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Clinic and Day Clinic for Psychosomatics and PsychotherapyThe Clinic and Day Clinic for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy has an inpatient area with 25 places, two day clinics with a total of 55 therapy places and a psychosomatic institute outpatient clinic. The offer is aimed at patients. Patients from 18 years of age. The special needs of older people are addressed by the day clinic 55+.

Patients who find their way to us in times of serious crises have a wide range of treatment options at their disposal. It is based on the amption that psychological and psychosomatic illnesses are caused by interactions between the personal environment, the psyche and the body (soma). The body is thus also a reflection of the psychological processes. We take this holistic psychosomatic perspective into account by developing individual therapy goals and a therapy based on these goals. Patients can be treated on a full or partial inpatient basis.

For the inpatient Psychotherapy can be called at Tel.-No. 0345/7787110 to make an appointment for a preliminary consultation. Appointments for a preliminary talk in the Psychosocial day clinic can be arranged by calling 0345/7788450 on the first working day of each month. Compliance with the applicable hygiene-. spacing arrangements take place with a reduced number of patients.

Inpatient area F3 – Psychosomatics

In the inpatient area we work according to a multimodal concept in three groups. Patients are treated on the basis of contemporary psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic procedures by appropriately trained physicians, psychologists and special therapists. The treatment is designed as a group therapy with regular individual therapy sessions by reference therapists. We see the special opportunity of an inpatient treatment among other things in the fact that you can step out of your life circumstances and look at your own life references with distance. The goal of group therapy is to help you better understand your relationships in everyday life through your role in the group and to try out new behavioral strategies.

The average duration of treatment is ten weeks. Within this period there is the possibility to spend single weekends at home after arrangement.

25 treatment places are available.

Day clinic 55plus

The services offered by the 55+ day clinic are aimed specifically at people in the age group from mid-50s to mid-70s. This life span is characterized by a multitude of changes. We devote special attention to these age-specific ies with our therapy concept.

Eight therapy places are available in a fixed group that works together over the course of nine weeks. The therapy is integrated into the processes. Rooms of the inpatient area integrated.

Therapy hours are Mondays to Fridays from 8.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. You spend the remaining time in your familiar environment, so that you can continue to maintain your family and social relationships and try out the first changes in everyday life during the therapy period.

Psychosocial day clinic

Here you have 22 therapy places at your disposal. Our team of therapists is able to offer you two different therapy methods, so that you can work in either a depth psychological or behavioral therapy setting.

Therapy takes place on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.30 a.m., otherwise you will spend the time in your familiar surroundings. This therapy setting requires a certain level of ability to cope with the demands of everyday life and therapy in parallel. This offers the chance to quickly transfer new behaviors into everyday life and to effectively address problems.

Psychosomatic institute outpatient clinic

The Psychosomatic Institute Outpatient Clinic is an offer at the interface between inpatient or day clinic therapy and outpatient psychotherapeutic treatment. In outpatient, predominantly group therapy, there is the opportunity to come to terms with your own clinical picture and to stabilize yourself with support, to prepare for possible further psychotherapy or to use the outpatient clinic for aftercare for the transition into everyday life.

The multiprofessional team offers various therapeutic units, such as psychoeducation, movement therapy, design and occupational therapy, and social skills training. If necessary, psychosomatic medical care is provided.

Information for registration

Whether inpatient treatment is helpful for you will be clarified in a joint discussion with a therapist on the ward. This preliminary consultation lasts about 50 minutes. Serves as a first professional assessment of your problems. In addition, you will receive useful information about the disorder pattern. For inpatient treatment in our clinic.

If you decide to undergo treatment on the psychosomatic ward after the interview, you will receive a proposed date for your inpatient treatment immediately after the preliminary interview.

Should you suffer from psychosomatic, resp. If you are suffering from psychological problems, talk to your family doctor or other doctors you trust about your problems, if you have not already done so. They can give you a referral for a preliminary consultation. If you have any further questions about our treatment services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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