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Puppy playtime – is a vaccination sufficient for participation??

Puppy playtime – is one vaccination enough to participate??

When the puppies visit the puppy playtime for the first time at the age of 9 or 10 weeks, this is exactly the right time from the point of view of an optimal socialization. However, at this time the immunization against all contagious diseases is not yet complete. Some owners are worried that their dog might catch a contagious disease.

Of course, you should vaccinate your puppy according to the veterinarian-recommended vaccination cycle at 8 weeks of age., of the 12. and in the 16. Have them vaccinated every week. Only then is the protection against diseases such as parvovirus or distemper reliable.

Caution with dogs from dubious Internet dealers

Special caution is required if you have bought a dog over the Internet from a dubious dog dealer. Often these animals are brought to your home or you meet in the home of a middleman. Many of these puppies from puppy farms come from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary or other countries bordering the East. Keeping and care of animals is usually very poor and vaccination cannot be relied upon in these cases. Have your dog examined by a veterinarian immediately after taking over and if necessary. Examine feces and blood to be sure that he has no contagious diseases.

If the puppies come from a reputable breeder and are vaccinated once, the protection is usually sufficient to tumble through the first weeks until the next vaccination, healthy and lively. So you can participate in the puppy play lesson without any worries.

Vaccination against behavior problems

Socialization is as important as health protection. They don't talk about "vaccinating against behavior problems" for nothing, and it only works up to 16./18. Week. Then the socialization phase is over. It is difficult to make up for missed vaccinations. Then the socialization phase is over. It is difficult to make up for missed lessons.

Whether in the puppy play hour or on a walk: Your dog comes (hopefully) again and again in contact with other dogs and could theoretically infect itself here also. There are enough other diseases, which your dog – like every kindergarten child – will still go through. Do not be afraid of it. A healthy animal takes a diarrhea or a cough well and will soon recover.

Sick animals do not belong in the dog school

In general, of course, please do not come with a sick animal to the puppy play class. Even though these diseases are not life-threatening, we still try to prevent infection in the group. Please also understand that if your dog shows symptoms of a contagious disease on the field, we will send you back home with the dog.

Checking the ID cards on the first day

However, your puppy is so well protected against the bad diseases by the first vaccination that we have never had a case of parvovirosis, distemper or any other of the life-threatening infections at the Dog's Academy.

We attach great importance to the control of the identity cards, when the animals are with us for the first time. Our trainers all have a veterinary background and pay close attention to the origin and iance of the vaccination card in your interest.

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