psychics online or by phone. This is possible at any time of the day or night and without long waiting times.

You want to know more about the possibilities of clairvoyance and fortune telling? Are not yet sure whether this form of advice suits you? Just pick up your free psychic consultation. Choose the consultant of your choice. Register then free of charge to the clairvoyant free conversation online by filling out the form. Your transmitted data will of course be treated confidentially.

It's that simple:

Register on Questico without – you do not have to pay anything and do not sign up for a subscription.

Choose the consultant who suits you best. Choose your non-binding free consultation. Talk for free for 15 minutes with the consultant of your choice. After the time the conversation ends automatically.

As soon as you click the button "Call for free", you will receive a callback from a friendly service employee, who will connect you with your desired future interpreter. Talk immediately in the psychic free conversation on the phone with a top consultant. Get efficient help in any situation. Dedicated consultants bring you in a clairvoyant life advice a good deal further on your way.

Online clairvoyance for the interpretation of the future

Online clairvoyance offers you the possibility to get in touch with one of our experienced consultants directly via the Internet. Directly after the non-binding registration, it is possible to call up the list of consultants and get in touch with one of our consultants who is active online as a psychic. With first contact the psychic consultation is free of charge.

Free call: Clairvoyance by phone

For a free phone psychic consultation with one of our consultants, simply select a free consultant from the list below. Subsequently, the clairvoyance consultation can begin directly. The phone call offers you the possibility of a personal conversation. This kind of contact makes it easier for many people to talk about very confidential and intimate topics. A clairvoyance free conversation is available to you as a new customer for the duration of 15 minutes. Within this time window it is already possible to get a personal prediction and find out more about your future.

What topics can I get advice on??

Clairvoyance can offer advice seekers deep insights into a wide variety of areas.

Personal opportunities and potential can be uncovered, but risks can also be identified. Consultation is possible on a wide range of topics. This can answer a variety of questions. Often it is about love, about disputes and conflicts or problems, but also general questions about the future are asked with pleasure. Potential ies include, for example:

Will I find my great love?

Will I be able to resolve my conflicts?

I had a fight with my partner? Is there still a chance for a common future?

I'm thinking of changing careers. Is this the right way for me?

I have financial difficulties. Will I be able to manage my problems in the future?


Many people want to know what the future holds for love. Is there another partner waiting for them in the future or do they find great happiness in the existing relationship? Others have had failed relationships and want to know if they will overcome heartbreak in the future.

Happiness and health

By looking into the future, clairvoyants can find out a lot about personal happiness and also health. How is it in the near or even distant future around the own luck ordered? Will I be happy and healthy or will there be difficulties to overcome in the future??

Money and career

The topics money and career are topics that move many people. They want to know about their professional future and how they will be financially positioned in the future. Are there financial bottlenecks to be expected or does the future look relaxed in this respect? But also with a planned professional reorientation the mediumistic abilities of a clairvoyant can help you to find answers.

Family and friends

When it comes to emotional ies such as family and friends, the questions regarding future development are many and varied.

Experienced clairvoyants can help you, for example, to find out whether you will succeed in resolving existing tensions within the family.

Others want to know whether they can still rely on their family and friends in the weeks, months or years to come? Who will still be there for me when things get difficult? Are there friends who will turn their backs on me or can I rely on their loyalty and affection?

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