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Psychosomatic diseases "Modern psychosomatic medicine basically believes that symptoms are forms of communication. As such, symptoms are often important signs or indications of developmental problems that are about to come into consciousness." Milton H. Erickson and Ernest L. Rossi

About psychosomatic disease


A psychosomatic disorder is one that psychological condition that leads to physical symptoms and it usually do not provide a sufficient medical explanation. This disorder can be almost affect any part of the body and often patients have already had a marathon of doctor's appointments.

Often, people with a psychosomatic disorder also exhibit no obvious symptoms of a mental disorder and are convinced that your illness has a medical cause.

We therefore speak of a psychosomatic illness when somatic complaints are co-triggered by psychosocial and or physical-mental interactions. Therefore, some doctors also refer to the disease as somatoform disorder (z.B. irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pain, fibromyalgia).

Causes can be for example mental stress, life crises be. Also traumatic experiences can trigger/enhance physical symptoms. On the other hand, there may be Physical complaints burden the psyche.

What can trigger psychosomatic disorder

Causes& Trigger

To date, scientists have not been able to fully elucidate the exact causes of a psychosomatic disorder. Some researchers think that stress releases hormones and neurotransmitters in the body, the Cause dysfunction can be.

Psychosocial stress factors and biographical and biological factors play a significant role in the development, maintenance and reinforcement of the psychosomatic illness.

Signs, symptoms and consequences

The psychosomatic disorder can affect any part of the body and can therefore manifest itself in very different ways. The most common symptoms are Fatigue and insomnia, pain, high blood prere, respiratory problems, digestive disorders, migraine, erectile dysfunction, skin rash and peptic ulcers.

How we help you


At the At the Verus Clinic, we are guided by a conception of illness that sees and treats body and mind as a unit.

Therefore, the Verus Clinic employs a group psychotherapy team interdisciplinary team of physicians of different specialties, medical and psychological psychotherapists as well as various creative therapists work on finding solutions for our patients in order to bring body and soul back into balance.

Our treatment methods

How we treat you& can help you

The diagnosis in the Verus Clinic therefore includes a detailed initial anamnesis, selected test psychological examinations and also newer neuropsychological test procedures.

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