Raw cacao is wonderfully healthy and makes mood biotona

Raw cacao is wonderful, healthy – and puts you in a good mood!You love chocolate, but not the sugar and fat in it? Then raw cacao is a stroke of luck. And also it is better for your line, full of vitamins and minerals that are healthy for body and mind. Enjoy without worries.


Many people love chocolate. It can be scientifically explained. First of all, it gives the physical sensation of a texture that melts through your body temperature. Cacao also has a mild euphoric effect by stimulating the transport of tryptophan in your brain. Tryptophan is an amino acid that increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, improving your mood and reducing anxiety. There are also several bioactive substances in chocolate that boost your alertness, such as theobromine, a caffeine derivative with a similar effect. As delicious as it is – ordinary chocolate can be because of the sugar. The fats can hardly be called healthy. Apart from a small amount of magnesium, which supports muscles and prevents fatigue, it contains few nutrients. Very different raw cacao. This is cacao that has not been processed, but is obtained from fermented and dried cacao beans and by cold pressing. The cacao thus preserves all the healthy phytonutrients and antioxidants, while also containing all the substances that normal chocolate does for your mood and stimulating your mood.


Biotona also has raw cocoa in its assortment. Biotona Organic Cacao Powder Raw comes from the beans of Theobroma cacao, a tree that grows on the fertile soil in the South American forests. Was already used by the Aztecs and Maya in spiritual rituals, but brought to Europe by the Spanish. For Biotona cocoa powder, 100% organic Trinitario cocoa beans from Dominican Republic are used.

The ripe cacao fruit is harvested by hand and immediately opened to release the beans and pulp. The beans are then fermented along with the pulp for about a week while farmers stir them constantly to keep the temperature from rising too much.

This fermentation process ensures the development of the refined taste and typical properties. After fermentation, the beans are dried. The cocoa beans are then broken open and the cap blown away, leaving only the kernel. These kernels are ground in stone cocoa mills under controlled temperature to produce an ultra-fine paste: cocoa liquor. The fat can be extracted from this product. The thick, hard cacao cake that remains is ground, and this is how you finally get the cacao powder. The result is a 100% pure and raw cacao powder. A fair product, handcrafted and left unaltered and unsweetened, preserving all the natural phytonutrients.


As mentioned above, raw cacao has a number of unique health-promoting properties that have been scientifically proven. Biotona Organic Cacao Powder Raw is also full of antioxidants. Therefore, this product ensures the following processes:

– It protects cells from harmful free radicals. – It has a beneficial effect on the state of mind and alertness. – It is a source of magnesium. – It relieves asthmatic symptoms. – It has an anti-aging effect.


Besides a cocoa drink, you can conjure up quite a few other things with Biotona Organic Cacao Powder Raw: take a look at these recipes for delicious and healthy snacks:

Raw chocolate truffle ©Biotona

Raw chocolate Spicy Chai latte ©Biotona


What makes Biotona Organic Cocoa Powder Raw different from regular cocoa powder you buy at the supermarket? These other powders usually have very low cocoa content and contain mainly sugar and added vitamins and minerals. Raw cocoa naturally contains many vitamins and minerals and should be sweetened little. This also ensures that, unlike ordinary chocolate, chocolate made from raw cocoa is low in calories and therefore does not contain fattening agents. In short, Biotona Bio Cocoa Powder Raw is a winner in all areas.

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