Raw cacao superfood vegan vibes

But why is that actually so? Many chocolate products are fortified with sugar, palm oil and other empty calories. It tastes delicious, but settles just as quickly on the hips. Nevertheless, I have good news for all those who are addicted to the sweet temptation […]

Raw cacao superfood vegan vibes

Chocolate makes you happy – for many of us this is a curse and a blessing at the same time. But why is this actually so? Many chocolate products are enriched with sugar, palm oil and other empty calories. Tastes delicious, but settles just as quickly on the hips. Nevertheless, I have good news for all those who do not want to resist the sweet temptation:
Raw cacao beans or cacao nibs. The brown gold of the indigenous people of South America is the purest form of chocolate and supplies the body with valuable vitamins, minerals and happiness hormones along the way. Not for nothing was raw cacao called "food of the gods" even back then. Belongs meanwhile to the announced Superfoods (not only with the Hipsters among us).

What actually are cacao beans?

Cacao beans are the seeds of the raw cacao fruit. These up to 20 centimeter long fruits grow directly on the trunk of the cacao tree in the undergrowth of the Latin American rainforests. The coveted seeds are turned into cacao liquor. Cocoa butter made.

There are the following three basic varieties:

– Criollo – Forastero – Trinitario

The true fine flavoured Criollo cocoa is very valuable and the bean is considered the most beautiful of the cacao plants. 80 to 90 percent of global cacao production. Is therefore also called "consumer cacao". The oldest crossing of the two varieties Trinitario comes from the island of Trindad and is very rare to find.

The raw cacao fruit has a very high percentage of sweet pulp and contains about 30 to 50 cacao beans. Only during the drying process do the originally white beans acquire their brownish color, as is the case with cacao nibs.

Why raw cacao is healthy? In the production of conventional chocolate. Cacao drink powder, the ingredients are usually heated above 130 degrees. Cacao bean destroyed. Thus worthless for our health. Raw cacao powder and dark chocolate in raw quality (also called raw cacao or raw chocolate), are gently dried and not heated above 42 degrees. In this way, the nutrient-rich ingredients of the cacao bean remain contained. Raw cacao is therefore best not used for cooking or baking, but rather for cold to lukewarm dishes.

What makes the raw cacao bean so special? Stimulate performance. Be able to relieve stress. In addition, the consumption of raw cacao powder increases the natural production of Serotonin, the well-known "happiness hormone. The raw, untreated cacao of the cacao beans contains a wealth of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and thus definitely belongs to my top 10 superfoods.

Raw cacao ingredients

Cacao contains antioxidants

Raw cacao and cacao nibs contain magnesium, calcium and fiber, as well as valuable antioxidants such as phenols and flavonoids. Raw cacao powder is one of the foods with the highest serotonin content strongest antioxidant effect and has an effect on up to 100 times stronger than broccoli. The power antioxidants have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, dilate blood vessels and thus improve blood circulation. Already many studies have confirmed that they can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. Regular consumption can also have a positive effect on diabetes. The antioxidants it contains are also important for protecting your skin from free radicals and Prevents premature aging of the skin.

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