Quiteria kekana is dead celebrated fashion designer 38 dies cancer death

Quiteria Kekana is dead: Celebrated fashion designer (38) dies of cancerHis creations were loved by international superstars like Beyonce – now the fashion world has lost a dazzling talent in Quiteria Leboganag Kekana. The star designer has died at just 38 years old.

The fashion world is mourning the death of Quiteria Leboganag Kekana – the fashion designer from South Africa has died at the age of just 38 (iconic image). Image: Adobe Stock / 9dreamstudio

Superstars like Beyonce Knowles loved his designs – now the fashion world has lost a shining star. The South African fashion-Designer Quiteria Leboganag Kekana has died at the age of just 38.

Quiteria Leboganag Kekana is dead: fashion designer from South Africa died at 38 years old

The sudden death of the talented fashion designer was confirmed by the designer's surviving relatives, as reported in the British "Daily Star" to read. According to this, Quiteria Leboganag Kekana did not die on Easter Sunday, the 17th. April 2022, at his home in Johannesburg in South Africa his last breath.

South African star designer Quiteria Kekana succumbs to cancer

"It is with deep regret and great sadness that the Family Kekana the much too early death of international fashion designer, son, father and brothers Lebogang Quiteria Kekana after a short battle with cancer", Is to be taken from the communication of the survivors. The family is "deeply grateful for the countless personal messages of love and support they have received so far", quotes the Daily Star continue from the announcement.

The cause of death of the successful fashion designer, who enjoyed success far beyond the borders of his hometown Johannesburg, was said to be cancer. It is not yet known when or where Quiteria Leoganag Kekana will be buried; the grieving family would like to release details of this in due course. To Quiteria Leboganag Kekana mourn next to his parents. His son was joined by his siblings.

Designer Quiteria Kekana battled insidious cancer disease

Last year, Quiteria Leboganag Kekana received the devastating diagnosis of multiple myeloma get – this is the most common cancer of bone and bone marrow. Shortly before his death, Kekana had begun his second round of chemotherapy, but the young designer would not be able to beat the disease.

Shortly before his death, the designer reaffirmed in an interview with Drum Magazine, To defeat his disease. Kekana had recently returned to his native South Africa to devote himself to cancer treatment. "It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, but for my recovery I need to be where I'm loved and where there is no judgment", according to the fashion designer.

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Quiteria kekana is dead celebrated fashion designer 38 dies cancer death

Photo: picture alliance / dpa | Paul BuckRob

Fashion world mourns late designer Quiteria Leboganag Kekana

The sudden death of the designer left the fashion world grieving and horrified. On social networks, there were numerous farewell posts mourning Quiteria Leboganag Kekana. "I am so sad to hear this from Quiteria. The fashion world will sorely miss you", "I can't believe Quiteria has died. Rest in strength, my friend. We will never forget you" or "Quiteria fought a worthy battle when he did what he loved most. We will remember him fondly as a friend and beloved brother. May his memory live on forever. Rest in peace, young king!" are just some of the touching farewell words that his companions and admirers found for the deceased after Quiteria Kekana's death.

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